The Princess of Infantilum

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Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time
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here is an ABDL fairy tale from the softer and gentler side of things.


The Princess of Infantilum

IsabellaOnce upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Isabella. She was the Princess of the Kingdom of Infantilum, but she wasn’t just any princess. She was an AB Princess because her heart never wanted to leave infancy so she never left infancy.

She was very well taken care of and lived in a wonderful castle on a grassy hill with groves of trees and orchards surrounding it. The weather was always sunny and warm during the day, and the nights were always cooler and rainy so the land could be replenished with water for the next day.

She led a very happy life. Her bedroom was a perfectly decorated, pink nursery. Everything had its place and it was always neat and orderly. Her crib had every stuffed animal that any girl could ever want and it sat by a window where she could look outside. Her changing table was always fully stocked with everything she would need and it stood next to the crib. Her closet was stuffed so full of AB clothing that the door sometimes didn’t shut, and her toy chest was overflowing with toys. The rocking chair was overloaded with the finest collection of dolls ever seen. She was very, very spoiled, but she never took anything for granted and remembered to thank everyone who took care of her.

No one ever disturbed her nursery that was uninvited, except for that pesky Poop Fairy who would sneak in through the window at night and leave poop in her diaper. She was convinced this was the only way poop could ever get in her diaper since it was her belief that AB Princesses didn’t poop.

It was her wish to always remain in a happy state, and it was her fondest desire to help the rest of the kingdom to understand what true happiness felt like.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Isabella had many friends and was loved and adored by everyone in the kingdom, but her best friend was a hummingbird named Sweetie that would fly to her window in the morning and whistle songs to wake her up. She would also run around in the grass and chase Sweetie. When they did this, every butterfly in the kingdom would join in. These were very happy moments. Princess Isabella was the happiest little BabyGirl in the world.

But on this particular morning, Isabella felt troubled for the first time in her life. She would soon reach the age at which she was expected to get married. Her whole life would change in an instant when she became someone’s wife. She feared that the prince they chose for her would not be gentle and loving and caring like her Mommy and Daddy, the King and Queen of Infantilum, had always been with her.

Last night, Isabella prayed to God that her parents would find the most wonderful Prince in the world for her, and now on this day she would find out who they selected for her. She was very, very worried and upset.

The prince in her mind was not just the son of a King, but a true gentleman with a heart of solid gold. He would be so tenderly loving that she would easily fall in love with his soul before anything else.

KensingtonTo make herself feel better, Isabella decided to do one of her favorite things to do. She went for a horseback ride. She went to the stable and mounted her favorite horse named Kensington.

Out of the stable they went and down into the countryside she rode. Kensington was used to galloping slowly and galloping fast with Isabella on his back. Some days she liked a swift, brisk ride in the morning air. Other days she liked a slower, calmer trot through the rays of the evening sun. On this day she rode through the countryside at great speeds. She leaped over steeple walls and dashed through woods, feeling the wind in her hair.

Isabella thought that if she rode Kensington fast enough, she just might be able to outrun her worries. She thought about riding straight forward and never turning back. This way she would never have to face her parents’ decision. But where would she go? How would she live? Who would take care of her?

Isabella tried to outrun her problems, but eventually returned to the stable, having decided to face them instead. Her heart felt broken as she dismounted Kensington. She turned around to see a boy the same age as her. He was a simple common village boy named Malcolm whose job it was to keep the royal stable clean and tend to the horses. He didn’t lead a relaxing life, but the look on his face told her that he took pride in what he did and found enjoyment in what he had. She introduced herself and he laughed while telling her that he knew who she was. Everybody knew who she was.

He congratulated her on her upcoming marriage, and that he hoped it would be a happy marriage that lasted a lifetime. The look on her face told him that she wasn’t happy. He asked her what was wrong. She sat down on a pile of hay and told him the story.

Malcolm became concerned for her happiness when he saw how unhappy she was. He told her that love should never be something that was arranged for her, but rather something that she felt deep inside her. He said he hoped that the Prince chosen to marry her would be a man with nothing but Chivalry in his heart. And if she ever needed a friend to talk to, she could always find him here at the stables.

Isabella walked back to the castle in a happier mood, knowing that her fate still awaited her, but also knowing she had a friend who understood her heart. But she felt a little bit more in her heart than just that. Was she in love?

Princess Isabella made her way back to her nursery in the castle where he father and mother, the King and Queen of Infantilum, were waiting for her. Isabella entered her nursery and immediately walked over to sit on her daddy’s lap on the rocking chair. He informed her that they had found a wonderful husband for her and she would be marrying him at the end of the week

“Who was it,” Isabella wondered.
It was Prince Mortimer of Humdrum who was rude and horrible. He used to be one of Isabella’s playmates when she was a little girl. He used to burn her hair, put frogs inside her diaper, trash her nursery and throw her pacifiers into the cow pastures.

And now, Isabella was going to have to spend the rest of her life with him!

She burst into tears, jumped off her Daddy’s lap and ran out of the nursery. Her crying could be heard echoing throughout the castle as she ran down the hall. She ran out of the castle, into the stable and into Malcolm’s arms. He was very concerned and it took him several minutes to calm her down before she could tell him what had happened

Malcolm’s eyes welled up and without a moment’s notice, he jumped up onto the back of her horse, Kensington, lifted her up onto the horse and off they went to a secret hiding place deep in the woods.

They arrived at the secret hiding place deep in the woods and he helped Princess Isabella off the horse. He tied the horse to a tree and embraced Isabella who was crying uncontrollably. He rocked her back and forth and patted her diapered bottom until she calmed down.

The day was half over all ready and Malcolm wasted no time in cheering up Princess Isabella. He played hide and go seek with her, and then played peek-a-boo while tickling her sides. Princess Isabella began to smile and found a way to forget her troubles. He collected berries and other fruits from the forest, making a dinner for her.

Knowing the forest well, he led her to the edge of a natural spring where together they took up handfuls of water and drank. Isabella then playfully splashed him in the face with some of the water, laughed and took off running. Malcolm chased after her, laughing all the way.

He finally caught her and they both collapsed to the ground in laughter. Princess Isabella had found someone who made her truly happy. She curled up next to him and closed her eyes. If they remained in the woods, then she would never have to marry Prince Mortimer. This is where she wanted to be and, curled up next to each other, they drifted off to sleep for the night.

They slept peacefully and soundly, but morning arrived quickly. Malcolm was startled awake by the morning light and the sound of horses. Princess Isabella awoke, too and they sat up, completely surrounded by the King’s soldiers. They were taken back to the castle where Princess Isabella was locked in the castle tower and Malcolm was made to stand trial before the king himself.

Malcolm was found guilty of having kidnapped the Princess and was sentenced to be hung in the gallows in the middle of town. All Princess Isabella could do was sit in her tower prison and cry. She would not be let out of the tower until her wedding day.

But because every animal in the kingdom loved her, they helped her. Her morning song bird Sweetie flew a note into the window of the tower and placed it in her hand. It was from Malcolm.

It said: ‘Fear not, for we will wind up together. Rest well, Princess, for tomorrow will change your life forever. You must believe in miracles’.

What miracle was going to happen tomorrow, Isabella wondered.

The king decided to move up the wedding of Princess Isabella and Prince Mortimer to tomorrow. And Malcolm’s execution in the town square was to be part of the celebration of the marriage.

All night long, Princess Isabella remained curled up in a ball on the floor of the tower prison she was locked in. She kept reading Malcolm’s note over and over.

She couldn’t sleep and soon looked up at the sun rising. Guards soon came and led her to the courtyard in the center of the kingdom.

Today she would be forced to marry Prince Mortimer the Horrible. A wooden structure had been built in the center of the courtyard that had a rope hanging from it. It was on this wooden platform that Malcolm would be hung. Princess Isabella saw Malcolm being led up onto the platform.

The horrible Prince Mortimer stood next to her father, the King, and smiled at the events unfolding. Malcolm’s head was placed inside the rope which had been looped on the end for hanging him. The executioner readied himself to pull the trap door lever.

As the King was about to order Malcolm to be hung, a trumpet sounded from the guard who was standing watch on the castle wall. This trumpet was only used when an enemy was approaching. This time it was an entire enemy army!

The King ordered all the guards to their battle station, but the enemy army broke through the castle door and began attacking. The King looked at Mortimer and told him to do something. Mortimer dropped his sword and ran away screaming.

Malcolm removed the rope from his neck jumped off the wooden platform, ran up to the King picked up Mortimer’s sword and began battling the incoming enemy soldiers. He did this all, mind you, while his hands were tied together with rope.

Malcolm fought bravery, chasing many enemy soldiers away and leading the charge that saved the Kingdom of Infantilum from certain doom. Seeing Malcolm’s bravery, the King released him and allowed him to marry his daughter, Princess Isabella.

King and QueenYears later, Malcolm and Isabella became King and Queen of Infantilum and they lived happily ever after.

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