So, Here I Stand

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here is a little story about taking a “stand”.


So, Here I Stand – 

Here I stand in one of the corners of the bedroom, facing the wall with my nose about an inch away from it. I was put here by my lover, my Daddy, my owner. I’m his BabyGirl, his toy, his female. It all depends on where his mind is at and how long it will be there as to what my label is from moment to moment.

I am standing here because I am being punished by him. You see, I’m his submissive and I’m supposed to do exactly what he tells me to do. I am to obey him immediately and without question. While at the mall earlier today, he tells me to put my pacifier in my mouth because I am talking too much. He says a BabyGirl is to be seen, not heard. I refuse to put the pacifier in my mouth. So he grabs me by the hand, pulls me over to a corner of the mall where it isn’t so crowded, yanks my skirt down to my ankles and spanks me.

The spanking itself didn’t hurt because I was wearing my baby diaper like a good girl. But he got the point across to me because a few people did pass by pretty close to us and they not only witnessed the spanking I was receiving, but they also saw my diaper. Some of them stopped and watched all 10 smacks I received from my Daddy’s hand.

I felt humiliated and my face was quite red by the time my spanking ended. I had tears streaming down my face because of the embarrassment, not because of the smacks.

I thought that my punishment was over, but I was wrong. Daddy made me step out of my skirt and he then paraded me slowly through the food court for everyone to see. All I was wearing was a t-shirt that said “BabyGirl” on the front and my baby diaper. (So the word on my t-shirt now had new meaning to everyone who saw me.) My hair was in pigtails and I had white sneakers on with pink ankle socks. And yes, he did get me to put the pacifier in my mouth.

This may seem like a pretty cruel thing to do to someone, but the truth is: I loved it. Just thinking about the embarrassment I felt makes me want to go back and do it again. I live for the thrill of being controlled and the way my Daddy rules over me is how I want to be treated.

We walked out to the car and Daddy drove me home. He didn’t say a word the whole way. So I could tell that he wasn’t done “addressing” my disobedience yet. I had absolutely no idea what he had in store for me when we got home.

So here I stand, facing the corner of the bedroom, awaiting his directions.

The mitts on my hands and the belt that has tied my knees together are punishment because I peeked back behind me, but the punishment that is constantly on my mind is the stinging burn that plagues the back of my upper thighs.  It feels like my skin is swollen and all it took was one strong swing of his belt to make it that way.

I’ve been made to stand in the corner before, sometimes with a burning bottom from a pretty painful spanking, but this was the first time I had ever been so foolish as to peek.  I could only imagine that I wasn’t done receiving punishment for that yet.  Needless to say, I know I’m in for a lot of discipline before this is all said and done.  I just don’t know what it is going to be.

And that’s just the thing.  It isn’t the stinging skin or the spankings that is the real punishment.  It’s not knowing what is going on right behind me and what’s yet to come that is most torturous.  If I knew what to expect, I could at least prepare myself for it a little.  But all I can do is stand here and wait.

The only clues I have are what I am hearing.  The cracking of a leather belt and the jingling of what sounds like chains resonate in my ears.  I’m trembling and starting to shake.  I don’t know what he is doing.  My nervousness always makes me pee.  Thankfully, I am wearing a diaper.  Otherwise, I would’ve peed down my legs and been standing in a puddle.  I can feel my nervous pee trickling out of me and beginning to make my diaper pretty soggy and heavy.  If he spanks me again, I’ll surely feel it this time.  A wet diaper spanking can be very painful.

And just like that, he leaves the room.  Now where’s he going?  But I’m not going to turn around again because the last time I did I saw that he had placed a baby monitor on the floor behind me.  The mere shifting of my hips will make my diaper crinkle and he will back in here in a split second.  So, I can’t even move without an assured punishment to follow.

Slowly and systematically, he is breaking down my free will.  This is a level of submission I have yet to experience, but I have a feeling the time has come for my mind to be “re-programmed”.  It’s one thing to be submissive in role playing or even in a lifestyle setting because that’s still a conscious decision on my part.  It’s another thing to be submissive and no longer be able to know that you’re doing it.

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