She Would Have It No Other Way

From the book:

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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here is some bonding between a Daddy & BabyGirl which made a smile, a wink & a hug the only way to speak without words:


“She Would Have It No Other Way”

“Open,” he said softly, placing the necessities in his hand alongside her on the bed as he eased her down on her back, facing him.

She parted her lips and took the nipple in her mouth, gazing up at him as littleness began filling her eyes and her thoughts.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, taking the playing cards from her hand and placing them on the bed as he untied the sides of her bikini bottoms.

He lowered the front of her bikini down between her thighs and the moment she heard the rustling of her diaper, the tummyflies appeared inside her.  She tingled all over and drew up her legs instinctively.  Oh, what a glorious feeling.  Oh, what a wonderful moment and instant memory.

Her thoughts slowed down to accommodate his gentleness and care of her.  She suddenly didn’t know what to do with her hands, a common sign of littleness settling in.  She placed them flat on either side of the bed by her head.  Trying to distract herself from the overwhelming feelings entering her, she tossed her head to the left and to the right.

But there was no escaping how Elliot made her feel and she eventually focused in on him.  For as much as she liked to call the shots and decide what they were going to do each day, how long they were going to do each thing and what would happen next, she knew that he controlled each situation, each moment of her life and each heart beat within her. 

The greatest difference between him and every other guy she had ever known was that he never acted as though he was in charge, making her feel comfortable with writing out a schedule or telling him what she wanted to do.  Yes, she was submissive to him, but he found no reason to make her feel like less of a person.

He lifted her legs and bottom in the air, sliding that crinkling noisy thing underneath her.  She remembered the first time he diapered her and every time since.

The scent of powder filled the air as she felt his fingertips spreading it along her bottom with a silky touch.  Nothing could compare to those sensations and that moment of tummyflies.

The most amazing thing about him was how he could take the same approach each time, whether she was wet or messy and how he could so consistently melt her with the care from his gentle hands.  His first diapering of her was exactly the same as this one, with a few small changes, like how he had learned that the best way to keep her from fidgeting was to cross her ankles.  This always made it harder for her wiggle around.

He lowered her bottom into the softness of her new diaper and her legs to the bed, parting her thighs and taking the powder to her front.  She closed her eyes, letting out a tiny whimper of satisfaction.  Perhaps there were certain sensations which could compare.

He pinched the waist band on the front of her diaper, carefully folding it upwards and into place, fastening the tapes at her hips.  She opened her eyes, gazing up at him and smiling behind her pacifier with a brightness that made clear how little she felt.

The conclusion of any diapering by Elliot always ended with a smile, a wink and a hug.  This one would be no different. He joined her on the bed and she crawled up onto his lap.  He patted her bottom and kissed her forehead.  It was a happy moment which came from a bonding moment.  Albeit, just a simple diapering, but it was those simple, little things which made all the difference in her little world.

After all, she was just a little girl … so little that she still wore a diaper.  She would have it no other way and neither would he.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwordsKobo


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