“Has It Been A Minute, Yet?”

Patience is a virtue.  But for someone with littleness in the heart, patience is an obstacle between them and getting what they want when they want it.  A Mommy picks up on this and her maternal instincts kick in, addressing her little one’s needs, but not catering to his wants. 

Instead, everything would happen in Mommy’s time.  Lil Gus was wet and patience wasn’t on his side … yet.



Sitting on sofa, Fauna pet cat at her side and watched Lil Gus sitting on rug Indian-leg style.  He was playing with his toy cars, setting them on the glass coffee table top and pushing them off onto the floor.  He was trying to keep his mind off the fact that he was wet.  To no real avail.

“Mommy, I’m all wet,” he said to her with an innocent, pleading tone.”

“I’ll change you in a minute,” she replied, frankly.

“In a minute?” he asked, hoping she would change her mind and tend to him now.

“That’s what I said,” she replied.

He shifted in his position.

“But I want changed now,” he pled to her.

“That’s nice,” she answered.  “I said I’d change you in a minute.”

“Fine,” he mumbled in disappointment, picking up his toy cars and playing with them some more.

Patience was the one thing Gus just couldn’t quite learn.  He honestly tried to be more patient, but he hadn’t figured out how to accept that his life was on Mommy’s time and she called the shots.  He was kept happy, kept fed and kept loved.

And remembering the blessings he received from his Mommy was the lesson he constantly struggled to learn.

“Has it been a minute yet?” he asked, hopeful.

“No, it has not been a minute yet,” she replied.

To him, it was a need.  To his Mommy, it was his request.  There was a difference between need and want.  Lil Gus hadn’t learned the difference.  And the most effective way to learn that difference was to learn patience.

That was easier said than done.

He continued to entertain himself, going from one toy to the next.  He knew the waiting game was on and for once, he was going to show his Mommy he could be patient.  Or at least, he was going to make it look that way.

“Okay,” Fauna said, standing up.  “Put your toys away.”

“Hmm?” he asked, looking up at her.

“Put your toys away,” she repeated as she exited the room and gathered what she needed to tend to him.

“Okay,” he said, placing his toys on the glass coffee table top.

“Lay down,” she instructed, returning to his side.  “You know the drill.”

Lil Gus assumed the position on his back, parting his knees instinctively and awaiting her directions.  She knelt between his legs and unfastened his shorts, taking them down off his legs.

“Where’s your other diaper?” she asked as she unfastened his diaper tapes. 

He pointed to the chair next to her as she folded down the front of his diaper.

“Uh.  You got this one all wet,” she spoke with a tone of maternal care.

She was a loving Mommy and she never wanted him to forget that, but he needed to be constantly reminded that patience would forever be his second best friend, next to her, of course.

From the wiping to the powdering to the rediapering, Lil Gus felt … well … little.  And littleness can become a powerful emotion – one which consumes all the ability that a lil boy has to function.

And with the patience his Mommy was teaching him, he was also learning that the things he needed were really the things he wanted all along.


You can find the video to this story at:

ABGussy.com & ABGus’s Member Site

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