Trickle Down

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60 Degrees and Down the Crack

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here is a little story about how things roll.


Trickle Down

Sunday Night, 7pm

“Alright, you two. Don’t move,” Melodie said, tipping her wine glass and drinking the remainder down with one big gulp.

Bent over the side of the bed in Melodie’s hotel room were two guys – littles, being made to hold the backs of their shirts up and remaining perfectly still. They both were diapered, Lana and Danny being their names. Lana had often been in this exact position, just over the edge of the bed at home. And he knew exactly what to expect next. But Danny, with the permission of his Daddy who was watching nearby, had no idea of the rush of so many things he was about to feel and experience. All he knew was that following Lana’s example and emulating the same actions made the most sense of all to him – when dealing with the unknown.

Lana, Melodie’s BabyBoy, was always kept as a BabyGirl by her. Lana was quiet in mixed company and a very calm individual – a little introverted and therefore, perfectly reciprocating Melodie’s outgoing nature.

Danny was the BabyBoy of Mark – a very loving Daddy who outweighed him by at least a hundred pounds. Mark was an enabler, so to speak. And since Danny always wanted to try everything and do everything and be in the middle of everything, they were a good match for one another. Mark made it so and Danny reaped the benefits.

Also in that hotel room were Rachel and Gretchen – a Mommy and BabyGirl who both were a bit new to the ageplay dynamic as well as Lucy and Xavier – a Daddy and BabyGirl with an interesting history and some well-placed roots.

Everybody leaned forward and watched as Melodie began doing something she said would be the most memorable moment of that entire convention weekend for them. And from the current looks of things, it seemed Melodie was about to make good on her cryptic promise.

Dressed in nothing more than a tiny little black slip, Melodie straddled Lana, facing back towards the sudden spectators and bringing her bare bottom to rest on the lower lumbar of Lana’s back. She handed her empty wine glass to Gretchen and then placed both of her palms on Lana’s tail bone. Pressing a bit, she forced him further down into his draped position over the side of the bed – an initial additive of dominance being displayed, but nothing like the ultimate display to come in just a few core muscle flexes. Lana’s knees touched the carpet and he was made to lean up as much as he could – though she was keeping him pinned down.

“Boys never get wet butts when they pee themselves,” Melodie said, taking hold of the back waist band of Lana’s diaper and pulling it outward for a smirking peek. “It’s very important they know what it feels like and that they are constantly reminded of that feeling.”

Danny turned his head to the side and watched with everyone else as Melodie kept her eyes fixed on her target. Holding the back of Lana’s diaper out with her left hand, she eased on her right-handed pin of his tailbone as she lifted herself ever-so-slightly up – repositioning her stance just a bit before closing her eyes.

And then she began to pee, a satisfied closed-lip smile forming across her face. Her stream, relaxed and steady, poured out of her – connecting just below that little nub that stuck out at his tail bone. Her pee rolled down Lana’s bottom and into the back of his diaper. Lana’s eyes rolled up into his head before he closed them, his frame seeming to lose all its bones as he turned to mush.

Danny, with a bird’s eye view from his knelt position over the side of the bed, watched Lana’s reaction as Melodie opened her eyes – grinning softly and seeming lost in a bit of dominance that didn’t require a riding crop to achieve.

Oh, the mind games were inconceivable – not just those affecting Lana but also those that were filling Danny’s head with more questions than answers. Melodie held open the back of Lana’s diaper and flooded into it for a few seconds more before standing up, dismounting Lana and then turning to face Danny.

Danny buried his face in the mattress, placed both of his hands flat on the either side of his head and with palms down, gripped the comforter with two fists. This was a position he had been in before, but for a completely different reason. And though his heart always raced before his Daddy became intimate with him, this experience with Melodie would tap into other portions of his brain – likely never reached before and likely never reached otherwise.

“Be a good boy, Danny,” Mark said from his seat on the sofa, smiling warmly and proudly at how brave his little boy was being.

Yes, Danny was always eagerly willing to try new things, but that didn’t mean he was always intrepid enough to follow through with his impulses. This was where Mark had been the most influential person in Danny’s life and of his lifetime. Yes, they loved each other. But with the taboo ageplay dynamic as well as their sexual preference often frowned upon in so many circles of life, it felt incredible to know that this room of people saw no taboo dynamic – since they all shared it. And that this room of people saw no sexual preferences – since a simple four letter fetish had drawn them together and fueled a friendship that would supersede all other differences.

Variety was a way of life, warranted and needed to make existence the fullest it could be for all.

Melodie straddled Danny, facing towards the spectators and resting her bare bottom on his back – just as she had done with Lana. Danny turned his head slightly to the left and peeked over at Lana who was still with closed eyes and still seemingly lost in a state of euphoria that words likely couldn’t describe. It would have to be felt to truly be understood and to know the depths of.

And Danny was certainly about to feel it all.

Melodie took hold of the back waistband of Danny’s diaper and pulled it out, then placing her right hand on his tailbone and pressing down before getting right to action. It was quite impressive how she pinched her groin muscles for that length of time – given how she had cut herself off in mid-stream to be able to release the rest inside Danny’s diaper.

Waiting breathlessly and silently, Danny kept his eyes on Lana. And then it began.

Feeling a small trickle of wetness connecting with the very top of his bottom, he gasped – returning to breathing as that trickle lead to a warm and constant stream that rolled down the center of his bottom, over his rosebud and continuing to travel south. Yes, his bottom had felt wetness before, in the shower or in a pool. But this was obviously different and it was something that was inviting, for as foreign as it felt.

Initially, he couldn’t even find thoughts to process how it felt – his first reaction being to absorb the sensations of wetness and of warmth. Melodie was indeed right. Danny had never felt what it was like to be wet in the back while dry in the front, at least not like this. And a sense of awkwardness overtook him. His vision went blurry but all his other senses became finely tuned. He could hear the individual breaths of the other people in the room, the humming of the lights, random noises of people walking down the hallway and thumping in his ears, he could clearly hear his heart beats – practically galloping with the speed of a race horse in the final stretch.

Melodie’s pee stayed steady in deliver and warm in temperature as it rolled the rest of the way down the center of his bottom and dripped off at his underside – depositing into his diaper. He shuddered for just a split second and then his eyes rolled up in his head. Understanding a bit more now, he closed his eyes and relaxed his frame into the mattress – exactly as he watched Lana do. It made very good sense to submit to the sensations and to not keep any resistance in his body. As his muscled relaxed, he melted into the side of that bed, Melodie continuing to empty her bladder completely into the back of his diaper. That stream of warm wetness kept flowing and it traveled that same course with exacting destination entailed. The deposit in the underside of his diaper began to pool up while the back of his diaper slowly began to fill and swell – defying gravity a bit in the process it seemed.

And oh my, did he fully submit to it all. He didn’t feel like a BabyBoy just then. Instead, he felt like so much more than he ever believed himself to be. And with a softened whimper escaping from his lips, he entertained visions in his head of his Daddy doing this to him in the future … and often, hopefully.

Melodie emptied her bladder the rest of the way and then used the back waistband of Danny’s diaper to wipe herself dry before dismounting him and then taking a seat between the two boys. Rachel handed her a full glass of wine and then returned to her seat on Gretchen’s lap on the suite couch.

“How … exactly … did you ever think something like that up?” Mark asked, everyone watching the two boys who were still draped over the side of the bed – now displayed as Melodie’s trophies.

“Hmm,” Melodie said, then taking a sip of her wine and setting the pace for what she would and wouldn’t reveal. “I don’t really remember. I think it just sort of came up in conversation one day. I decided that Lana was going to be my BabyGirl a good bit of the time … my … BabyGirl with Benefits.”

Melodie lovingly patted and rubbed the drenched back of Lana’s diaper, Lana smiling in his face plant but not moving a muscle.

“So …,” Melodie began, a playfulness filling her tone. “What did you guys think of CrinkleCon?”

Everybody took a moment to collect their thoughts before they engaged in conversation about the convention that had brought them to that hotel that weekend.

CrinkleCon was an ABDL and AgePlay Convention that catered to the pure-n-innocent crowds. Oh, there were plenty of activities that were the polar opposite of pure-n-innocent. But those activities were reserved for the privacy of hotel rooms. In the actual convention space, pure-n-innocent reigned supreme – making CrinkleCon a bit of a contrast to other adult conventions. There were no sounds of spanking or erotic torture or dungeon activity that were heard in the convention space. Instead, there was laughter, chatter and more to do than could possibly be done in a single weekend – even if you didn’t waste time sleeping and eating and breathing.

“Honestly, I’m still trying to process it all,” Lucy said, crawling behind her Daddy on the sofa and beginning to knead her fingers into his shoulder muscles. “I mean … I read about these events for years and years. And I always wondered what it would be like to attend one. Now that I have, I realize that it isn’t something that I can look back on all at once. Over the next few days, I’ll think about each little bit of it. But what I learned clearly was that Daddy and I should’ve come to these things years ago.”

“Yeah,” Xavier added. “I guess a lot of people have that hesitation about going to a convention. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to be hesitant, but what sold us on it was the overwhelming responses people made to the event online. We probably read through at least a dozen lengthy threads about last year’s CrinkleCon before we registered for this one. And now that it’s over, I wanna go back to the beginning of the weekend and do it all over again.”

“Right,” Mark agreed. “And I think Thumper’s class on how to handle convention drop was a brilliant idea.”

“I’ll never forget how everybody bonded together, so quickly and so easily this weekend,” Gretchen said, holding Rachel on her lap and running her fingers through the girl’s hair. “And I’ll also never forget how hard everybody cried earlier today when in the closing circle. If that right there doesn’t explain how meaningful this convention was to people, then there is likely nothing that will ever make it clearer.”

“I’ve been to several of these conventions,” Melodie said, standing up and mounting Lana’s back the same as before while pulling out the back of his diaper to pee a bit more. “And what I love is the creativity of each one. They’re all the same, but also all different. They change up the classes and activities. They heed a lot of the suggestions people make while not allowing the weekend to get out of control. There’s a real sense of safety you can feel all around you in that convention area. And it’s so inviting that you don’t ever really wanna leave.”

“Exactly,” Gretchen said, she and Rachel looking at each other. “Rachel and I were just discussing that a bit ago. I mean, we know that there will be more of these conventions in the future, but since this was our first one, it will always be really special to us. And the thought of having to wait another whole year to do this again is what’s really upsetting.”

Rachel started that weekend out in super-shy mode but had opened up a little along the way. She would always be a little shy about things, but CrinkleCon had encouraged her to at least contemplate overcoming her crippling inwardness.

“I’ll never forget how scared I was when Mommy changed me behind that curtain … you know, the little changing stations,” Rachel said with a nervous whisper, mustering up all the courage she had to speak. “But when we were done in there, everybody welcomed me back with love and a smile. I don’t know how to get through another year before I can feel that again.”

“I know what you mean,” Mark said, looking over at Danny who was still laying belly-down on the bed. “Danny was so absorbed in so many things this weekend that it was hard to get him to come out of that little space. But nothing in this world made me happier than seeing him enjoying himself. I wish they did these conventions twice a year, at least. But the waiting game begins now, I guess.”

“Not necessarily,” Melodie said, finishing her pee into the back of Lana’s diaper and wiping herself with the back waist band before sitting on the side of the bed.

“What do you mean?” Xavier asked, getting the remaining piece of pizza from the box on the floor and handing it up to Lucy to take a bite.

Lucy bit a part of the crust and returned to massaging her Daddy’s back.

“Well,” Melodie said, standing up and encouraging the two boys to flip over onto their backs. “What if we didn’t have to wait a whole year before we got back together like this again?”

Lana flipped over on the bed, Danny doing the same – both of them instinctively bending their knees and curling up their legs into the diaper changing position as everyone gathered around the bed.

Danny could still feel the warm sensation of the pee on his bottom, but the wetness had cooled and the heaviness of his diaper made it cling to his bottom cheeks – a new sensation, all in itself.

Mark picked up two diapers from the stack alongside Melodie and Lana’s bed, handing one to Melodie. Gretchen fetched the plastic containers of wipes and baby powder from the bathroom, bringing them to bedside.

“My uncle is a rich old fart,” Melodie said, she and Mark unfastening Lana and Danny’s hip tapes – then folding down the front of the wet diapers and beginning to wipe the boys clean. “He has a summer house upstate that he hardly uses. I’m wondering if you all would like to spend another weekend together.”

“Really? When?” Lucy asked with excitement.

“In a month or so? Can everyone swing that?” Melodie asked.

“Yes!” everyone said with excitement, Melodie and Mark lifting the lower half of their boys up to slide the thoroughly drenched diapers out from underneath them – then beginning to wipe bottoms and taking to powdering them.

Xavier looked at both of the used diapers, seeing the drenched evidence of the spectacle they had all witnessed.

“60 degrees … and down the crack,” Xavier said, everyone pausing in silence and then breaking out into laughter.

Melodie and Mark finished the diapering of their boys and then everyone sat down on the bed, leaning backwards and staring up at the ceiling.

“Well, it’s settled then,” Melodie said. “In one month’s time, we’ll gather at my uncle’s summer house for a weekend.”

Then a few moments of silence passed before Xavier spoke up again.

“60 degrees ……… and down the crack,” he said, everyone breaking out into greater laughter than before.

“That’s how I roll,” Melodie said, sipping from her wine before putting the button thought to it all. “Well, actually … that’s how my pee rolls.”

And the greatest bit of laughter of all ensued as the eight of them crawled together into an enormous hug in the middle of the bed – new-found friendships having been formed and a lifetime of memories on the way.

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