Everybody remembers their first love, right?


MeganMegan.  Oh, my. Megan.

Everybody remembers their first love, right?

Well, though I was never in a relationship with Megan and though I never met her in person, she was my first BabyGirl crush.  Her photos were also the first sets of AB pictures I found online.  I had found individual AB pictures before her, but she was the first sets of pictures I found.  Much like Melysa and Brock, Megan came from a time before ABDL-themed pictures and such content had only begun to find its way onto the internet.

Megan 02I stumbled across these pictures before they could even be “tumbled” as Tumblr was years away from starting.  And I was drawn to Megan’s pictures for several reasons.

Firstly, I had never met another ABDLer, not yet.  So the visual of a BabyGirl in a t-shirt and diaper, nursing on a pacifier and hugging an enormous teddy bear was not only appealing but also the stuff that fantasies were made of.  The realities of it were still years away as well.

Secondly, though no detailed story was being told in these pictures, what was represented visually was exactly what I found personal interest in.

Megan 04For as much as I write about BabyGirls who exist within a pure-n-innocent “little headspace”, my personal preference has always been for a BabyGirl who was more of a diaper lover than an adult baby.

Don’t get me wrong.  ABDL is wonderful, but I’ve always sought DLAB.

Megan 05So these pictures were right up my alley.  Megan portrays a BabyGirl with the basic garnishments and she does it so perfectly that I always believed it came to her naturally.

Thirdly, the diaper was white, all white – gleaming, thick and gloriously white.

Megan 09I think it’s wonderful that so many different kinds of ABDL diapers exist, with more designs than can be imagined – some decorating the landing zones for the tapes and some covering the whole diaper … front and back.

But the gleaming white diaper just seems to stand out so much more.

Megan 08A fourth reason would be that the diaper is disposable, giving her that signature crinkling noise that she can only lessen in volume with careful movements but can never eliminate completely.

Cloth is wonderful, too.  But, as we have discovered a lot, the type of diaper that was most prevalent in use when we were young is often the one we favor.

Megan 07The charms of these photo sets are plentiful.  And while these pictures were most likely taken in a studio of some sort, prepped and posed with good lighting, the photographer (whose name was Gordo, if I’m not mistaken) allowed a few moments that happened between the camera clicks to become a part of the finished product.  These are the ones that show Megan’s smile, her laughter, her personality.  And seeing these traits gives us the ability to have a small glimpse into who she is.

Megan 06Nowadays, it is a very common practice to want to know everything about a celebrity.  And celebrities have embraced this heightened interest from their fans, getting onto social media and posting pictures of what they had for breakfast, what new clothing they just bought, what their views are on an issue and so on.

In fact, a lot of the more widely known ABDL models tend to do the same thing these days, going so far as to indirectly promote the diapers they favor as well as other things non-ABDL in nature.

    Megan 11    Megan 12    Megan 22

Megan wasn’t filling out an interests chart when she posed for these pictures.  And I can’t really say for sure if she was an ABDLer or not.  But the beauty of pictures is, in fact, the story they tell.

Megan 19Okay. Okay.  I wasn’t going to, but I guess I’ll use the cliche:   A picture is worth a thousand words.  For all the viewer knows, Megan could have been a life-long BabyGirl who slept in a crib every night, her bedroom being a wall-to-wall nursery and her lifestyle consisting of a high chair, a car seat, a changing table, bibs, baby bottles, baby food and powder puff diaper changes when they were needed.

Or, she might have just dressed in the diaper for these picture sets only.

But this posting wouldn’t be complete without the statement of at least one rumor about where Megan is at now and why she no longer does the pictures.

MeganA rumor I heard was that she and the photographer (whose name I do believe is Gordo) got married and then eventually divorced, going their separate ways.  This was why she stopped doing pictures … or so the rumor mill says.

But no one really knows and that’s okay.  Privacy isn’t a privilege.  It’s a right that everyone has.

Wherever she is, I do hope that she’s happy.  Everyone remembers their first love.  And I will always remember my first BabyGirl crush … Megan.

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