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And the Party Don’t Stop!

It’s official!  TeddyCon has a new home!  The new convention space is (at least) three times the size of that at the old hotel and a major upgrade, all around.

TeddyCon won’t happen until the fall of 2021 and there will be a plethora of announcements with all the details in the months to come.  But for now, here’s the official TeddyCon announcement:

Get the moving trucks ready!

Team TeddyCon is excited to announce that we have a NEW HOME for 2021!!!

We have had a long run in our original home.  We are thankful for the time that the event has had in Allentown and the opportunity to grow and learn in that space.  But the time has come for us to pack our boxes and wagons and go to our new home!!

We are moving the event for 2021 to Scranton, PA.  The team has already been hard at work; learning the new space, getting to know the hotel staff and planning a lot of really big ideas!!

The new play space will be three times the size!!  We will also have more classrooms, dedicated event space and so much more room!!

Stay tuned for more information including dates, prices and the opening of ticket sales!!

And remember there ain’t no party like a Scranton party, cuz a Scranton party don’t stop!!