Stay the Night With Me

The ABDL Apartment Book 3Taken from the multi-sexual:

The ABDL Apartment Book 3

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here is a little story about nurturing, of one’s self, of the heart and of the body – whether innocent or otherwise.


Stay the Night With Me

August 15th, 8pm
What an eventful Girls Only day it had been -, to St. Louis and back, traveling up to the top of the Gateway to the West arch and getting stuck in those ridiculous tram pods on the way. Ugh. For as adventurous of a day as it had been, it was also supposed to be a relaxing day – when girls could be girls and fun could easily be had. Though none of them regretted the trip, the fatigue from the total to-n-fro six hours of driving had set in … or so they thought it had.

“Come on, you. Inside. Let’s go,” Violet said to Dixie as she opened the back door – Dixie having lied down and nodded off in the back seat. “Come on, sleepyhead. Your day is done.”

Dixie sat up, blinking her eyes and trying to figure out where she was.

“We’re home,” Sidney said to Dixie, opening the other back door and picking up Dixie’s diaper bag, then extending her other hand to the sleepy girl. “Come on. That’s a good girl.”

Dixie crawled across the back seat and stood up out of the car, taking Sidney’s hand and being led up to the front door of the house.

“Right to bed with you,” Violet said to Dixie, locking the car and following them into the house. “We’ll get you in the tub in the morning. That way, you’ll be clean and feel great when your Daddy gets home tomorrow.”

Dixie perked up a little at the thought that Dallas, her beloved Daddy and soul mate, would be home the following morning. But though she perked up at the thought of him, the events of the day had still taken their toll on her and drained her of almost all energy.

“I can’t believe the guys are going to make us wear these tomorrow,” Sidney said, taking the remote control panties they had bought out of Dixie’s diaper bag and setting them on the kitchen table.

“Well, in a way, we asked for it,” Violet said to Sidney, walking up to Dixie and taking hold of her other hand as she led the still-sleepy girl back the first floor hallway and into the nursery. “This can happen sometimes when you wage a Battle of the Sexes challenge against guys. Sometimes, sheer and dumb luck will allow them to win … even when they don’t.”

Dixie waddled over to the changing table and lifted her arms straight up in the air, knowing the bed time procedure like the back of her hand – whether it was Violet who was putting her through it or her Daddy.

“That’s a good girl,” Violet said sweetly to Dixie, now directing all her attention to the sleepyhead.

Violet lifted Dixie’s dress up and off her frame. Sidney reached into Dixie’s diaper bag, found the girl’s pacifier and plunked it in the girl’s mouth before wandering over to the closet to find a nightie for her. Violet helped Dixie up and onto the changing table, easing the girl down on the changing mattress and unfastening the tapes of the girl’s diaper. Instantly, Dixie stopped fidgeting – a knee-jerk reaction that prevented all jerking of the knees. Whenever those diaper tapes were undone, Dixie settled herself, knowing that, with a little cooperation on her part, she would soon feel that secure envelopment around her again – minus the wetness.

Sidney got one of Dixie’s nighties from the closet and turned around, watching Violet nurturing the innocence in Dixie while folding down the front of the girl’s wet diaper. For all that Violet had endured in just the past few months of her life, she was still the ever-gentle caregiver that Dixie had come to know, love and trust.

Back in May, Violet’s abusive ex took abuse to a violent new level – stripping her naked, beating her to within an inch of her life, tying her up, throwing her in a closet and setting the apartment on fire. There was mental recovery as well as physical recovery for Violet – her mind being in better shape now but still susceptible to damage by triggers. Her body recovered, too. But she had still had those scars on her arms and legs where she suffered second-degree burns – scars she would have for the rest of her life.

“That’s a good girl,” Violet said sweetly to Dixie, Dixie having bent her knees and parted her legs to make easier the job of wiping her clean.

Despite the horrible ordeal Violet had gone through, she was still as caring and as sweet as could be. Sidney continued to watch as Violet got a diaper from the shelves below the changing table and began to unfold it – the crinkly noise making Dixie smile and filling her with tummyflies as it always did.

“There ya go. All clean now,” Violet said, sliding Dixie’s wet diaper away and placing the new diaper underneath her.

Sidney walked up to the end of the changing table, putting the nightie over her shoulder and rolling the wet diaper up into a ball. Violet never took her eyes off Dixie and she never stopped smiling. It was as if she was impervious to anything unpleasant just then, though the night terrors would certainly soon be waging a war with her.

Violet coated Dixie’s bottom with a heavy offering of baby powder, knowing full-well that Dixie would need changing again before dawn. Then she coated the girl’s front with the same liberal amount of powder. And then between the girl’s legs.

Sidney’s eyes welled with tears as she looked at the scars on Violet’s forearms. The pain must’ve been unbearable for her when she was burned. Yet, presently, Violet was uninjured – not on the surface of her body, but rather, on the inside … where it mattered the most.

“Almost,” Violet said to Dixie with a teasing and playful tone as she folded the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes very snuggly at the girl’s hips before helping her sit up.

Sidney gathered the material of the nightie in her hands and slipped it down over Dixie’s raised arms. Oh, Dixie was a bubbly little lump of mush and she would remain that way for the rest of the night – whether in her dreams or in the few remain moments she was still awake. Violet helped her down off the changing table and led her over to her crib. Dixie crawled up into the crib, Violet patting her on her diapered bottom and the girl settling into a lay on her tummy – the only correct position for a BabyGirl to be in when going to sleep.

Violet covered Dixie with a thin blanket and tucked her in with several stuffies being strategically placed around her before the side of the crib was raised. Before the crib siding was fully up and into place, Dixie was already fast asleep. Violet walked over to the air conditioner and turned it on, then looking at Sidney and silently remarking about the heat before she turned the nursery lights out but left the door open.

Violet and Sidney walked over into the main bedroom – Violet heading right into the master bathroom, stripping down and walking right into the shower. Sidney sat on the edge of the bed, affected for having witnessed the display of care that Violet had given Dixie. And those welling tears that had filled Sidney’s eyes just a minute ago soon became streaming ones as she softly wept for how wonderfully Violet had managed to recover – not just in the heart but also in the mind.

But night time was still the worst part of each day for Violet, her mind becoming far too active when everything quieted down. Added to that was the darkness of night and how it reminded her of the darkness inside that closet her ex threw her into. It was always tough for Violet to handle. She didn’t always have flashbacks to that closet when she was in the dark, but it still happened a lot. But that wouldn’t happen to her, not on this night and not if Sidney had anything to say about it.

Sidney stood up, walking towards the bathroom and slipping out of her dress. She had decided that she would keep Violet free of those night terrors, for this night at least.

In the shower, Violet was enjoying the soothing feel of the warm water as it washed down her body. She closed her eyes, slightly leaning her head forward so the water would contact her forehead and begin to drench her hair. For a few weeks after the burns had happened, the scarred areas of her skin were sensitive to warm temperatures of water as well as cold temperatures. But with time, her skin healed enough to not be affected by temperatures.

Sidney opened the shower door and stepped in, closing the door behind her. Violet opened her eyes, seeing the streams of tears that rolled down Sidney’s face.

“Sid, what’s the matter?” Violet asked, immediately going into caregiver mode again.

“Nothing,” Sidney said, smiling as much as she could. “But I wanted to tell you something.”

Violet smiled into a smirk, seeing it as a bit humorous that Sidney wouldn’t wait until after the shower to have a talk with her.

“I wanted to tell you that I think you are wonderful and the way you tend to Dixie, the love and care that you use with her … that’s exactly how you need to be treated as well,” Sidney said, stepping a bit closer to Violet, their chests coming into contact. “I’m not going to let you slip away tonight. I’m going to keep you safe.”

“What do you mean?” Violet asked, a little confused but accepting the embrace from Sidney.

“Stay the night with me, Vi. Not just here,” Sidney said, pointing to Violet’s sternum and heart. “But also here.”

Sidney touched both of Violet’s temples. Their eyes locked on each other. And that familiar electricity grew inside of each of them. They had felt it before. They would always feel it, that sexual energy between them that transcended all the joys and sorrows of life, the pain and pleasure that they had felt. It wasn’t lustful. It was so much more than just that. And neither of them could deny its swell inside them, coming to their surfaces.

Their lips touched as their eyes closed, a simple sweet peck but one that would welcome many, many more. And each kiss grew more passionate as the gentleness didn’t go away, but rather, increased. Sidney cupped Violet’s face in her hands. Violet placed her hands on Sidney’s shoulders, gently gliding her fingertips down the girl’s sides, following the contour of Sidney’s body.

And in the heated passion of the moment, they fully embraced – the warm water of the shower raining down them and sending steam upwards as their bodies entwined around each other. But neither of them ever got rough with the other. There was a time and place for aggression that could only be manifested in physical form. But this wasn’t that time or that place. Violet and Sidney had such a connection of emotions that they would always allow the sensations to be powerful enough to replace the physical need to control.

It was mind over matter and neither minded it at all.

One of the greatest things about being female was being soft, being pleasant to touch and even more pleasant to look at. They would always bask in the affections of being wanted – whether by the glances of perfect strangers or by the men that were in their lives. But when they were alone, there was something they craved that went beyond the longings of mere lust. They wanted the connection of heartbeats, the rhythmic sound of breaths being taken at the exact same moments and of the pleasure that could only be coddled, nurtured and drawn out by another female.

You had to know what it felt like in order to make it feel that good, or even better, for another. And once Reece gave his blessing on Sidney’s bisexual impulses, Sidney suddenly became ravenous – but ravenous without the physical aggression.

They got out of the shower and dried off, both of them eyeing each other up with a wanted passion for what was to come. Neither made a sound, save for the wisps of air they breathed in and out while embracing one another again. With silent footsteps, they walked out of the master bathroom and bedroom, across the hallway, past the nursery and into the guest bedroom.

They didn’t bother to turn on the lights or shut the door, Sidney taking Violet straight to the bed and easing her down on her back. Pulses were already racing, heartbeats pounding, sexual flavors at their peaks and arousals reaching swell. Sidney climbed on top of Violet as she pinned Violet’s wrists above her head and then interlocked their fingers. Another soft pecking kiss began as heat began to rise off both of their bodies. Passion was in the air and want was cresting.

Sidney guided Violet’s right hand up and under the pillows, Violet taking hold of the Hitachi wand she found and pulling it out.

“Fresh batteries,” Sidney whispered with a sensual grin as she took the wand from Violet and turned it on.

Touching the vibrating tip of the wand to Violet’s sternum, she trailed the wand down onto Violet’s right breast – gently circling it around her areola. Then, taking Violet’s right nipple between her lips, Sidney trailed the tip of the wand over onto Violet’s left breast – circling it in the same fashion.

Violet closed her eyes, her mouth opening and gasping for air as Sidney took the tip of the wand down through her cleavage. And slowly, oh so slowly, Sidney journeyed that wand down the front of Violet’s body – making Violet heave her chest and then her lower back as the wand kept heading south. And when it reached her mound, Violet whimpered.

“Shhhhhhhhhh,” Sidney whispered carnally in Violet’s right ear. “Don’t wake the baby.”

Violet opened her eyes as Sidney brushed Violet’s hair back, their gazes at each other becoming locked as the vibration traveled into Violet’s clit. Her swell only increased with the shudder that preceded a new layer of wetness.

“That’s a good girl,” Sidney said softly and sweetly as she stroked Violet’s forehead – tears welling in her eyes. “It’s okay, Vi.”

Sidney circled the wand around the outer lips of Violet’s labia and then back up onto her clit, studying Violet’s reactions of twitches and small spasms. And then with precision, Sidney stood the wand upward, flattening the tip of the wand against Violet’s mound and gently pressing in.

Violet closed her eyes again and dropped her jaw open, taking in as much air as she could before biting down on her lower lip. Her body became tense all over, the muscles in her core contracting and holding their tightness as her limbs began to tremble. She could feel the wetness of her arousal begin to roll down the length of her labia – dripping from her perineum. And then the orgasm began.

The first wave of pleasure rolled out of her with a sudden rush, paralyzing her momentarily as her core muscles finally released and that ripple of glorious sensations poured out of her center – washing over her entire frame.

“Maybe you need a diaper tonight too, hmm?” Sidney softly teased, Violet blushing an embarrassment she couldn’t have explained but also an embarrassment that felt more wonderful than anything her mind had ever become captivated with.

Then the second ripple of pleasure poured out of her, paralyzing her yet again and mellowing as it washed out over her entire frame – this time extending all the way down to her toes and fingertips.

“Stay the night with me, Violet,” Sidney whispered as a third ripple of pleasure rolled out of Violet – followed quickly by a fourth ripple.

Violet wanted to moan so loudly she would’ve awakened Dixie. She wanted to scream so loudly that the neighbors would’ve called the police. Her irises glazed over and all she could see was Sidney, holding her down as pleasure kept coming out.

Then the fifth ripple of pleasure struck, Violet seizing up so hard that her center lifted off the bed. The muscles in her core contracting so tightly that Violet could’ve cried out in pain. But right before tears flowed, her muscles released, not just sending another rush through her frame but one that had the sensation of warmth. And with that, Violet’s affection swelled with her arousal as she skyrocketed to the peak of the summit.

There she would remain, happily helpless to balloon down until Sidney removed the tip of that wand from her slickened mound. Violet would then lay there for a few seconds as the impulses of contraction and release mellowed out as well.

“Don’t wake the baby,” Sidney whispered with a smile as she leaned in to kiss Violet.

And they kissed deeply, Violet arching her lower back and heaving her chest higher than before as their lips opened and their tongues touched. But there was no struggle or battle to this French moment. Instead, they kept the same gentleness of touch, allowing the sensations to hold the intensity.

Turning the Hitachi wand off and placing it next to them on the bed, Sidney’s left hand reached beneath Violet and cupped her arched lower lumbar as her right hand trailed its way down the front of Violet’s body – reaching the girl’s swollen and dripping labium. Massaging the outer lips of Violet’s sweetness, Sidney moved her fingers in gentle circles, parting the lips open, again and again.

Then their kiss broke as Sidney began to slink down the front of Violet’s body with a hushed reminder.

“Shhhhh,” Sidney whispered, then beginning to leave a trail of small pecks down Violet’s cleavage, her stomach, her midriff and onto her clit.

Taking the swollen tissues in her mouth and gently sucking on them, Sidney looked up at Violet and watched her pinning herself to the mattress as the afterglow began and did so in such a manner that Violet knew the afterwards would be just as intense as the climax had been.

Violet reached down and began to run her fingers through Sidney’s hair, feathering out her still slightly-dampened locks. Violet wouldn’t cum again, but instead, she would feel the extension of the orgasm that was still happening. Sidney’s tongue would stroke over Violet’s mound, her fingers gently teasing with circles. She knew how to keep the pleasure going through the afterglow.

Soon, they would be asleep in each other’s arms. And for once, Violet knew that she wouldn’t be alone, that there would be no night terrors before dawn and that she was loved enough to be kept safe by another from her own troubling thoughts.

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The ABDL Apartment Book
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The ABDL Apartment Book 3


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