Burying the Needle

Burying the NeedleTaken from the multi-sexual:

The ABDL Apartment Book 3

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here is a little story about living life at a pace faster than you’ve ever gone before.


Burying the Needle

Saturday, August 22nd
Sidney clung to Reece’s back, her arms wrapped around him so tightly that it seemed likely he would be having trouble breathing and her nails sinking into his chest so much that it seemed likely he would have scars after this. Her legs wrapped around his waist with the same extreme tightness that her entire torso was plastered against his back, her ankles crossed and locked in front of him in such a manner that it seemed likely his midriff would forever have imprints of her heels.

To top all of this off, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, a sound that would have been deafening had she not bitten down on the rubber nipple of her pacifier, closing her lips around it to keep it from flying out of her mouth. Her hair was flapping in the wind, blowing straight back as Reece twisted the handgrip – getting them up to 75 miles an hour. Her heart pounded as she buried her face between his shoulder blades, never having actually looked up even once – for all the bike rides they had taken together that summer. Oh, but she loved the thrill of it all – the blurred view of everything as they sped by it, the wind rushing through her locks, the need to cling to him for a sense of security and the knowledge that they were moving at the speed of their lives. And that speed? Well, it hadn’t ever exceeded 90 miles an hour, but his Ninja could get up to 180 … at least that was all the higher the speedometer visually measured.

For Sidney, there were two constants that served as necessary conditions for their bike rides. The first was that she always kept a pacifier in her mouth because, even though she had never looked up over his shoulder at where they were going, her screaming was ear-piercing to Reece. A pacifier at least muffled the sound. Admittedly, Sidney couldn’t help but scream. It was the thrill of speed and of moving at a pace faster than they had ever gone before.

The second condition was that she wore a diaper. And, being a BabyGirl at heart, Sidney happily padded up before hopping on the back of his Kawasaki. Though thrills of motions were just that … thrilling to her, they also had the ability to take her by surprise at moments, like when Reece twisted the handgrip quickly and made them speed up from a stand still at a stop sign to a blinding speed of travel.

Oh yes, Sidney lost her bladder on occasions. And while it wasn’t a bad thing to make the passenger’s seat wet, she had become accustomed to wrapping her entire self around Reece as they rode. So now, when she peed, Reece also got wet. And that was when Reece made the decree that if BabyGirls were gonna go on bike rides, they were gonna be diapered.

The only thing Sidney couldn’t stand about riding with Reece was how twisted and tangled her hair became from it. But as they slowed down and returned to a crawling pace with the traffic they had suddenly encountered, she released her Kung Fu grip of his chest and began to run her fingers through her hair to start the detangling process.

Ugh! For as much as guys liked long hair on girls, Sidney wondered if they truly understood the amount of work it took to keep up lengthy locks. It was an all-the-time thing and there was no such blessing as a day off. Maybe if guys had long hair, they’d get it. Maybe they would understand then and perhaps appreciate it more.

They came to a stand-still at the entrance to The St. Charles County Boil & Crab Fest – an August tradition in the area. Sidney stood up, lifted the passenger’s seat and got into the compartment that stored all of her necessities. And before too much attention was drawn her way, she took the pacifier from her lips and put it in the compartment – taking out the hair brush that traveled with them. Blushing a bit, Sidney quickly shut the compartment and sat back down on it, a bit shocked that he had stored away another diaper for her in that compartment.

Smirking to herself, she lifted her forehead to the sunshine and gently tossed her head to the left and the right a few times. Her locks dangled straight down her back, the results of having conditioned it in such a way as to reduce the wind-blown effect her hair had endured. It was also a matter of using the right products on her hair to lessen the amount of tangles as well. Running the brush through her hair, she returned her legs back to being wrapped around his waist as he followed the directions of the parking attendant who waved an orange safety wand and moved the vehicles into the grass field that would be a makeshift parking lot for the weekend of that festival.

Smashing her diapered mound against his lower lumbar, Sidney teased him – flirting with him in a manner that would make his reactions obvious while her advances remained hidden. Plus, Reece loved when Sidney wore a dress. It wasn’t just the look she had, but it was her bare legs. Oh, did Reece love to see her bare legs, one of her daily obsessions being to keep them touchably smooth. And in addition, Sidney had learned that it was far easier to wrap her legs around him when they were bare. So it was a win-win situation for both of them.

And no sooner did they park than the wonderful scent of a million and one spices filled the air. This festival took spiciness to a whole new level of rational understanding – albeit irrational consumption for the patrons who attended. And while many drinks were available, the open-aired event sold more water than anything else – the choice drink for burning lips that were smacking for relief. While Reece didn’t normally have a huge appetite, he certainly brought to this festival a good showing of food consumption – especially since the cuisine offered was so tempting to him.

Reece turned the bike off and set the kick stand before sticking his forearms under her thighs and standing up – Sidney wrapping her left arm around his throat, preventing him from taking the impromptu piggy-back ride too far away from the bike.

“Wait! Wait!” Sidney squealed with laughter. “Let me put the hair brush away first.”

Reece bent over slightly, Sidney reaching down to the passenger’s seat compartment and opening it, then putting the hair brush away.

But before she could close the compartment lid, Reece stood up and stepped back.

“Daddy, I still need to close the lid,” Sidney whispered to him with excitement.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything else you need from in there?” Reece asked, egging on her worry that someone would walk by.

“No, I’m fine,” Sidney whispered to him while trying to force him to bend back over so she could close the compartment lid.

“You don’t want me to take your extra diaper with us?” Reece asked, a grin forming on his face. “What if you pee yourself so much that it starts to roll down your legs?”

“I’m not going to pee myself, Daddy,” Sidney whispered to him, lowering her chin and blushing.

“I’ve heard that before,” Reece said. “But what about the pacifier? That might be a good thing to take with us.”

“You know something? You’re right about that. We should take the pacifier with us,” Sidney whispered in his ear. “That way I can put it in your mouth.”

And with that, she started biting his right ear lobe.

“Okay, okay,” Reece said, laughing as he closed the compartment lid and began piggy-back carrying her in the same direction everyone else was headed in – towards the food.

The Boil & Crab Fest was well underway, lines of people walking around from vendor to vendor, sampling the food choices. The vendors formed a circle with at least 100 picnic tables in the middle – all lined with brown paper and prepared to receive diners of the spicy food. Just behind the vendors, to the one side, was Broemmelsiek Park – holding the wooded trail that people often walked after eating. And there was always a local band of some kind, providing music for the festival.

While others sampled the options, Reece knew exactly what he wanted to eat – Sidney not really caring what was on the plate and knowing she would only nibble at the food anyway. So, still in piggy-back, Sidney kept her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms wrapped around his neck as he walked right up to the Habanero Crab Shack stand. Of course, Reece went right for the spiciest option. The crazy thing was: he really couldn’t handle too many spices. But for this festival, he always equipped himself with a cast-iron stomach. He ordered a full platter and a 12-pack of water bottles. Then, piggy-back walking Sidney over to one of the picnic tables, he turned around and sat her padded bottom down on the end of it. Sidney finally had the ability to relax a bit. While being piggy-back carried was fun, it also served as a bit of trepidation for her, namely from a fear that the skirt of her summer dress didn’t fully cover her padded derriere.

Reece returned with the meal platter, the drinks and bibs, setting it all on the table – the two of them sitting and preparing to eat.

“Oh, how cute … bibs,” Sidney said, Reece picking one of them up and attaching it around her neck. “It’s like Dixie is here with us.”

“If Dixie were here, she probably would’ve asked the festival coordinators if they had high chairs as well,” Reece said, picking up a pair of the crab legs and placing it on the brown paper-covered picnic table top.

Sidney picked up one of the provided wooden mallets and smashed the crab legs, Reece pulling the shells off of them and Sidney helping herself to the meat.

“Well that worked out pretty well,” Reece said, grabbing another pair of the crab legs.

“Yep,” Sidney replied with a smile and a laugh as she put the chunks of crab meat into her mouth. “Ooo!”

No sooner did she chew and swallow than she grabbed for the first water bottle.

“Geez! Why don’t they put a little spice on it?” Sidney asked sarcastically as she guzzled down the first bottle of water.

“I always go for the best,” Reece said with a grin, cracking open the crab legs in his hand and eating the meat.

“Okay,” Sidney said, smacking her lips and grabbing a second bottle of water. “When we go to the beach for Labor Day Weekend, I am going along with you and Dallas when you get the bushel of crabs – to make certain you don’t get ridiculously spicy ones.”

“And I suppose we won’t be eating much spicy food this fall at college either?” Reece asked, laughing a bit at her reaction.

“No way,” Sidney declared with a returning laugh. “Violet, Dixie and I just might not let you and Dallas ever come into the kitchen for that reason. Speaking of which, has Dallas shown you what this new apartment looks like yet?”

“Well, he’s shown me what the floor plan looks like and I think it’ll work out really well,” Reece answered. “It’s a one-floor apartment, like he had said. So there’s no staircases to climb. And I also don’t think there are any upstairs neighbors at all.”

“Oh, really?” Sidney asked, reaching for an ear of corn but only after shifting in her seated position in an effort to relieve some of the heat of wearing a diaper in August. “So there actually is no second floor to this building at all?”

“Not that I saw on the floor plans,” Reece answered. “But there’s a common area right as you walk in. Behind that is the kitchen and the back deck. And to the left of it is a hallway that leads back to three bathrooms on the right and three bedrooms on the left. At the end of that hallway is a laundry room which connects to the back deck as well.”

“So … is there a room that Dallas will be able to transform into a nursery for Dixie?” Sidney asked, then chomping down on the ear of corn.

“I don’t think there is,” Reece answered, reaching for a handful of the shrimp.

“Dixie’s not going to be happy about that,” Sidney said, then chewing and swallowing the corn in her mouth before frantically grabbing that second bottle of water and drinking it down. “Geez! Even the corn is overly spicy! What kind of torturous food is this?”

“It’s hot … just like you, Princess,” Reece said, grabbing a third bottle of water, unscrewing the cap and handing the bottle to her.

They kept chowing down, Reece consuming the rest of the platter and only then reaching for his first bottle of water – much to the eyebrow-raised chagrin of Sidney. But his tease of not having to drink anything to deal with the spices was short-lived as Sidney delved into a topic she really wanted to broach with him.

“So tell me what you think of Violet?” Sidney asked him, a twinkle dancing across her irises.

“Violet?” Reece answered. “What about her?”

“What do you think about her?” Sidney asked cryptically, wanting Reece to give her a real answer.

“Well …,” Reece started, not really knowing what to say about their dear friend who had suffered abuse at the hands of her ex, was physically burned when their apartment building went up in flames back in the spring and had recently taken an extreme interest in purging her emotions through physical pain. “I’m very happy to see that she’s doing so well – given all that she’s been through.”

“Do you want her?” Sidney said – straddling the bench, turning to face him and sliding up very close to him. “Do you love her?”

“Do I love her?” Reece asked with shock. “As a friend, yes.”

Sidney gave no reply, but the twinkle in her irises had taken on a glazing of lust.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Reece said, looking to choose his words very carefully. “When you and she get intimate with each other, I am aroused by it. And I really wish I could sit there and watch the two of you sometimes.”

“So you really don’t mind me being bisexual?” Sidney asked, nibbling her lower lip in preparation for his answer.

“BabyGirl, I’ve already told that I’m not only okay with it, but I encourage you to do it,” Reece said, stroking her hair back and tucking her locks behind her ears. “I love you for who you are and that includes all of you, not just the moments when I have you to myself or when I’m Daddying the daylights out of you or any other moment when you are all mine.”

“Violet wants a threesome with us,” Sidney said boldly but with a whisper.

“Oh my, really?” Reece asked with another bit of shock. “I thought that was just a drunken bit of teasing she was doing when she said that.”

“Well … the wine can certainly allow the truth to slip out more easily but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the truth,” Sidney said, then leaning in even more closely to whisper something provocative to him. “And to be very, very honest with you … I want us to do a threesome with her as well.”

The gaze in Sidney’s eyes was intense, piercing of the seriousness and sexual interest of the moment as well as the discussion point. But as she leaned back to allow him a moment of personal space to answer, her bladder gave way and a steady rush of pee flooded into her diaper. Not wanting to ruin the moment, she nibbled her lower lip and tried to keep the lustfulness in her eyes.

Sensing she was physically affected by the topic at hand, but not yet knowing that she was also showing reaction to wetting herself uncontrollably, Reece began to take advances at her in an effort to heighten her mentally- and physically-aroused condition.

“Well, Princess. If it’s something you want, then it’s something you will receive,” Reece said softly, leaning forward and taking her hands in his own. “But you will still be a good girl for me throughout, won’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Sidney said without hesitation, her mind bouncing all over the place as she felt the underside of her diaper beginning to swell up with wetness. “Take me for a walk, please.”

“As you wish, BabyGirl,” Reece said, standing up and helping her to do the same before he grabbed a bottle of water and put it in his back pocket.

The backside of Broemmelsiek Park was so convenient to the festival grounds, it almost seemed like it was destined to be. More so than that, their forthcoming stroll through the woods must’ve also been destined. Perhaps meeting each other a year ago was also destined as well. But whatever specifically had been spelled out in the stars for them, there were even more specific moments, like this one, that would forever remain prominent in Sidney’s mind and fresh in her memories. The only thing was: she didn’t realize it yet.

That was about to change, however.

And change was a very good thought of the moment as they began to stroll out of the festival circle and down the small dirt pathway that led to the trails in Broemmelsiek Park. Sidney could feel a bulkiness between her legs, her diaper having swelled and, thus far, having held all her bladder could empty into it. But she had just consumed quite a bit of water in the past half hour and the flood gates were about to break open.

First came the wider waddle, giving Sidney the paranoia that her diaper had swelled so much that it now had come it constant contact with the back of her dress. And thusly, when she waddled, her dress also moved in that same fashion – making it even more obvious, from a greater distance still, that she was waddling. In her mind, this meant that, further away, even more people would take notice to her strides and how she moved. And this part of the paranoia was real. Sidney was a good-looking girl and she always drew those wandering eyes from men as she walked by them. So the belief that guys at the festival were checking her out was, in fact, a fact. But what her paranoia denied her the ability to remember and understand was that the skirt of her summer dress was flouncy and therefore loose-flowing enough to not be effected by the diaper underneath it and around her waist.

As if that paranoia wasn’t enough to turn her brains to mush, the inevitable trickles finally worked their ways out over the elastic edgings at the underside of her diaper. And those trickles became slow but steady streams down the insides of her thighs.

Oh my, did she blush embarrassment, though no one was nearby to see her. And oh my, did she develop a puffy lower lip as a sense of poutiness overtook her behavior and posture. It was then that Reece addressed the situation, his Daddy senses tingling and calling him to immediate action.

“I knew this was going to happen,” Reece said as they entered the woods – immediately taking her over to the side of the pathway and lifting up the front of her skirt to take a peek. “When I saw you downing all that water, I knew it would only be a matter of time.”

And how right he was. Sidney had finally finished emptying her bladder and her diaper was so full that the evidence of wetness had even worked its way up the front of her diaper – all those colored indicators on the front of her diaper now being gone.

“Be a good girl for me, Sidney,” Reece said, reaching down to her hips and unfastening the top tapes at either side.

“Daddy, no,” Sidney softly fussed in whisper, fidgeting in her stance and crinkling up a storm. “Someone might walk by and see.”

Reece reached into his front right pocket and took out her pacifier, lifting up to her lips and gently sliding the rubber nipple into her mouth.

Sidney’s eyes grew big and wide, but only for a second before she grew into the acceptance that, once again, her Daddy had thought ahead – using a bit of slight-of-hand in having taken her pacifier out of that compartment under the passenger’s seat on the bike before closing its lid.

“And what would someone see if they walked by? Hmm? They’d see a little girl getting her wet pamper taken off,” Reece said with a syrup-rich Daddy Voice, making certain to use the word pamper instead of diaper as he knew that word only made her brain that much mushier that much quicker.

He unfastened the lower tapes at either of her hips and the diaper fell down between her feet, Sidney lowering her chin – her mind dancing around the sensations of near-regressiveness that were swimming around inside her. Then he knelt down in front of her, sliding the wet diaper out from between her feet and reaching into his back pocket for that bottle of water he picked up when they left the picnic table. Reaching into his other back pocket, he took out a handful of napkins. His hands went up behind the back of her skirt and Sidney whimpered softly as she felt the cold rush of water being poured on her backside and wiped dry. Then his hands moved around to her front, the cold water between trickled down between her legs and then wiped dry.

Thank goodness she didn’t need to pee anymore. If she had needed to, she would’ve been tinkling all over him for how cold that water felt.

He poured the remainder of the water in the plastic bottle down the insides of her legs and wiped them dry, down to her ankles. Sidney stood there, nursing on her pacifier as she adjusted to suddenly riding commando without any panties or a diaper on. Looking around to the nearby areas, Sidney kept a close eye out for passers-by as Reece placed the napkins inside the wet diaper and rolled it up into a tight ball. He stood up, handed her the balled-up diaper to hold and took the pacifier from her mouth, storing it in her cleavage before leading her by the hand – back in the direction of the festival.

As they strolled along the dirt pathway, Sidney took in the naughty feelings of not wearing anything around her waist. And, mixed in with the statements Reece had made about the possible threesome with Violet, their dark age play friend, Sidney found herself getting wet between the legs for a completely different reason. Oh, if a stiff breeze were to pick up, everyone would see she was now riding commando. And all the thrills of the moment, along with the arousing thoughts in her mind, pushed her into an even greater thrill-seeking mindset.

She tossed the balled-up diaper into the first trash can they walked by as they strolled through the festival grounds. And when they got back to the bike, Sidney took the hair scrunchies off her wrists and used them to put her locks into low pigtails at the back of her head. This would keep her from having to brush out more tangles – due to her hair flapping in the wind.

“Daddy?” Sidney softly asked as they pulled up in the line to roll out onto the highway.

“Yes, BabyGirl?” Reece asked back, turning his ear towards her to hear what she said as he kept an eye on the parking attendant with the orange safety wand.

“Hit 100,” Sidney whispered with lustfulness in her tone as she lifted her feet up and wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her bare mound against his lower lumbar.

“As you wish, Angel,” Reece said, twisting the handgrip at the very instant that the parking attendant waved him out.

And they took off with a blinding speed that was only rivaled in intensity by the winding noise of the engine as it fired up quickly. The wind never blew her hair back quite so much as it did on that ride. Sidney’s mind was spinning with thoughts of arousal, her memories of their time back in that woods mixing with thoughts of a threesome they would have with Violet as well as the next time Sidney would feel her beloved Daddy inside her.

Her heart began to pound and she looked down at the pacifier in her cleavage, thinking it best to put it in her mouth before she started screaming, as usual. But before she gave into the impulse to try to make Reece deaf, she thought better of it – opting to not only keep her screams in her mind, but also to do something she had never done before.

The bike traveled faster and faster, Reece leaning forward more so than usual. And Sidney, who had never once lifted her head up to look at where they were going, did that very thing. Her eyes squinted in defense against the rush of wind that hit her face. Oh, she wanted to scream to the Heavens above. What an exhilarating moment. She looked down at the speedometer on the bike’s controls, seeing that they were going 80 miles an hour, then 90, then 95 and finally hitting 100 before crossing over it.

Lowering her hands from their Kung Fu gripped position around his pects, Sidney unfastened the button at his waist and lowered his zipper before sliding her right hand inside his underwear. Grabbing his cock, she stroked him to stiffness, feeling his throbbing shaft pulse between her fingers as he grew rock-hard. Oh, how she loved him. Oh, how she wanted him. Oh, how lucky she felt to be his BabyGirl, for her heart to be owned by him and for her body to react to his voice, his presence and to the thoughts he planted in her mind.

Reece began to slow the bike down, knowing that a stop light was a mile ahead of them and knowing that it might take them that long to come to a stop safely. And he was indeed right to be so cautious as that stop light was red when they got to it.

Coming to a stop, Sidney could feel her heart pounding so heavily and so much that she could see the individual thumps on the surface of her chest. It was then that Sidney decided to live life at a speed far greater than she would ever have imagined.

At that stop light, Sidney unwrapped her legs from around his waist, released his cock from her grip and climbed around to sit in front of him – facing him.

“Daddy?” Sidney said with a fussy and lustful tone as she gripped his cock again, beginning to stroke him with fevered frenzy for want.

“Yes, BabyGirl,” Reece said, his tone mixing with a ravenous growl and an aching need for her to complete the arousal she had stirred up within him.

“Bury the needle,” Sidney said, her eyes fixing on his as she knelt up ever-so-slightly, positioned his tip at the opening of her canal and then slowly sat down on him – his shaft being enveloped by the warm wetness of her canal.

“As you wish, Princess,” Reece said with an affected tone as the stop light turned green.

Sidney wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles at his lower lumbar and locking a gaze on him as he cranked the handgrip, twisting it as far as it would go. The motorbike took off with even greater blinding speed than before. Sidney tightened her canal, gripping his shaft as such and driving his arousal upward as she felt the pulse from his girth – a throbbing they both were experiencing.

Slowly, she withdrew him from inside her – leaning back on the handle bars but keeping her frame inside the hand controls. Taking hold of either side of his torso and sinking her nails into his ribbed love handles, she began to glide her center up and down, easing his stiffness in and out of her slickened canal. And as she increased the rate of the glide, she could feel the Earth rushing past her faster and faster and faster still.

She had no idea how fast they were going, but looking up at the young night sky, still being kissed by the last fleeting rays of sunshine that day, she could tell she had never gone this fast before, never lived life to the fullest extent of speed possible.

Continuing to glide, she shivered several times, the first of which being when she felt his girth thicken inside her – always a sign of a dramatic and sudden increase in his arousal and the last of which being when her core tightened in preparation for the first of many ripples of pleasure to pour out of her in a matter of moments.

Oh, yes. She was going to make his pants wet again. And it would be for the same reason as always … because she wasn’t wearing a diaper during their bike ride. But the incentive was too great this time to follow the rules and Reece wasn’t complaining at all.

The bike went faster still, her gliding thrusts picking up the pace to meet it. And the longer he held that handgrip open, the more fuel and air flowed into the engine, revving it up and making the bike continue to pick up speed.

Her legs twitched, the first of many preliminary tremors that always preceded pleasure.

The gears in the bike kept shifting, their speed reducing momentarily as the engine prepped itself to reach an even faster speed still.

Nothing came to her as a unique and separate feeling any more, all of it blending – in her mind, in her body and in her senses – as one long, extended bit of continual pleasure.

Her core tightened and she bit her lower lip, traveling through the pain and allowing nothing the stop this – the fastest, most intense and most important moment of her entire life. And it would be spent with Reece, because of Reece and for Reece.

The engine revved hotter still, driving itself upward to meet the challenge of traveling faster than it had ever been made to go before. As if the bike itself found personal importance, it kept steady with the pursuit of doing what Sidney wanted, what Sidney needed and what Sidney had begged for … the task and the right to see the world above and around her while feeling Reece inside her, doing what she craved for, lusted for and ached for … burying the needle and never looking back, never forgetting where they had been, but never losing sight of where they were headed, what it took to get them there, what they would sacrifice along the way, what they would triumph over, what they would learn, what they lose, what they would gain and what life would be like at the top speed of not only that bike but of the world around them.

Sidney sat straight up, gripping his ribs even more tightly, her core going tighter than that and squeezing his girth as if to crush it and never allow it to leave her. His pulse raced. His cock thickened. Her canal dripped and swelled. She looked to Heavens above again, the stars in the sky being nothing more than streaking bits of light. But she resisted. She fought the urge to skyrocket up to meet those stars, to climb to the summit and cum harder than she had ever before, to risk her life at a speed she may never know again but would never forget. But she would not go. She would not cum without him. This was one orgasm she would cling to, one moment in a Utopian instant that might well have been the only one she would ever know. And, for the love of life, lust, labor and all she held Holy and decent, she would peak with him.

At that very instant of life, Reece came – his seeds shooting out and hitting the back wall of her womb – ravaging her poise and sending her into the stratosphere. Opening her eyes wide, she heaved in as much air as she could and screamed as loudly as possible. His seeds kept shooting into her with thick, hot ripples and she kept cumming, her own ripples of pleasure pouring out of her. And with more affection erupting than she knew what to do with – she grabbed his face, tilting his head to the side to give him a right eye only view of the road as she planted her lips on his mouth – parting it open and trying to jam her tongue into the back of his throat. The muscles of her inner core contracted and released, contracted and released, contracted and released.

And then ………………………

Reece pulled back on the handgrip, the engine howling as it was being forced to throttle back. Sidney returned to her lean backwards and her lay on the handle bars – her canal involuntarily tightening as she tried to pull every last little seed out of his cock that she could.

He had done it. He had driven her to the brinks of reality, of fantasy and beyond – burying the needle on the bike … as well as within her.

Sidney reached down to her cleavage, taking pacifier out and plunking it back between her lips. They drove on for miles, in that position, allowing the bike to reduce its speed incrementally as they would need to do the same – heading for the horizon and the setting sun of another day of life that had been made perfect … with each other and because of each other.

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