The Perfect Way to Start the Day

The Perfect Way to Start the DayFrom the book:

From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience

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here is a little story with three different endings.

3 Ways are Always Better than One.


The Perfect Way to Start the Day –

Saturday morning, 8am.  And from the moment the sun finally ascended over the trees in the back yard, Emmie knew it was going to be a beautiful day. Lying on her tummy, she lifted her head up off the pillow to feel underneath it for her pacifier.  Many a-days, she would awake and have no idea where she had spit the pacifier out in her sleep.  But Mack had become accustomed to putting it under her pillow when he would awaken.  Slipping the pacifier in her mouth, she took another look out the bedroom window, nursing on the rubber nipple as the first golden rays of the day reached high enough to beam down and cascade through the window onto her body.

      Turning over onto her back, she had three thoughts in her mind.  The first one was of her Daddy.  His first name was Meredith, the same as his grandfather.  His middle name was MacArthur, named after his father.  He couldn’t stand either of the names.  So, he went by Mack, though Emmie only ever called him Daddy

But there were no names or words that could do proper justice in showing how much she loved him.  And it was purely by chance that she met him.  Perhaps that’s why she learned to trust him so quickly.  There was no time for him to rehearse pick-up lines or woo her with all the right things she wanted to hear.  It was at a Wal-Mart, of all places, that they met.  More specifically, it was while standing in the only checkout line open in that Wal-Mart.

It was 2 in the morning.  The middle of the night was when Emmie often went shopping for things she didn’t want too many people seeing her buying.  Her cover seemed realistic, anyway.  A female, buying pacifiers, powder, baby bottles.  To anyone nearby, she was a mother restocking supplies for her baby, except she didn’t have a baby with her.  Standing behind her in that line was Mack, who had stopped in at that Wal-Mart on his way home from a week at the beach.  He was buying dog food.

Emmie said nothing to him or anyone else for quite a few minutes.  She just wished that, for once in her lifetime, the lone late night checkout line at Wal-Mart would move quickly.  But if she had gotten her wish, she would’ve missed out on the chance to meet him.  It seemed unlikely that the guy standing behind her was a Daddy-at-heart and even more unlikely that he would pick up on that crinkling noise she made with each small step forward and each shifting of her hips.  Boldly and bravely, he narrowed down the possibilities that she was incontinent or needed to be wearing a diaper for some other reason.

Saying hello casually, he struck up a simple conversation with her in line, leading to the moment of truth.

“Do you have a habit of losing your pacifiers?” he asked her with a nonchalant look in his eyes.

“Oh, all the time.  I …” she replied, stopping her breath before she revealed anything else.

But the look in her eyes gave the rest away.  Nervousness released her bladder muscles and she helplessly wet her diaper in front of him. Her face turned beet red.  She got a lump in her throat.  Her eyes welled up slightly with tears and her heart began to beat so heavily, her pulse echoed in her eardrums.  She had often fantasized about being humiliated and helpless, but she never imagined it would happen to her.

“How long have you had this fetish?” he whispered to her, keeping calmness in his voice as to alert her he was aware of her crinkling secret and that it was perfectly alright.

And when she saw he wasn’t judging her and wasn’t disgusted by her off-the-beaten-path choice, her world opened up and her heart opened up.  And without knowing it, she felt the first bit of bonding with Mack, a bonding that would grow as they began to talk on the phone and then went out on a few dates and before long, she brought him home to her tiny apartment.

On that night, she called him ‘Daddy’.  And she would never call him anything else again.

Her second thought of the moment was of this beautiful Saturday that had just begun.  It wasn’t just the pleasant weather of late summer that made her happy.  Today was a very special day and hopefully, the first of many of its kind.  Mack called it: The Daddy-n-Me Day.  Her diaper fetish had slowly been growing into age play.  And after having met him, it continued growing into a lifestyle, one that only a Daddy-n-BabyGirl could lead.

Last night, Mack told her that today would be their very first Daddy-n-Me day, from sun up to sun down.

Her third thought of the moment was of how wet her diaper was.  There was nothing like waking up to that warm comforting feel.  She placed her hands between her legs, feeling the swell of bulk as she parted her thighs and drew her knees up.  So many things were becoming instinctive and her mind was always absorbing how everything made her feel, from his voice to his care to his touch to her neediness.  She lifted up his football jersey off her belly, the white jersey that she had turned into a night shirt.  Placing her both hands flat on her midriff, her tummy filled with those flutterflies that heightened her excitement of the day to come.

With her knees drawn up and her legs parted, she looked out the sunlit window again, nursing on her pacifier and closing her eyes as she felt the warmth of the early morning sunrays.

“Good morning, Princess,” she heard his voice say, a voice that always melted her.

Looking over to the bedroom doorway, she caught first sight of him that day.  Her heart leapt out of her chest and she fidgeted with happiness to see him.  He kept sipping from his coffee cup, walking around to her side of the bed.  And as he drew closer, her happiness increased.  Her face lit up with joy.  And she peed in her diaper a little bit more, a reaction to being overwhelmed that might’ve seemed strange, had she not been his BabyGirl and had he not been her Daddy.

“I can see clearly what we need to take care of right away,” Mack said with a warm smile, setting his coffee cup down on the nightstand by her side of the bed and opening the top drawer.

The story now continues the way you want it to.
Take the Grat Option.
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Take the Yittlin Option.  
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