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The Princess of Infantilum 2 – All 6 Parts

Taken from the ABDL Saga romance:

Zeke and Lily (Book 11): Ten Years Later

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here is an ABDL fairy tale bed time story that would make The Princess Bride blush.

(Start with The Princess of Infantilum 1)

The Princess of Infantilum 2

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Isabella.  She was the Princess of the Kingdom of Infantilum, but she wasn’t just any Princess.  She was an AB Princess because her heart never wanted to leave infancy.  So … she never left infancy.

Isabella had met and married Malcolm, a simple stable boy with a heart of gold who bravely led the charge that saved the Kingdom of Infantilum from an attacking army.  But not only was Malcolm brave.  He was also a natural Daddy at heart.

There was nothing Malcolm wouldn’t do for her.  And there was nothing Isabella wouldn’t do for him.  They were a happy husband and wife, a happy Daddy-n-Babygirl and soon would become King and Queen of Infantilum when her parents stepped down from the throne for her.

Her parents were getting older and it was soon time for them to hand the crowns down.  Isabella was as happy and as free-spirited as ever, but she took the forthcoming responsibilities seriously.  And with a husband who could keep her grounded to Earth while still allowing her to float in the clouds, she would remain the happiest AB Princess in the world – long after she became the Queen of Infantilum.

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The “PaperBackers”

So long as there are BabyBoomers in this world, there will likely always be an audience of readers who love the feel of a book in their hands …

So long as there are little girls who want to sit in Daddy’s lap at night and hold the bedtime stories book he is reading to her from …

So long as there are little fingers that turn pages, hold crayons and color …

So long as the charm of a paperback book is still sought, there will always be Zorro Daddy paperbacks.


              Firstly, the coloring books:

……….. There Once Was a Girl

….. There’s a BabyGirl On My Mind

And now the sagas:

The Voice - FrontThe Voice – Sharon had a lot to learn from what she couldn’t forget.

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Snake EyesSnake Eyes – The story of a girl who ran away one too many times and suddenly couldn’t find her way back home … not without a Daddy to make her to believe in herself again.

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BabyLoveBabyLove A celebrity with a little secret learns that fame can come at a cost far steeper than achy breaky.

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ClimaxClimax – Nina learned a lot, but nothing greater than what love felt like … in Climax.

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CrimsonCrimsonOh it’s true what they say about redheads. But what they say about BabyGirl redheads …

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Johnny - FrontJohnny - CreateSpace Front….. Johnny and the Princess

The story of a Daddy-n-BabyGirl who fell in love, grew together and found the tomorrow their yesterdays didn’t know.

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A remastered second edition of The Zeke and Lily Saga is underway and will be available soon.  The original covers will remain available for a short time. Then they will be gone.

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Book 1 and Book 2
Zeke and Lily - Making a Memory Making a Memory Lulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 3
Zeke and Lily - Her Diary Her Diary Lulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 4
Zeke and Lily - Ever AfterEver AfterLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 5
Zeke and Lily - Dream CatchingDream CatchingLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 6
Zeke and Lily - ResolutionsResolutionsLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 7 and Book 8
Zeke and Lily - By Summer's End By Summer’s EndLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 9
Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTime For A LifeTimeLulu.com logoCreatespace logo

Book 10

The Princess of Infantilum

The Stories of TimeTaken from:

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time
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here is an ABDL fairy tale from the softer and gentler side of things.


The Princess of Infantilum

IsabellaOnce upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Isabella. She was the Princess of the Kingdom of Infantilum, but she wasn’t just any princess. She was an AB Princess because her heart never wanted to leave infancy so she never left infancy.

She was very well taken care of and lived in a wonderful castle on a grassy hill with groves of trees and orchards surrounding it. The weather was always sunny and warm during the day, and the nights were always cooler and rainy so the land could be replenished with water for the next day.

She led a very happy life. Her bedroom was a perfectly decorated, pink nursery. Everything had its place and it was always neat and orderly. Her crib had every stuffed animal that any girl could ever want and it sat by a window where she could look outside. Her changing table was always fully stocked with everything she would need and it stood next to the crib. Her closet was stuffed so full of AB clothing that the door sometimes didn’t shut, and her toy chest was overflowing with toys. The rocking chair was overloaded with the finest collection of dolls ever seen. She was very, very spoiled, but she never took anything for granted and remembered to thank everyone who took care of her.

Travel Further into the Fairy Tale

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Yittlin Extreme

Yittlin ExtremeJust like all the books in The Rock-A-Bye Series, Yittlin Extreme is high-fantasy – designed to give you those tummyfly-inducing little feelings without any sexuality or BDSM along the way.

This is the story of Piper McCoy, a girl who asked her Daddy to give her one day of yittlin … to the extreme.  Piper begins the day apprehensive and shy.  But by the end, she is a pile of mush – on the inside and the outside.

Promises, Promises
The Little Flower Garden
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The Rock-A-Bye Series


Thoughts and Other Journeys of the Mind
Short and Sweet Stories
The Stories of Time
Yittlin Extreme

The Little Flower Garden

Piper at the LakeFrom the book:

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Yittlin Extreme
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here is a little story about the truths you find in Yittleness 101.


The Little Flower Garden

Piper’s mouth dropped open at the sight of what she thought would be some sort of makeshift nursery, a quick throw-together her Daddy had conjured up at this lake house for the weekend.  But looking into that room now, she suddenly understood what he meant when he called the place a magical, special lake house.

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Promises, Promises

Promises, PromisesFrom the book:

Rock-a-Bye BabyGirls: Yittlin Extreme
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here is a little story about what it first feel like when facing a promise met.


Promises, Promises

This was the day Piper had dreamt about, the day she had waited for – one where her Daddy would make good on a very important promise.  Dawn light was fast-approaching, and almost as if her soul knew it, she would wake up in a few minutes.  But while still resting peacefully, her subconscious prepared for what was to come.  Oh, if she had known then of all that this day would include and of how it would change the way she reasoned, the way her heart would beat and why, the way she looked at the world around her and the way she would see her Daddy from that day forward – she might well have awakened early, just so she would have a few more minutes to add to a daydream that was about to become more real than she could’ve ever fantasized.

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As Sweet as Heaven (Part Two of Two)

Kiss GoodnightTaken from the book:
Rock-A-Bye BabyGirls: The Stories of Time
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here are a few sweet moments from the rest of Destiny’s Day One.


(Start with Part One)

As Sweet as HeavenPart Two

Destiny sat there, curled up in a ball and enjoying the wealth of affection that clearly emitted from the seeming glow in her skin and twinkle in her eyes.  While walking back and forth from the kitchen table to the stove, Victor glanced over at her, giving her a wink and letting her know he was aware that she was watching him.  And maybe that simple glance from him shouldn’t have meant the world to her.  But little minds like her were affected by little things.  Details made so much seem more grand and larger than life, like Victor’s care of her and how she hadn’t spent more than a few minutes away from a white hot attention she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She could smell the food and though the apple juice had helped her to wake up while satisfying her tummy for the past few minutes, it was time to eat.  Thankfully, Victor somehow knew that she was done with hunger.  He returned to the sink, opened the second drawer to the left of it, taking out a bib and a length of ribbon.  The bib she understood, but the ribbon she didn’t quite know the purpose of yet.  It didn’t really matter to her, though.  Whatever it was for, she’d find out.  Her Daddy was walking up to her and that was the most important thing at the moment.

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