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When the Curfew is Broken

No one likes restrictions placed on them, particularly restrictions on time … like a curfew.  It is human nature to test the waters and sometimes we get away with it.

Gus wasn’t so lucky.  When he came home late last night, he thought he was in the clear.  He’d quickly learn the following day that when the curfew is broken, there are consequences to face.

And he would never get away from them.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.   ABGussy.com

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His Aunty’s Plan

Lydia quickly prepared the final touches for her guest. She was quite happy she would be seeing him and she was given specific instructions on what to do when he got there.

Her beloved nephew had come for a visit. But it was going to turn out to be a lot more than that. And what she put in his welcoming drink would become known soon enough.

For now, his knock at the door gave her an Aunty’s bounce to her step as she opened it.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.   ABGussy.com
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In Trouble Again

Losing one’s rights to independence is never a pleasant experience or fun memory to reflect on, particularly when you feel threatened that others may find out how much you are under someone’s control.

But what comes from such an experience is a clarity of self and more over, a clear line between what you want and what you need, persistence and stubbornness, acceptance and denial, underwear and a diaper.

And as Gus was about to find out: the spanking of a lifetime or the embarrassment of being diapered in front of his friends.  If he isn’t careful and doesn’t start listening to his Mommy, he just might get both. 

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A Lesson Behind the Homework

The word “Rehearse” contains the word “Re-hear” which means to hear something again.  The idea of homework is to reinforce what you learned in school that day.  This is done to help you commit to memory what you have been taught.

Gus really didn’t want to admit to his Mommy that his diaper was wet.  And as he sat on the couch, doing his homework for school, he totally forgot that he was to always tell his Mommy the truth.

A Mommy has instinct and maybe someday he would learn to accept that her instincts saw through everything.

When he didn’t tell her he needed changed, she viewed it as him lying to her.

His homework in life was to be a good boy, but when he lied, his Mommy decided there was a lesson behind that homework he needed to learn and it was one which couldn’t be taught in a classroom.

Warning: This Ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story! ABGussy.com
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“Diapered & Paddled”

In our lifetime we come across a lot of people who influence who we become.  On occasion, we come across people who influence who we will not become.  And on rarer occasions, we come across people who believe in us and love us so much that they will do whatever is necessary to keep us on the straight and narrow.

The latter was Gus’s experience, having a Mommy who would not accept the bad boy he had become.  Bad in the sense of not listening to her.  So his Mommy intended to teach him a lesson and make clear that she does not mess around when she means business!

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.

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Double Trouble: The Reality of “Yes Mommy”

One of the strongest bonds imaginable is that which exists between a mother and her son.  It’s often been said to never get between the two of them, regardless of who you are or what you may have to lose if you don’t.

A mother will do whatever is necessary to see that her son has all that she can provide for him, feels all the love she can give him and has all the pride in himself he can.

When Gus became complacent and defiant, his Mommy feared she would lose him to the effects of some outside influence which would ruin his life.

At first, she tried reasoning with him, then moved on to spanking him, then moved on to using a strap on his bottom.

To punctuate the point, she regressed back to an infantile state, diapered him and decided to start over.  What she didn’t know was that he had always had a little piece of ‘littleness’ within him which went un-nurtured.

Shame took him over as he was forced to face the truth about this.  At long last, she finally understood why he was being so defiant.  He was trying to protect himself.

His Mommy could see the self-esteem leaving his eyes.  And as her maternal instincts kicked in, she did the most important thing she could for her son … Help him to see that he was wonderful, just the way he was.

But how she chose to do this would probably be seen as quite unorthodox by those who didn’t understand the bond of love between a Mommy and her son.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.

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A Mommy’s Pride and Joy: The Result of “Yes, Mommy”

It seemed the strap had worked on the little boy.  He had gone from indifferent to compliant.  There was a bit of satisfaction his Mommy had derived from having corrected him when she felt she needed to.  But it wasn’t vindictive satisfaction. Rather, it was a maternal pride and joy that filled her.

He had become quite polite and in the process, regressed back a lot further than his troublesome teen years.  The treatment of “Yes, Mommy” had done the trick … for now.  She knew he would test the waters in the future and she’d cross that bridge with him when they got there.

On this day, she had gotten her babyboy back and he needed some special “attention”.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story. And it’s Graphic!

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