Waking Up Next to Daddy

She opened her eyes, slowly and calmly.  She was still lying on her tummy in the exact same position she went to sleep in, resting up against and alongside him.  He lay next to her, still enjoying slumber.  It was a very peaceful night of sleep.  And the reasons for this were clear:

  • She adored that his heart had the need to live a life spent as a protector.
  • She admired his confidence, more that he knew he wasn’t always right.
  • She cherished that his heart had chosen her to love. He was her Daddy.

She placed her head on his chest and listened to the even strong breaths that he took into his lungs.  The warmth from his skin was soothing and relaxing.  She placed her hand across his heart, feeling its steady beat.  It was a very fulfilling night of sleep.  And the reasons for this were clear:

  • She felt needed to be longed for by him and as he slept she could sense his passion for her.
  • She felt aglow to be desired by him and her peach still relished the sensations of her completed arousal.
  • She felt wanted, remembering his words that when they woke up, he would pin her down again and she writhed in the echo of those words in her mind.

She closed her eyes for a moment, nursing the pacifier she faithfully kept in her mouth all night.  He placed it there just before she went to sleep.  It was a very soothing way to enter her dreams and one that not only calmed her, but kept her that way through the night – knowing she would always have what she needed. It was a very reassuring night of sleep.  And the reasons for this were clear:

  • The forehead kiss, which always followed moments of his pride for her, was the last thing he did before they drifted off in each other’s arms.
  • His hand remained on her diapered bottom, keeping her close to him all night and offering the patting that served as another reminder that she had been a good BabyGirl.
  • His whispered words of the day filled her thoughts and now her dreams.

She shifted her hips and heard the crinkle of the diaper he had placed on her last night.  She hadn’t wet herself a lot in the hours since, but just enough to make her shudder at how little she felt when with him.  It was just a little piece of “clothing”, much like the nightie that covered her frame, but oh, how that diaper could transform her mind, her intuitions.  And along with the presence of a Daddy who found the depths of her, unlike anyone else had ever tried, she submitted all she was to him – her thoughts, her emotions, her soul and her body.

He opened his eyes and turned his head slowly, gazing into the center of her irises.  She tingled from head to toe.

It had been a wonderful night of sleep.  And the reason for this was clear:

She knew she would be Waking Up Next to Daddy.

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