The “Esperanza” of a BabyGirl

In Zorro stories (including the movies), Esperanza was the wife of Diego de la Vega.  Diego was a wealthy land owner by day and a masked bandit by night.

Despite which identity he adorned, Esperanza led his actions and thoughts.  She was his “other half” and the completion of all things which made him good.

In our lives, we strive to be good people and we realize in our experiences that maintaining a balance in one’s self is easiest done  by complimenting one’s weaknesses with another’s strengths.

In other words: Everybody needs somebody.

If for every Daddy there is a BabyGirl and for every Diego there is an Esperanza, then the individuals we find ourselves drawn to possess what we need.

In other words: Everybody wants somebody.
BabyEspy was a pleasant surprise and a delight to talk with when I first met her.  A Pleasant Surprise because she seemed to appear out of nowhere.  A Delight because she could listen as well as speak.  And within her I saw a balance which made perfect sense.

When I took this picture of her the day we met face-to-face, I was reminded that “For Every Diego, there is an Esperanza” – A reply I would later put to the picture.

It wasn’t until she changed her username to “BabyEsperanza” that I knew she felt the same way.  Caution seemed paramount as we both had seen yesterdays which didn’t become tomorrows.  She would later shorten her username to BabyEspy.

But in short order, she showed me what the balance of give and take was supposed to look like and feel like.  And it was the first of many wonderful, new experiences with her to receive back what was offered.

Together we discovered that when both people “give”, there is no “take”. And there doesn’t need to be.

Before long, she possessed all the keys to my heart and without having to try, she showed that for Every Esperanza there is a Diego.

I was the lucky one she chose.

From Backseats to Bookstores to Build-A-Bears, this little princess opened my heart and my eyes to a happiness truly dynamic – perhaps one which some might say was made of “pure joy and serenity”.

Often, our hopes we leave in the hands of fate and what fate allows.  Other times, we choose to make our own decisions and blaze the pathways we want to.

And all we truly require is the balance to see that life should never be summarized by saying “It is what it is” or that the past pursuits of happiness “were what they were”.  Instead, all that we have seen and known were the stones which kept our feet dry at the difficult crossings.

The mountains we climb are sometimes unique.  BabyEspy has been the source of strength to hold on to while climbing. 

(When climbing, balance is extremely important.)

But so was inspiration and soon my fingertips were typing out stories she created in my mind:  

“My Fair Maiden”    
With Nowhere to Go, But Up    
Just the Way You Are
A New Year’s Eve Silhouette


From Stuffed Animals to Friends to a Love for Little, BabyEspy is the innocence of a heart and the brilliance of a mind in the body of an angel.

She is the BabyGirl I have always longed to hold, to care for and to love like no other.

Life continues, a Lifetime continues – each made sweeter by Esperanza – strong when I am weak and frail when I am empowered.

Balance is achieved not just by leveling perfections with imperfections, but also by lifting up that which is all ready good.

For Every Diego, there is an Esperanza.  For Every Daddy, there is a BabyGirl.  And that balance feels mighty good.

   (Other Pics Removed for Espy’s safety & anonymity)

BabyGirl in the Big City
BabyGirl in the Lil Hotel
BabyGirl in the World
BabyGirl at the “Buster” and the “Bear”


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  1. OMG THIS WAS SO SWEET!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!

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