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LucyThis is the tale of Lucy, a young 20-something girl who has forgotten how to dream, but little does she realize, her whole world is about to change.  Beginning with the completion of: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream”, Lucy awakens and enters into a series of events that present to her the self-truth she never knew, ushering in a return to an innocence she had long since forgotten.

When we discover a truth about ourselves, such as the connection we feel to a fetish, it can be scary at first.  Lucy feels this way as she learns that ABDL are four letters her heart has always known and her soul has always been looking for.  With the help of a few dream elves, Lucy boldly enters a world most would consider to be off-the-beaten path.  But what she finds is the pathway she was destined to travel one day.

This book is the tale of a journey of self-awareness, beginning as an enigma and ending with euphoria as Lucy becomes the BabyGirl she was always meant to be.

Spanning Between the Mystery and the Lucidity
The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown
Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s

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Dotting “I”s and Crossing “T”s

LucyFrom the book: Lucy
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here is a story of the power of generations of love, the wisdom of looking and the convictions of never giving up.


Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s

Xavier trudged through some rather unpleasant garbage that had spoiled in the heat of the day.  Looking out across the horizon of garbage at the trash dump, he watched the sun beginning its descent of the evening.  Never in a million years would he have believed that on this day, he would be faced with the most daunting and impossible of tasks.  Yet here he was, ankle-deep and soon-to-be knee-deep in garbage as he searched for Patches, Lucy’s first teddy bear and the one she had since the day of her birth.

Earlier that week, Lucy’s mother accidentally threw the teddy bear away in the midst of trying to clean up the attic.  At this very moment, a rather distraught Lucy was being distracted by her mother with a day of shopping while Xavier and Lucy’s father desperately searched the trash dump for the teddy bear.

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Echelon, the sequel to Enigma, continues the story of Lucy Williams and her journey to discover herself, the meaning of her dreams and the pathway to having and keeping the wishes of her heart.

When she first explored an innocent fetish online, she had no idea that it would consume her mind and become the center of her universe.

What began as fantasy became that thing she called life when she met Xavier, a guy with the gentle dominance her little heart craved and sought.

As Lucy embraces her dreams, she encounters others who try to ruin the happiness she has found.  And with the Daddy guidance of Xavier, she learns how to speak up when something bothers her while still retaining the sweetness of the BabyGirl she was always meant to be.

Sample:  “The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown

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The Story of Lucy:


   Enigma             Echelon            Euphoria

The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown

LucyFrom the book: Lucy
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“The Ecstasy of a Fantasy Unknown”

Lucy lay comfortably on her back on the futon in the living room. Xavier had pulled it out and set it up as playpen, of sorts, for her. She was nestled on top of the softest blanket she had ever felt and surrounded with all the stuffed animals he had bought her in the past month. But she was more so nestled with her thoughts of this glorious Thursday morning.

Her work schedule and Xavier’s work schedule lined up perfectly to give them Thursdays and Fridays off. Both worked Saturdays and Sundays. So their “weekends” were always spent the two days prior.

She looked out at him in the kitchen while nibbling softly on her pacifier and remaining blissfully lost in the recent memories. Her hair was drying. Her body was bathed and smooth. She could smell the scent of the shampoo he used, the lotion on her skin and the powder from her diaper. The sunshine cascaded down on her frame and warmed her skin. She shifted slightly, pulling on the bottom hem of her Daddy’s green t-shirt – which served perfectly as a night shirt for her.

In a few short weeks, Lucy had gone from being incapable of dreaming to discovering the secrets of her heart. And as if fate had been directing her along each step of her life to arrive prepared at this moment, a return to innocence had beckoned her present and her future.

She had always been a hard-headed, no nonsense girl – having been groomed by her equally hard-headed father, Zeke, to take life by the reins and blaze her own path.

Yet now, suddenly she found herself softening from the inside and embracing the dreams she now visited each night. Much like her fragile yet often high-strung mother, Lily, Lucy had the ability to dream of places which harbored the desires of her heart. And from her dreams came the necessity to live her life fulfilled.

Lucy had embraced the littleness of being a BabyGirl. And through meeting Xavier, the Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic was born into her reality with the ecstasy of a fantasy unknown.

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