The 26 “Stuffies”

Penny the Raiders FanThis little angel continues her adventures with her Daddy solving the mystery of the “stuffies”, “Raids” the Bears and is treated to a very “sweet” night.  She also discovers a gift that can’t be purchased in any store or ordered online.

It has to come from the heart and from the heart of a Daddy.

Join Penny in her adventures as The Pajama BabyGirl.

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volumes 1 – 5
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Listen to how Penny got “The 26 Stuffies”


The 26 “Stuffies”:

Penny sat on her bed Indian-Leg style as her Daddy searched through the medicine cabinet in the bathroom for her ear drops. She thought back over the events of the past week or two:

Last weekend was so much fun at her Daddy’s house, particularly the Halloween party they went to. She dressed up as ‘Little’ Little Red Riding Hood and she got him to dress up as’ Captain’ Jack Sparrow.

The outfits were a lot of fun as well as the trip to the costume shop to get them, but the memory that truly remained with her was how she was made to feel when in the company of not only her Daddy, but of others.

For the thrill which always existed in her mind about being seen as little, there wasn’t much that could really compare to the safety she felt inside, lying in his arms as a collection of people crowded around to adore her.

It was that moment which she would relive, again and again, in her mind … for the rest of her life.

There would be future experiences which would be exactly like it and they would feel wonderful, too. But she would always remember that first time she felt openly little and helpless, for all of the world to see. She had her bravery to thank as well as her Daddy.

Her thoughts startled back to the moment as her Daddy walked back into the bedroom, having found her eardrops. She looked up at him with dreaming eyes, sitting there and nursing on her pacifier. She was a pile of mush inside, so in love with him that she could hardly do much without his guidance anymore. He had transformed her life, her heart and given her a sense of worth and importance she hadn’t felt since she was 3 years old.

It was yet another Friday night and this weekend would be one to remember as well, just like every time she was with him.

He had traveled up to her from the south this time on the return from a business trip at the end of what was a long work week for him and tonight he was going to stay at her place. Then tomorrow they were going to drive up to his house near Baltimore and tomorrow night they would be taking a plane to the mid-west on a trip she knew would be much more fun for her than him.

Halloween was in the air and though Halloween wasn’t until next weekend, Penny had already laid out what her costume would be.

But those plans and preparations weren’t nearly as important as the time they shared right now. She had learned to enjoy the present and not skip over it for her excitement or her desires to get to the goals she could see in their future.

After all, the journey to get where they were going was just as important as getting there, and getting there together.

Her Daddy sat next to her on the bed and she tilted her head to the side as he put a few drops in her ear. She had been plagued with ear infections all her life. They would come out of nowhere and leave just as quickly, but they were painful and the drops helped to clear them up.

She rubbed her fingers over the soft edges of her fluffy white bath robe as the drops rolled into her ear canal. It was always a funny feeling to have the drops in her ears and it tickled her a little, for as irritating as it was.

She tilted her head the other way for her drops in that ear. Her hair dangled down over her face and her eyes for a moment before she tucked it back behind her ear. She ran her fingers through her hair, feeling how soft it was, how clean it was and how dry it almost was at this point after the bath and hair drying she enjoyed.

Taking a shower was a wonderful feeling. She was very much a clean freak. But being bathed by hand, by her Daddy, was beyond wonderful. It was magnificent. And he knew how much she loved to be bathed along with how much she loved to be clean. So the first he always did when he visited her was to give her a bath. Her mood would already be little and after her bath, her senses would be caught up to that same state of mind.

She tilted her head back up and looked at the pile of items he had set at the foot of the bed: her white footed pajamas with the pink sleeves and the drop-seat back which had the word BabyGirl written on it in cursive pink letters, her next Teddy Bear Bambino Diaper and hair clips with white bows on them (for use in making quick pigtails).

Her heart went little. She lowered her chin as the flutterfly waltz commenced in her tummy. He eased her down on her back and opened the white robe from her front, sliding her arms out of the sleeves but keeping it underneath her.

Her eyes were twinkling with a kind of sweetness that came directly from her heart. It was a state of mind which she craved to be in and one which gave her that sense of ultimate safety. And it was her Daddy who naturally put her in that place.

She looked up at him and with a simple placement of his hand on her bottom, she curled her legs up, instinctively, as she drew her knees to her chest.

“That’s a good girl,” her Daddy stated with a timbre to his voice which melted her heart.

She watched his movements and followed each one as if he was moving in slow motion. Her thoughts softened and her senses numbed as she absorbed the nurturing feel of an infantile state.

He was so caring and so loving she found herself entering into that state and never wanting to leave it. Sometimes she didn’t know if she could return from it. But she knew, no matter where she wound up, he would be there to take care of her and it was that knowledge which bonded her heart to him.

Her eyes remained fixated on his face. She could feel the silky touch of the powder and could smell its sweet scent in the air, but her attention stayed locked to his jaw line, his eyes, his expression.

The sound of a crinkling diaper being unfolded and slid underneath her echoed in her ears, and as he folded the diaper up and into place around her waist, her arms curled up tightly. It was at that moment, when the diapering was complete that a BabyGirl was re-introduced to a sense of security that literally enveloped her body.

Sensing she was in that instant, he reached across the bed and picked up the teddy bear sitting on the pillow on the other side. She reached for it with gimme, gimme hands.

She took the teddy bear and hugged it tightly with a smile behind her pacifier that showed a heightened level of happiness from where her mind all ready was.

It was just then the idea came to him.

“You sleep with that teddy bear every night, don’t you PJ?” he asked as she nodded, excitedly. “And I bet you count your ABCs with that teddy bear too, hmm?”

She nodded again as she stretched her legs out for him to slide them into her footed pajamas.

“And how many letters are there in the ABCs?” he asked, setting her teddy bear beside her as he sat her up on the bed to guide her arms into the sleeves.

She thought about it for a moment and when her left hand popped out of the cuff, she had two fingers sticking up.

“Two,” he said.

Her right hand popped out of the other cuff and she had all five fingers sticking up, to which she added one more from her left hand.

“Six,” he said, smiling as he drew the zipper up from her right ankle to her collar. “That’s right. There are 26 ABCs, aren’t there?”

She nodded enthusiastically and with the glowing delight of innocent pride beaming from her face. He kissed her on the forehead before drawing her hair into two pigtails and securing them with the clips.

“So here’s what I’m thinking,” he said, picking her up and setting her on his knee.

She picked up her teddy bear and listened intently at his plan which had something to do with the 26 ABCs.

“I think that since your teddy bear is such a good friend to you,” he started, pausing only to build her anticipation. “And because you and your teddy bear practice your ABCs together …”

She leaned forward, waiting for it.

“Perhaps your teddy bear would like 26 friends,” he said, pausing for her drop-jawed reaction.

She did indeed drop her jaw, her pacifier falling from her mouth and into his waiting hand as she stared at him to see if he was serious.

“One animal for each of the ABCs,” he added.

She just sat there, in disbelief.

“I’m very serious,” he said, returning the pacifier to her mouth. “And if we’re going to do this tonight, we’d better get going before all the stores close.”

Normally, she would be bouncing up and down with excitement. But this time, she leaned into his embrace and calmly wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the hug.

She sat back and looked him in the eyes with gratefulness in her gaze that she couldn’t express any other way just then.

“You’re welcome, BabyGirl,” he said, patting her diapered bottom and hopping her to her feet. “Shall we go?”

She nodded and took his hand, waddling along behind him, still in a state of shock. They left her apartment and headed to his car.

He was seriously going to take her out and buy her 26 stuffies, one for each letter of the ABCs.

She looked down at the teddy bear tucked under her left arm and the look on his face was of the same disbelief she was feeling. Yet, here they were, headed off on a shopping spree she would never forget.

The Adventures of the Pajama BabyGirl: Volumes 1 – 5
KindleNookPDF EbookSmashwords –  Kobo


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