The H.I.P.A.A. Violation

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The ABDL MedFet Book 2

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here’s a little story about an identity crisis that helps a girl learn who she truly is.


The H.I.P.A.A. Violation –     

A H.I.P.A.A. Violation (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) occurs when a health care provider, such as a hospital, discloses your Protected Health Information (PHI) to an unauthorized individual or entity without your consent.  It happens more often than the health care community cares to admit.  The purpose of HIPAA is to protect your privacy, and on occasions like this, HIPAA violations can have serious, unintended consequences. 

Elektra lied perfectly still on a stretcher in a hallway of the ER unit at McLean Hospital.  This certainly wasn’t where she thought she’d wind up as she left work that night.  She was a 2nd shift waitress at a grease spoon diner, a just-over-broke experience she drudged to every day, she knew it was only a means to an end.  And as a last semester student at Bentley University, she was a few weeks from graduation, a few weeks from burning that stupid short waitress outfit that made her rear end seem like a good thing for all those factory-working customers to pat as she walked by.

But lying on that stretcher, Elektra wasn’t wearing that waitress outfit.  In fact, she wasn’t wearing anything.  Sedated with Dilaudid, a highly potent painkiller administered in hospitals when a patient has intractable pain, she was light-headed, borderline comatose and naked as the day she was born.  She had been given a moderate dose to hold her over until an operating room opened up, but she was still near a state of somnolence, which was right next to actually being asleep, to dull the pain of the massive injury to her right leg.  Her leg was also heavily-wrapped with ice packs to keep the swelling at a minimum.  Surgery was necessary to reset her leg.  But how she got to that hospital and the exact story of her leg injury was a bit of a blur to her.

Heading home from the diner at 11:30 that night, she pulled out onto Mill Street and was side-swiped by a speeding car.  Her car did a 360 degree spin, at which point the police car chasing the speeder side-swiped her, driving her into a parked van on the side of the street and smashing the front end of her car.  It took a considerable amount of work to get her mangled body out of the car when help finally arrived and from the enormous spider’s web crack on her windshield, a concussion was likely.

The x-ray imaging indicated Elektra had a greenstick fracture of the right femur where the bone fractured but did not completely break – similar to trying to break a stick of wood that was still green on the inside.

Elektra had led a normal life.  Her lower-middle class family had always stressed hard work and education for as long as she could remember.  Like so many others she grew up with, Elektra dreamed of a way to move up in the world.  She had all the passion needed in her heart and all the right tools instilled in her to not only climb the ladder of life, but to do it her way.  She knew that climb would require a lot of hard work and unyielding determination on her part.  She certainly had that, being at the top of her soon-to-be-graduating class and vying for the honor of Valedictorian.  In fact, all her determination came from one single event from her past when she found the perfect place to hide during a game of hide-n-go-seek at a friend’s house.  She was so tiny she fit perfectly into the small broom closet, but she would remain trapped inside that dark broom closet when it locked itself, unable to move at all until someone found her hours later.

Lying on that stretcher, in a drug-induced state of semi-consciousness, she had no idea that the crippling fear of immobility she felt in that broom closet so long ago would be exactly what she was about to feel again.

Spring break always left the University and surrounding areas in chaos.  That was the main reason why there was a car chase in the middle of town and also the likely reason why every single operating room at McLean Hospital was currently in use.  Since Elektra’s injury wasn’t life-threatening, she was parked along a hallway wall for the time being.  That, in itself, wasn’t so bad.  She hardly felt any pain at all.  But trouble arrived shortly thereafter as another girl, presumably of college age as well, was rolled up right next to her on a stretcher in that hallway.  Elektra had no idea of the hell she was about to go through.

The nursing pushing this other girl on a stretcher was suddenly paged for another emergency.  So she locked the stretcher’s breaks and doubleparked her right next to Elektra.

“I’ll be right back, Teresa,” the nurse said to the girl as she dashed off towards the Emergency room entrance.

Teresa sat up, looked over at the nearly-sleeping Elektra and smiled.  Looking up and down the hallway, manically fraught with inundating needs, Teresa glanced over at Elektra again and then to both of their charts, lying on their stretchers between their legs.  Had she not been strapped and locked to her stretcher at the waist, Teresa might’ve taken this unforeseen opportunity to escape, but instead, she picked up Elektra’s charts.  Seeing upon a quick glance, that Elektra was only their for reconstructive leg surgery – a far lesser cry than what Teresa would be receiving – she switched the charts, slipped her own ID bracelet off her wrist.  In a matter of seconds, she took the ice packs off Elektra’s right leg and placed them over her own right leg in the same way she found them.  Reaching over, she easily slipped Elektra’s ID bracelet off her limp wrist and put it on her own wrist before lying down and calmly closing her eyes just as a nurse arrived.

“Elektra, Elektra, Elektra,” the nurse said to herself, checking both of the girls’ charts and seeing Elektra’s chart but not knowing it was lying on Teresa’s stretcher.  “There you are.”

The nurse checked Teresa’s wrist bracelet, and seeing it had Elektra’s name on it, lifted up the bed sheet off Teresa’s right leg.

“Well, Elektra.  The swelling doesn’t look nearly as bad as it says here in your chart,” the nurse said to Teresa as she began pushing the stretcher down the hall.  “Maybe we ought to ask for more x-rays to make sure you need this surgery.”

That nurse and the hospital had no idea that a H.I.P.A.A. violation had just occurred, but not from Teresa’s actions.  Instead, the violation took place when patient charts were left unattended on those stretchers and the hell that would ensue for the hospital because of this infraction would lead to one of the darkest times in the hospital’s 200+ year history.  Elektra, despite doing nothing wrong, was about to receive the most severe punishment of all though.

Though only diagnosed just over a decade ago, Teresa had actually suffered her whole life from a bipolar condition, having been diagnosed a decade ago.  She went from the initial medications of Xanax and Ativan to Lamictal and Abilify to a high dose regimen of Seroquel, Lithium, Geodon, and now she was receiving weekly injections of her “chemical handcuffs”- the antipsychotic Invega Sustenna – as well.  Teresa, however, wasn’t at the hospital that night for a medication adjustment.

Lying naked under a blanket in that hospital hallway, with the lower half of her right leg no longer wrapped in ice packs, Elektra remained sedated and completely unaware of the next H.I.P.A.A. violation about to happen.

Two nurses, Mira and Gwen, walked by Elektra and stopped to briefly check on the young girl lying unattended on a stretcher in the busy hallway of the busy hospital.  Mira had been a registered nurse at the hospital for quite some time, but Gwen had been at McLean for less than a month.  Gwen worked her way through nursing school, became an LPN, got the state certification required to practice, earned her IV certification and was well on her way to becoming an RN like Mira.  But that night, the acronym Gwen would re-learn wasn’t MAOI or HMO or NSAID.  It was HIPAA, and it was a very serious matter.

“This can’t be right,” Mira said, staring at the chart lying between Elektra’s legs.

“What is it?”  Gwen asked.

“What’s this girl’s name?” Mira said, picking up the chart to stare at it in horror.

Gwen checked both of Elektra’s wrists, but there was no ID bracelet to be found.  She ran her hands under the pillow and underneath Elektra, looking for the bracelet.

“She doesn’t have a wrist tag,” Gwen replied with a heightened look of growing concern.  “What’s going on?  What does it say she’s here for?”

Mira kept staring at the chart with confusion, flipping from one page on the clipboard to the next as she searched for something that would make sense.

“It says she’s here for an ECT treatment,” Mira said with shock.

“A what treatment?” Gwen asked, taking a look at the chart as well.

“ECT,” Mira answered again, looking at the naked Elektra, sedated on the stretcher.  “Electroconvulsive therapy.  Shock treatment, in other words.  Something’s not right here.”

Gwen took the chart from Mira and studied it more closely.  Mira walked up to the side of the stretcher and took hold of Elektra’s left wrist, feeling for a pulse. 

“She’s been medicated already,” Mira said, trying to piece together what was going on.

“Don’t they usually get medicated before this kind of treatment?” Gwen asked.

“Yes, but they usually receive a mild-sedative,” Mira replied.  “She was given something a lot stronger.”

Nothing was adding up as it was supposed to.  Elektra shouldn’t have been lying naked on that stretcher.  She had no ID bracelet and was anesthetized to the point where communication was impossible.

“It says here that her name is Teresa Marquette,” Gwen said, referencing the chart. “She has a history with a bipolar condition, manic episodes, and has been on medication for quite a while.”

“It also says she’s supposed to get 450 volts of ECT,” Mira added, taking the chart from Gwen and looking for the nearest doctor.

“Is that the normal amount?” Gwen asked, following after her.

“No.  450 volts is the maximum voltage allowed,” Mira replied.  “225 volts is the usual.”

Fearing that this girl was checked in improperly, Mira found the closest doctor to tell.  Gwen still didn’t understand the situation.  In her mind, fixing the problem was easy – simply check the girl in.  But what she still wasn’t getting was how that would need to be done very quietly and how serious of a mistake it was.  But doing anything quietly that night was impossible.  The emergency area was packed and there was no way to convey a message to anyone without having it heard by someone who really ought not to hear it.

“Roger, we have a problem,” Mira whispered to the doctor standing by the front desk.

“What’s the problem?” Roger asked, not taking his attention away from the papers in front of him long enough to even look at Mira.

“There’s a girl in this hallway who is lying naked on a gurney.  She’s been sedated with the wrong drug and has no ID bracelet,” Mira said, calmly.

“And who does her chart say she is?”  Roger asked with obnoxious indifference.

Mira collected her anger for a moment, stepping in closer to him so as to not be heard by the people sitting five few feet away on a bench.

“Her name is Teresa Marquette,” Mira replied with a heavy whisper.

Roger was the last doctor she wanted to speak to.  He was the biggest pain to work with and to add further trouble to the situation, Mira and Roger had broken off a relationship a few weeks prior.

“Well, Mira,” Roger began, finally looking up from the papers in front of him.  “It appears we have two problems.  Let’s solve the first one right now.”

Placing his hand on Mira’s shoulder, he pushed her back a foot.

“Don’t ever get that close to me again.  Those days are over,” Roger said coldly.

Mira slammed the chart down on the counter in front of him.  She was doing all she could to keep her temper at bay.

“That girl in that hallway is not properly identified,” Mira said with tight lips as she pointed back down the hallway, her eyes welling up with angered tears.  “She is completely unresponsive and her chart says she is to receive electroconvulsive therapy at the maximum voltage allowed.  If I were you, Roger Dear, I’d take a look at her doctor’s name on that chart.”

Roger picked up the chart and looked at the doctor’s name.  His eyes grew big and wide as horror filled his composure.

“Now I think you’re starting to get the picture,” Mira said, folding her arms and showing a contented smile.  “And since I’m just a stupid little nurse, I can’t make the decision that need to be made.  Since you have been alerted of this situation, you, just like Gwen and me, are now required to correct the current situation.  It’s clearly a H.I.P.A.A. violation.”

Roger threw his pointer finger up in Mira’s face.

“This is not a H.I.P.A.A. violation!” Roger snapped at her, realizing that his volume just caused another account of the exact same violation – should anyone have been keeping tabs.

“You can’t walk away from this now,” Mira said with a grin.  “So what are your instructions for me and Gwen … Doctor.”

Roger’s face turned red with anger as he looked at the chart and then back to Elektra in the hallway.  Then he looked at the doctor’s name on the chart, Lawrence Carter, a psychiatrist whom Roger had had prior run-ins with about following protocol.

Gwen was slowly picking up on how all three of them could get into serious trouble, just because they found Elektra in the hallway.  But she wasn’t prepared for the directive Roger made.

“Take that girl to pre-op and I’ll be there shortly,” Roger instructed.

“And what do want us to do with her?” Mira asked.

“Prep her,” Roger replied.

“Prep her for what?” Mira asked with disgust.  “We can’t give her the ECT.  We don’t even know who she is for sure.”

“Her name is Teresa Marquette,” Roger said, handing the chart back to Mira and returning his attention to the papers in front of him.  “Read her chart.  It states clearly what you should do.”

“Roger, how fucking stupid are you?” Mira snapped.  “This is a maximum voltage!”

“It says she has a history of bipolar behavior and episodes of schizophrenia,” Roger replied.  “This isn’t the first ECT she’s received.”

“You don’t know who she is for sure!” Mira snapped again, in astonishment.  “What if she winds up being someone else and we just shocked her with 450 volts?  What then?”

“I will see to it that she is checked in,” Roger said, trying to think of the quickest way to cover this up before Dr. Carter arrived.  “In a few minutes, I guarantee she will be properly ID’d as Teresa Marquette.  Now go!”

“I’m not going anywhere until you call your nemesis Dr. Carter and confirm who this girl is,” Mira said with anger.

“Mira,” Roger said with a heated whisper, slamming his pen down and turning to her.  “If you don’t get that girl to pre-op right now, I’ll report you for violations that will make H.I.P.A.A. look like a walk in the fucking park!”

Mira looked at him in disbelief.

“Who will they believe … you or me?” Roger asked, raising an eyebrow.

Fear shot up inside her and she entered into a state of shock herself that didn’t require any voltage at all to paralyze her senses.  Turning, she grabbed Gwen’s shoulder, directing her to follow down the hallway.

“Mira, what are we going to do?” Gwen whispered as they moved quickly down the hallway and back to Elektra’s side.

“We’re going to take this girl and prep her for 450 volts of electroconvulsive therapy,” Mira said with enough fear in her eyes for both of them and for the sedated Elektra as well.

Gwen followed along in horror.  She put her application in to work at that particular hospital because it had an impressive track record.  McLean Hospital was founded more than 200 years ago and it was renowned for upholding the leading neuro-scientific and psychiatric research program in the world for a still-privately operated medical facility.  Its reputation was so high that the likes of Steven Tyler, Ray Charles, Rick James and other celebrities had received treatment there.  And there wasn’t a single instance like this one had ever happened.  And this sort of mishap was inconceivable to be taking place there.

But no matter how implausible it was, Elektra was being wheeled further into the hospital, headed for a situation she wasn’t conscience to be aware of.  Her right leg had begun to swell, but Mira and Gwen didn’t see it for the thin white sheet that covered her naked body.  Mira pushed the bed through a set of doors and Gwen followed along, reading the chart and hoping for everyone’s sake that this unconscious girl was actually Teresa Marquette.

“It says here that she has a history of violent behavior, but not violence against herself,” Gwen said, referencing the notes on the chart.  “She’s refused treatments in the past and often had to be restrained because of her outbreaks.”

“It sounds like she’s a head case,” Mira said.

“It also says here she has a habit of lying to get out of her treatments.  Oh wow.  It says she once faked an appendicitis to avoid an ECT.”  Gwen replied, walking in front of the bed now and leading the way into a prep area.  “I just wish she’d wake up so we’d know for sure who she was.”

“Well, if she wakes up and acts out, that’ll be pretty much tell us who she is, won’t it?” Mira said as Elektra made her first whimper of noise and first bit of movement since they found her in the hallway.  “Ah, here we go.”

“Where am I?” Elektra whispered in question.

“You’re at McLean Hospital,” Mira said, waiting for Elektra to somehow identify herself.  “Do you remember how you got here?”

Elektra blinked her eyes for a few seconds and tried to sit up only to be returned to a flat position by Mira and Gwen.

“Where are my clothes and who are the two of you?” Elektra asked, getting more confused as she stirred to full consciousness.

She tried to sit up again and that was when she felt the excruciating pain from her right leg injury.

“Just try to relax,” Mira said calmly.  “Can you tell us your name?”

“Oh my God, can you give me something for my leg?”  Elektra asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with your leg.  Can you tell us your name?” Mira asked again.

“There definitely is something wrong with my leg.  Are you stupid?  I’m in pain!”  Elektra snapped.

“Can … you … tell … us … your … name?” Mira asked slowly and with insistence.

“She has my chart in her hands!”  Elektra said, pointing to Gwen.  “Read the fucking chart, but get me something for my leg, please!”

“It doesn’t say anything here about your leg,” Mira said as Gwen pushed an archaic-looking machine up alongside the bed.

“What is that for?” Elektra said, sitting up and looking at the machine in horror as Gwen turned it on.  “Would someone please tell me what is going on here?!”

“Just relax,” Mira said in a calm tone as she and Gwen tried to encourage Elektra to lie back down.

“Get off me, both of you,” Elektra said tensing up her arms in resistance to them.

Her breathing picked up and her heart beat began to race as paranoia entered each and every one of her thoughts.  She looked over at the machine again, seeing the electrodes sitting on top of it.  And her paranoia suddenly turned into panic.

“Get off of me!”  Elektra screamed as she knelt up on the bed, beginning to cry from the pain in her right leg.

Mira and Gwen did their best to get her to lie back down, but Elektra’s panic turned to a frenzied rage as she thrashed her arms-n-legs until she broke free of their grip.  Naked from head to toe, she ran about three steps towards the closest set of doors before collapsing to the floor from her leg injury.

“Markus?” Mira shouted out.

Still in pain but in greater rage, Elektra stood back up as best she could as a 6-foot-6 tall black guy stepped in front of her.  And before she could blink, he had her pinned to the ground.  Elektra screamed from the pressure he was putting on her leg and at how he had chicken winged both of her arms behind her.  As several people rushed over to her, Elektra’s rage turned to full hysteria.  Gwen walked over and knelt down in front of her, holding a straitjacket and shaking her head as if she didn’t want to put Elektra in it. 

Being sat up, Elektra’s arms were guided into the straitjacket as her hysteria turned to hallucination.  Screaming at the top of her lungs, she thrashed her legs about as Markus picked her up to carry her back to the bed.  Fear of rape filled her senses and she screamed deafeningly, begging for them to let her go.

“Mira, there actually is something wrong with her leg,” Gwen said, pointing to Elektra’s right leg as the girl was pinned to the bed.

“We’re all in a lot of trouble,” Mira said as she readied a needle for injection.

Markus took hold of both of Elektra’s ankles and lifted her legs straight up in the air, exposing her naked bottom.

“Does she need that?” Gwen asked Mira of the needle as she retrieved a diaper from a nearby shelf.

“Please don’t,” Elektra sobbed, exhausted from struggling. 

“She can’t take the ECT until she’s calm,” Mira said, injecting the needle into Elektra’s bottom cheek as the girl screamed again, ending with more sobbing.

“What’s ECT?” Elektra asked as her head became fuzzy from whatever Mira had just injected into her.

“Just relax,” Gwen said as she opened the diaper and slid it underneath Elektra for Markus to lower her bottom onto.  “She’ll be fine now, Markus.  Thank you.”

Markus released his grip of Elektra, but she suddenly couldn’t move for the fogginess that filled her senses.

“Just relax,” Gwen said with a soft voice that captured and kept Elektra’s attention. 

Gwen eased Elektra’s thighs apart and brought the front of the diaper up into place.

“That’s it.  Just relax,” Gwen whispered with a gentle tone as she began to fasten the diaper tapes at Elektra’s hips.  “Everything’s going to be okay.  We’ll get your leg taken care of, too.”

Tears streamed from Elektra’s eyes and if her arms weren’t restrained, she would’ve hugged Gwen for the kindness shown.  But she was still confused, made worse so by the sudden tiredness now coursing through her.  Her eyes grew heavy but she fought falling asleep – knowing it would inevitably happen but not wanting to give in.

“That’s it.  Close your eyes,” Gwen said, staying by Elektra’s side and patting her now-diapered bottom.  “Everything’s going to be fine.”

And hearing those final whispered words, Elektra’s fell asleep.  She would remain asleep for a short amount of time.  But as restful as it was for her, Elektra fell asleep with more questions than she was comfortable with.  The same was true for Mira and Gwen and now, everyone else in that prep room.  They would spend going through the record of every person admitted to the ER that night and would’ve likely found the file for Elektra Wilder, but they didn’t have enough to find it before Roger summoned them back to get Elektra and take her into another room for her electroconvulsive therapy.


Elektra awoke some time later.  She had no idea how long she had been asleep nor did she know why she suddenly found herself in a dark room.  Strapped to a metal at her wrists, waist and ankles, she should’ve been terrified, but the sedative she had been injected with kept her calm.  She still felt incredibly tired, but concentrated to keep herself awake.  The table felt like ice on her skin, producing goose bumps up and down her body, but giving a bit of relief to the lower half of her right leg – now wrapped inside an air cast.  She was naked, except for the diaper that Gwen had dressed her in.  Those electrode patches she saw on the top of that machine they had wheeled up beside her bed were attached to her temples and a bite block had been placed in her mouth and secured with a strap around her head.

She truly should’ve been terrified, but not even her heart was beating with a fast-pace.  In fact, she really wasn’t able to move much at all inside her restraints and even if she wanted to mumble behind that bite block, she couldn’t have.  It was as if she had been placed in another state of semi-consciousness – similar to the one she was in when Mira and Gwen found her in that ER hallway.  But her dosage seemed far stronger presently – as if her mind had been disconnected from communicating with her body.

“Teresa, if you can hear me, I am a doctor who will be taking the place of your usual doctor, Lawrence Carter,” an unfamiliar voice said from out of the darkness of the room.  “Reviewing your notes, I can see this is the first time you will be receiving the maximum voltage.  This will feel a lot like your past ECT treatments, but it will be a little more intense and it will last a little longer.  The best thing you can do is relax your mind.  We’ll begin momentarily.”

Elektra opened her eyes as wide as she could.  What on Earth did ECT mean?  And who was Teresa?  It didn’t take her long to piece together that they had mistaken her for someone else.  That was why Mira kept asking her what her name was.  And did that voice really just say she was going to be shocked with voltage?

But before another thought could pass through Elektra’s mind, the electrode patches came to life, sending a strand of electricity into her head that, if she had been able, would’ve made her scream with agony.  But instead, her teeth involuntarily bit down on the bite block so hard, she feared that she might break her teeth.  Her fingers curled and balled up her hands into ever-tightening fists.  The muscles of torso tightened all at once and her legs shook, making her feet flop back and forth uncontrollably.  She didn’t know how long that electricity current lasted, but it was the most painful thing she had ever felt in her life.

When the electrode patches finally ceased the current, her body went limp and then seized up all at once again – this time a reaction on its own.  She mumbled a scream into the bite block and broke out into crying that made her sound like a baby.  She may as well have been a baby for wearing a diaper and having had no free-will in the situation.

Then her mind suddenly reconnected itself with her body sending out signals to her nerve-endings to throb.  She forced her fingers to unclench as the nerve pain traveled out her arms to her finger tips, down her legs to her toes and down her spine to her tailbone. She kept crying, but no one seemed to be rushing in to her aid.  So she remained there, on that cold metal table in that dark room, realizing all too clearly that they believed she was someone else.  Everything suddenly made sense, but there was nothing she could do to stop the treatment at this point.

Unannounced this time, the electrodes came to life again, sending the electricity current into her temples.  And also unlike the first time, she could now feel the pain through the nerves in her body.  Instantly, she arched her back as her hands turned to fists and her body tightened.  Her legs and feet shook as before, but the pain seemed so much deeper inside her.  It lasted twice as long as the first time and hurt twice as bad.  And before it ended this time, she mumbled a shriek of pain behind the bite block and did her best to fight the ever-tightening muscles.

Then the electrodes stopped the current and her body collapsed to the table going limp at the same time as she felt her bladder release, gushing pee into her diaper as if the walls of a dam had given way to a flood.  And whereas before she had control of her thoughts but no control of her body, she now had no control of her thoughts but could twitch and wiggle.  She couldn’t stop peeing and that unsettled her terribly.  The pain didn’t end with the current this time, either.  And as she convulsed she mumbled her pleading beg for them to stop, eventually giving up on words and returning to a baby’s cry.

Her mind was misfiring signals all over the place and as her emotions seemed to heighten to a fevered-pitch with every thought, she suddenly starred directly above her to the dark ceiling.  Horror filled her senses as she felt her bowels release, making noise as she filled the back of diaper.  And she kept emptying her bowels, uncontrollably to the point where it became painful.  Doing her best to clench her unresponsive sphincter muscles, she seized up with stomach pain as the mess spread across her bottom cheeks.  And she cried harder than she had ever cried before, her mind now trying to retreat for her present reality all together in defense of itself and the forthcoming breakdown.

Now suffering from erratic muscles spasms as well as an uncomfortable mess that had spread up between her legs, Elektra began to hyperventilate as she awaited whatever was yet to come.  And the longer she waited, the more and more she began to unravel inside her head.  Chinese water torture seemed like a humane act at this point and every second did more damage to psyche – rivaling the nerve damage her body would certainly sustain by the end of this.

Then the electrodes came to life a third time, sending a more powerful-feeling current of electricity into her head than the two previous offerings.  She arched her back again as her fingers clenched into fists and her body tightened once more.  The pain was excruciating and she opened her mouth wide to scream, but when her teeth came off the bite block, it slipped further into her mouth – now partially blocking her airway.  And she remained in that paralyzed position as she tried desperately to pull the bite block back away from her throat with her teeth and tongue.  But the loss of oxygen was taking its toll on her and she felt herself beginning to slip out of consciousness.

Her body collapsed and went limp, but the electricity just kept pouring into her.  Were they trying to kill her?

And with a blinding flash, the lights of the dark room flooded the ceiling as Dr. Lawrence Carter burst into the room, screaming for the doctor to stop and screaming that the girl on the table was not Teresa Marquette.  The power was quickly disconnected and the electrodes were yanked from Elektra’s temples, but not before she passed out.


Elektra awoke in an ICU hospital bed, blinking at the morning sunshine that poured in through the window.  Her leg surgery was over and it had been quite successful in having corrected the injury.  But there were other injuries that would need a lot more time to heal.  Elektra has sustained severe nerve damage from the electrconvulsive therapy-gone-horribly-wrong.  The hospital still was certain to the extent of this nerve damage, but once the H.I.P.A.A. violations were made known to the powers that be, the hospital began to give Elektra more acute attention than she knew what to do with. 

Roger, the director of the hospital’s experimental neuro surgery department, was fired and awaited prosecution for having authorized a foreign doctor to perform the experimental variation of ECT treatment.  Mira was only punished with a suspension, of sorts where she would be forced to take refresher courses on proper hospital protocol.  Gwen received no punishment at all, having no prior knowledge of ECT treatment and for having followed the chain of command by abiding by the directives of the nurse above her and the doctor above her.  Gwen was so upset by the ordeal, she requested that she be assigned to care for Elektra during her recovery in the hospital’s ICU.

As conciliation, Elektra would receive the largest monetary settlement that any hospital had ever paid out.  Not only would that money propel Elektra up and out of the middle class but also her family and everyone who helped her along the way.

Gwen walked into Elektra’s room, carrying a breakfast tray and being followed by a guy who was dressed in blue scrubs – presumably a male nurse.  He was really cute and electric blue eyes.  And that was some electricity she certainly wouldn’t mind passing through her.  Little did she realize how she would get that very chance.

It was Gwen who had showed Elektra the only bit of kindness she would feel from the moment she woke up in that prep room to the moment she passed out after the ECT treatment.  It was a strange moment, filled with a nurturing connection when Gwen slipped that diaper around Elektra’s waste.  Little did Elektra realize how that nurturing feeling would be something she would need on a regular basis from now on.

“Elektra, I’d like you to meet Gregory.  He is a dear friend and he will be filling in for me this coming weekend.  I’ll be gone for a few days,” Gwen said, setting the breakfast tray down on the rolling table.

“Good,” Elektra said.  “I’m glad to see that you’ll be taking a few days off.  You deserve them.”

“I’m not the one who deserves them,” Gwen said, pulling back the bed sheets covering Elektra.  “If I could go back and prevent all the things that happened to you, I would … no matter what the cost to me.”

Elektra smiled, sitting up to hug Gwen.  But as she sat up, she heard that crinkle at her waist – a sound she would have to get used to hearing from now on.  The ECT treatment had not only left her with severe nerve damage, but also in a state on incontinence.  And the fact that the cute male nurse guy was in the room, suddenly made for overwhelming embarrassment as she watched him retrieve a diaper from the closet in her room.

“It’s okay,” Gregory said with a deep timbre that melted Elektra’s heart as he and Gwen unfastened the tapes of Elektra’s diaper.

She couldn’t even feel that she had wet herself.  There would certainly be a lot of adjustments she would have to get used to, including Gregory changing her for the next few days.  Her face turned beet red as they lowered the front of her diaper and her eyes welled up with tears.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Gregory shushed her with that mesmerizing tone his voice had.  “I’m going to take such good care of you, you’re never going to want to leave this hospital.”

Elektra thought back once again to that nurtured feeling she felt when Gwen diapered her.  She craved it now for some reason, but wasn’t sure why … at least not yet anyway.  Looking up at Gregory as he unfolded her new diaper and smiled down at her with those electric blue eyes, she melted a bit more.  Perhaps she didn’t need to know the reason why she craved the nurturing, just that she would feel it from him as well.

And for the first moment since she arrived in that hospital, she felt really good inside.  She could get used to this for sure.

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