Fast Times at the Monte Carlo

Penny 3 - BeachTownFrom the book:

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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here is a tale of fun in the fast lane:


Fast Times at the Monte Carlo

Penny sunk her teeth into her grilled cheese sandwich.  If allowed, she would’ve eaten grilled cheese for every meal.  It was the ideal food for her: buttered white bread with the crusts removed by Elliot and American cheese, toasted to melted perfection.  And to top it off, Elliot broke it up into bite-size pieces.  A dill pickle and a handful of potato chips completed her plate.

Their afternoon adventure took them to the Monte Carlo Raceway – a series of miniature race tracks, ranging from go karts to little boats.  But first, lunch was in order.

Penny crunched away and munched away as they sat in the Monte Carlo snack shop, popular at the moment for its food, but also for its air conditioning as the day had warmed up quite a bit.  Elliot ordered himself yet another enormous bacon cheeseburger and for all the lankiness he had, he could certainly pound down some food when he wanted.

They sat at a round table with chairs that were tall enough to keep her feet off the ground.  Penny often wondered if that was done to keep the little feet of the world and the wandering minds at bay, or if it was just a coincidence of size.  Either way, it made her feel little.  And it made her kick her feet with contentment.

Sitting in a snack shop at an amusement racetrack in the middle of the BeachTown where she met the Daddy sitting next to her a year ago as she munched of crust-less grilled cheese while smiling and her Daddy and tinkling herself – Why wouldn’t she be happy?

Finishing lunch, Penny chugged unscrewed the cap of her sippy cup and chugged the lemon lime soda left inside.  Then she handed him the empty sippy cup and drank the rest of his root beer.  He took the cup up to the counter and ordered another lemon lime soda with it.

Watching them fill her sippy cup, she smiled at how they didn’t bat an eyelash at doing it for her when her Daddy first asked.

She hopped down off the chair and resituated herself, reaching behind her and pulling at the diaper wedgie she had developed while sitting on that chair.  The blue cut-off jean shorts were riding up into her bottom and making the wedgie harder to pick out.  The white cami kept her as cool as possible on a 95 degree day.  But inside an air conditioned snack shop, she was getting chilly.

Waddling over to him, she asked if they could go race now.  He handed her the sippy cup and kissed her forehead.  Perhaps that was the only thing which could warm her up, at least until they went back outside.

She took her Daddy’s hand and waddled alongside him as they headed for the exit.  She was a happy little girl indeed.

And now … it was time to beat the pants off everyone in some go kart races.  Penny might not have seemed like a worthy opponent, but the fact that she was underestimated all the time is what shocked most people as she would win the race, the game, the contest or just simply do things that no one believed her capable of doing.

Elliot was wiser than the rest, but it was his job to make sure she was prepared to conquer the world.

They could hear the humming of the motors as they began following the stone path towards the tracks.  Penny turned their walk into a game of hop-scotch, only allowing herself to step on the red stones and only allowing Elliot to step on the grey ones.

Walking up onto the bridge in the middle, the view of all the race tracks was best seen from that point.  Crossing to the other side, Elliot noticed that she was walking funny.  She kept grabbing at the back of her shorts and wiggling her hips in a strange manner.

“Do you need changed, Princess?” Elliot asked, not believing it possible that she had digested lunch all ready, but slipping his hand inside the back of her jean shorts anyway.

“I didn’t poop, Daddy,” Penny whispered shyly.  “I have a wedgie and I can’t get it out.”

He reached around front, unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them before putting both hands down the back of her shorts, grabbing the elastic edgings at the back of her thigh and pulling the back of her diaper outwards until  her wedgie came free.

Penny sighed in relief.  Getting panties caught up between her cheeks was uncomforting, but easy to fix.  A diaper wedgie, on the other hand, was a lot more difficult to deal with because it fought you.

As he resituated her jean shorts a bit lower on her hips, rebuttoning and rezipping them in the front, Penny thought back to their trip to the shopping center in the Charm City on Black Friday last fall.  The scenario there was slightly different, but it made her feel the same way – numbed from embarrassment to the point where littleness came through.

She really wanted to wear those cut-off jean shorts, but they were giving her painful diaper wedgies at this point and when Elliot lowered them on her hips, the waistband of her diaper stuck out.  It would remain stuck out for the rest of their time at the racetracks.

She didn’t fuss, but instead decided to enjoy how little she had been made to feel.

The main go kart track was the most popular one because it was the longest course, weaving its way around and through all the other tracks, but it only had ten go karts.  So, a line had formed to use that track.

The day was getting hotter by the hour and standing in that line wasn’t helping Penny’s current drinking problem.  She had been guzzling drinks all day.  As they drew closer in the line, Penny swigged down her sippy cup of lemon lime soda, burping like a little girl afterwards.  Smiling sweetly, she handed him the cup.  He slipped the cup into the back pack diaper bag and then shielded her from the sun

There were beads of sweat across her brow.  Elliot lifted up his t-shirt and wiped the sweat away before blowing on her forehead.  She closed her eyes, feeling his breeze.

He took his final sip of the drink in his hand before opening the lid and taking out a handful of ice. She turned to face the racetrack and Elliot wrapped his arms around her from behind as they watched the race underway.

Tossing his cup in the trash can, he took the ice in his hand, and touched it to her forehead, allowing it to melt a little before he slid the ice down the side of her face to her chin and then down her neck to her upper chest.

She rested back against him as he did all that he could to cool her down.

One lap of the main track was about a half mile and one race was three laps.  Preparing for battle, Penny was studying the various go karts as Elliot iced her up.  She wanted to get the go kart which accelerated the fastest.  Unfortunately, the pink go kart wasn’t the fastest and she would have to settle for the metallic silver one which seemed to blow past everyone like with silvery streak.

As the karts came into a resting position, Penny began to jump  up and down, being stopped by Elliot with a gentle swat to her diapered bottom.

“Patience, BabyGirl,” he whispered in her ear as he slipped her white pacifier in her front right pocket.

The racers left the karts and they let the next ten people in.  Penny and Elliot were numbers eight and nine.  But what she didn’t was that the person standing behind Elliot would become a greatest adversary in the race to come.

Penny sprinted from Elliot to the silver go kart, hopping in.  And the tenth rider – that person standing behind Elliot took the blue kart next to her.  She looked over and saw who he was – the guy who was eyeing her up at the Continental breakfast that morning.

  He winked at her and Penny got very tight-lipped, trying to hold back her anger.  She strapped herself into the car, took the pacifier from her right hip pocket and placed it in her cleavage.

Oh, yeah.  It was on.  And Mr. Winky Face was about to get taken for the ride of his life – compliments of the Penny, the BeachTown BabyGirl.

Determination was one of her greatest attributes.  Even when she knew she probably wouldn’t accomplish the task in front of her, she always kept trying.  That was … until she embraced her littleness.

It was one year ago that she lost the ability to battle.  Slowly, Elliot had helped her to return to that Attack with a Sledge-Hammer mentality, but this time around, he had taught her how to stay still during her diaper changes while challenging the world.

The start light went green and she was ready to slam on the pedal and show Winky Man what a waddling little diaper girl can do on the race track.  She had tons of power in her go kart, but the problem was the person in the pink go kart directly in front of her didn’t have the same power.

All the cars took off except her and the pink kart.  Winky Man waved goodbye to Penny, taunting her.  She turned the wheel and sped out from behind the pink slow kart, but suddenly found herself trailing the whole lot of them.  She flew past the first two karts she came upon, moving into 7th place and having no idea where Elliot was.

Winky Man weaved past the two karts in front of him, moving into 4th place.  Penny followed, moving into 5th.  She was now right behind him and ready to start wielding the sledge hammer.

She tried to pass him on the left, but he veered in front of her, cutting her off.  She gritted her teeth and yanked the wheel to the right, slamming on the pedal, but only to be cut off by him again as he swerved in front of her once more.

Gunning it past the kart in front of him, Winky Man moved into 3rd place.  Penny followed, moving into 4th.  And they blew past the starting point.  The first lap of three was complete.

All the cars flew by the putt-putt pink slow kart.  Penny felt bad for the poor soul who got stuck with that one.

But she shook off the pity party and got back to business.  Winky Man was still leading the race and needed to be taught a lesson for his rudeness and arrogance.  She took the pacifier from her cleavage and put it between her lips, scrunching up her brow and focusing.

She tried passing him on the left, to no avail as he blocked her again with a quick swerve.  Then, she tried to pass him on the right, being cut off by him again.  And it seemed he was beginning to predict her movements.

She tried the left another time and he cut her off again before accelerating past the kart in front of him, moving into 2nd place.

Penny’s massive liquid consumption caught up with her and her bladder was screaming for relief.  But this was no time to be a baby about things. So, she slammed on the pedal again, flooding her diaper as she flew by the kart in front of her and got right up behind Winky Man again, putting herself in 3rd place.

They blew by the starting point.  The second lap of three was complete.

Winky Man passed the lone remaining kart in front of him and took the lead.  Penny followed, moving into 2nd place.  There was only a half lap left and now was the time to make her move.

She tried to pass him on the right and then on the left and then on the right, but each time, he knew when to move to block her.  She began to get frustrated, ready to pout and pull over to cry.

It made no difference which side she chose to try to pass him on, he had her number each time and obviously a much bigger sledge hammer than she.

The finish line was in the nearing distance and that poor pink slow kart was still trying to complete its first lap.

Penny tried again to pass Winky Man on the left, but he blocked her.  She tried on the right, but he blocked her again.  And suddenly, she remembered her Daddy’s words from that morning:

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

She looked at the back of Winky Man’s go kart and saw Scraps the Kitty leaping up to swat down the playing cards.  And the solution presented itself to her.

She tried to pass him on the right and he blocked her.  Then she jerked her wheel quickly, making as though she was going to try next to pass him on the left, but instead she remained hugged to the right wall.

Winky Man took the bait and swerved to the left to block her, opening the track up in front of her.  When he did, she slammed on the pedal, passing him and gunning it for the finish line.

Not to give up either, Winky Man slammed on his pedal to speed up and catch her.  But he found himself blocked by the slow putt-putt kart.  And as Winky Man tried to pass the pink slow kart again and again, the driver of the pink kart kept swerving back and forth as if out on a pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll.

Penny won the race and Winky man crossed the finish line behind the pink go kart.  Not wanting to drive another two laps, the pink go kart driver pulled over into the starting positions.

Sitting in the lead car position, Penny unbuckled herself and stood up on the seat, looking back to the pink go kart.  She owed that person a great big hug.

Winky Man got out of his kart and stormed off, humiliated.  Penny ran to the pink go kart to see Elliot unbuckling himself from it and getting out.  Penny ran up to him and jumped up into his arms.

“I guess pink isn’t my color,” he said with a smile before she took the pacifier out from between her lips, grabbed the back of his hair and planted her mouth on his as he carried her off the track.

The Adventures of the BeachTown BabyGirl

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