“Diapered & Paddled”

In our lifetime we come across a lot of people who influence who we become.  On occasion, we come across people who influence who we will not become.  And on rarer occasions, we come across people who believe in us and love us so much that they will do whatever is necessary to keep us on the straight and narrow.

The latter was Gus’s experience, having a Mommy who would not accept the bad boy he had become.  Bad in the sense of not listening to her.  So his Mommy intended to teach him a lesson and make clear that she does not mess around when she means business!

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.

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Gus sat on the leopard rug in the living room.  He didn’t like the fact that his Mommy had put him in a diaper and this was making him cranky.

His Mommy came in and placed a blanket on the rug, telling him not to mess with his diaper.  In a fit of fussiness, he yanked at the tapes at his hips, ripping the diaper off his waist, and tossing it across the room.

“What did you just do?” his Mommy asked with a sharp tone as she re-entered the room and saw the diaper he threw.

She had returned with a few toys for him, not expecting to see his tantrum.

“You don’t learn, do you?” she asked, obviously upset, as she picked up the wet diaper and threw it into the corner.  “I can’t believe you.”

Setting the things she needed to change him on the blanket, she took his hand and raised him to his knees before smacking his bottom a few times.

“Bad, Bad, Bad,” she said, trying to control her frustration with him.

She was getting everything ready for what would’ve been a diaper change had he not all ready pulled his wet diaper off.  His impatience and crankiness was sometimes too much to handle.

“Lay down,” she instructed him as she picked up his new diaper.  “Head up there.”

He lied down on his back.

“If that’s how it’s going to be, young man,” she began, positioning the diaper between his legs and raising them.  “Then I’m going to treat you like a baby.”

She rolled his legs up, lifting his bottom in the air – reddened in shade the sharp cracks of her hand as she slid the diaper underneath him and lowered his body onto it.

“And I’ll make everything so that you live like a baby,” she said, trying hard to hold back her anger as she folded the front of his diaper up and into place.  “You understand?”

She began to fasten the tapes at his hips, but had trouble doing so for the anger which she was losing the battle to.

“Who told you that you can go … ripping your diaper off?” she asked, managing to get the one side of his diaper fastened and then the next.  “I don’t remember saying that. And ya didn’t have to go ripping it off, now did ya?”

She was livid.

And perhaps his was her hurried touch and tone which finally made clear to him that he had truly upset her and crossed a line he would shortly be paying for.

He sat up, not wanting to lie on his back.  Sensing his defiance, she stood to her feet and leaned over to lay down the law.

“This is how it’s going to be from now on, Sweetie,” she said with authority as he shook his head at her.  “Yes … You’re gonna go back to be a nice little baby boy, wearing diapers and everything else.”

He turned his head away from her, continuing to defy her.

“And just so you know you cannot rip it off,” she said, sitting on a nearby stool and pulling him over her knee while picking up a black paddle. “You’re gonna get a nice good paddling on that diapered backside.”

Without another second going by, she delivered the first strike of his paddling, a firm crack which landed squarely across his diapered bottom, making a thud that echoed off the walls.

The second and third strikes landed with the same force as the first one.

“Babies do not rip their diapers off,” she said, placing the fourth strike firm across his diapered bottom.  “They keep them on and they go potty in their diapers.”

The strikes kept landing, evenly and with a deliberate pace as to allow the pain of each to be absorbed.  She knew the diaper would soften her blows and that was the maternal kindness that she showed.

“There is no more bathroom,” she said, pausing from the paddling to drive home the point.  “Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Mommy,” he mumbled.

“Good,” she said, placing another swing across his backside.  “Because that’s how it’s going to be from now on.”

She began rubbing her hand across his diapered bottom, taking a moment to add a little humiliation to his situation.

“I missed that crinkly sound,” she said with a sudden vindictive sweetness to her voice.  “Oh you are such a cute baby …  but you’re bad.”

She began paddling him again, but this time with a rapidfire delivery, intending to push through the padding and the comforting numbness his bottom may have been starting to feel.

Upping the ante was the best way to make her point to him, establish her authority and vent her frustration-gone-anger.

“I bet your glad Mommy decided to protect you with this little Cushie, huh?” she said, pausing from the onslaught of paddling to rub his diapered bottom and taunt his dilemma.  “And it fits you just fine.”

A solid crack sounded as the next strike from the paddle was the most powerful yet.

“And I don’t want you ripping this one off,” she said with a sudden coldness to her voice. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mommy,” he mumbled.

“You were such a good boy,” she said lining the paddle up.  “Now, you’re gonna be a good baby.”

She delivered ten more paddlings to his diapered bottom, counting them out for him.  It made no difference to him how many he received anymore and the diaper no longer served as protection.

The point wasn’t to find a way to get through the punishment.  It was to understand the point of the punishment.  And she had made it clear to him:

She was in charge and he would listen to her … always.

She sat him up and dressed him in his black footed pajamas.  He had learned quite a bit about her and the authority she had.  And all of this came from a little bit of time being diapered and paddled.


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