The 7th Inning Crinkle

The speakers began blaring “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as the top of the 7th inning came to a close.  Everyone stood up to stretch. 

What a game it had been so far.  And what a day it had been so far.

She and her Daddy traveled to the big city, took the bus to all the usual attractions.  She had been such a good girl all day long – not fussing during her diaper checks and changes, holding his hand and even taking a short nap in the park in place of the one he laid her down for in the afternoons.

Tinkling changes were easy to take care of throughout the day.  But now after lunch, dinner and way too much popcorn during the ballgame, she needed the kind of change which couldn’t be taken care of around the corner of a building.

Standing up, she placed the back of her hand on the small of her back – the silent signal that told him the 7th inning crinkle needed to be the last one for the diaper around her waist.


25 “Out-n-Abouts”

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