What to Wear With a White BabyDoll Dress

What to Wear With A White BabyDoll DressFrom the book:

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here is another little story with three different endings.

3 Ways are Always Better than One.


What to Wear With a White BabyDoll Dress –

The Daddy-n-Me day was about to take a trip, out-n-about.  And Emmie, being a girl about it, needed to do a few things to her appearance before she would feel presentable.  Whereas the belief might’ve been that her priorities were backwards if she didn’t care what she looked like when only around him as opposed to caring quite a bit what she looked like when around perfect strangers in public, the real truth was that all the primping and preparations Emmie made for time outside of the home were done because she truly didn’t care.  Make-up, clothing, nails and all the like were simple garnishments that merely decorated who she really was.  And when at home, she could let her hair down and relax.  And only then would she reveal the truly presentable piece of herself … her heart.

Mack understood this about her clearly, never questioning it – though it took quite a bit of patience to wait for her to get ready sometimes.  Ultimately, Emmie dolled herself up for the public to make him look better.  He wasn’t an ugly guy, but certainly held his shoulders more proudly with her attached to his arm.  Emmie understood this about him clearly and took great time in adding that special touch to her look … for herself but also for her Daddy.

The trip was very simple and fun.  They would first go to the local mall and have lunch before he took her on what he called a special shopping spree.  There were no other details he would give her.  So there would certainly be a surprise in store for her.  Mack had shown, time and again, how she should always expect anything and any possibility that could happen.  And the fact that he always kept her guessing was fuel for her fantasies – especially since she was now living them.

Emmie was told she would be wearing a short white dress with spaghetti straps for their out-n-about. And while putting foundation not only on her face but also the other areas where skin would be showing, she drew a few conclusions from past experience.  The first was that she would likely not be wearing a bra, more likely so if the white dress had the right support.  Mack had done quite well in buying her outfits in recent times.  He memorized her measurements and though he didn’t have much taste in clothing, he also memorized what her tastes were.  Still a little flustered in reminiscence of her time drying in the sun on the living room rug and all the emotions that had rippled through her from the encounter, she directed her thoughts back into the excitement for going out-n-about as his BabyGirl.  Opening the top right drawer under the bathroom sink she contemplated an important decision as she looked through the eye shadow options she had:

What color should she wear with a white dress?  And more likely the case:  What color should she wear with a white babydoll dress?

Applying concealer and then a bit of powder, she smiled at the thought of the dress.  For some things, Mack was a mystery, but for a select few things, he was very predictable.  Regardless of where he bought this dress, it was sure to barely reach the middle of her thighs and most certainly was a babydoll design. 

Ivory-colored shadow made good sense and as she covered her eyelids, from the lashes to the brow line, she felt a tingle – brought on by her imagination.  Where else would they go besides the mall?  What else would they do?  And with the dynamic course through her, as it likely would be, how would she feel if they ran into someone she knew?

She picked up a softer shade of green eye shadow, putting it on just her eyelids and smudging away the harsh edges with her pinkie finger as she tried to distract herself from the thought that putting her in a dress was more than just a pretty outfit choice.  And this meant, she wouldn’t be wearing any underwear either on this out-n-about.  But she also wouldn’t be riding commando.  There was only one other choice that would keep her bottom from feeling a cool breeze, should one pick up when they were out.

She touched eyeliner under her lashes and breathed calmly through the fast heartbeats, giving her lashes that bit of mascara that made her eyes stand out with an electric dazzle.  There was no need for lipstick, for several reasons – all of which made her tingle again upon thought. 

Stepping back from the edge of the bathroom sink, she took in a deep breath and exhaled taking a look at her make-up and then going to work on her hair.  Should she put it up?  Should she leave it down?  Should she put it in pigtails?  This was always the most frustrating decision to make.  But she wouldn’t even get the chance to make up her mind about her hair before Mack walked into the bathroom.

Just the site of him made her already fast beating heart work a bit harder.  Her face lit up with the emotion within her.  He smiled warmly at the sight of his naked BabyGirl, partly ready to go and trying hard to be completely ready to go.  Several thoughts went through his mind, but they culminated into one statement.

“You’re absolutely beautiful, Emmie,” Mack whispered, setting the white dress on the edge of the bathroom sink.

His praise of her made her melt and drove her heart rate up even further.  There was nothing more effective on her condition than when he told her how proud he was of her, how much he loved, how beautiful she looked or how important she was to him.

The dress was, indeed, a white babydoll dress with spaghetti straps.  It was flouncy, made of a light material that gathered a bit at the waist to make the skirt end of it even more flouncy.  Upon first sight of it, she didn’t imagine it would even reach the middle of her thighs.  And as he held up her diaper in his right hand, she knew the reason why.

The story now continues the way you want it to.
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