The “25” Collections

For ten years, I have enjoyed posting ABDL pictures on my website that I found online.  It has been a wonderful experience to put to words what the pictures said to me.  Along the way, I’ve put links to the websites where the pictures came from and did my best to acknowledge who was in the picture … when I knew who the person was and when I knew what website the picture came from.

In recent years, a lot of ABDL models have risen from the masses and they have put out wonderful content … pictures, videos, gifs, you name it. But I’ve seen a lot of models getting irritated when their pictures appear online without their permission.  And this is completely understandable and supported.  Their pictures are their intellectual property.

The problem is: a lot of pictures have no markings that identify who they belong to.  And it’s so easy to accidentally post something that may upset the person in the picture.

So, as to avoid making this mistake, I’ve decided that I will no longer post pictures on this website, giving them stories and content.

But you will always have the 12 lists of picture stories I’ve written over the years, 300 photos with words.

25 Unforgettable Sets

25 Breath Takers


25 Dream Makers

25 Charm Sakers

25 Fields of Gold.

……………………….. 25 Nothing Buts

…. 25 Out-n-Abouts

…. 25 LLWs

….  25 Precious Pacifiers


25 Priceless Moments

25 Little Thoughts

25 Humiliations



Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy

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