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For One Day Only!

Two years ago, Lil Kink Boutique opened their website.  And the company has grown exponentially ever since.  So, with no real authority to do so, I hereby declare April 30th to be LKB Day!

To celebrate their website’s 2nd birthday, LKB is holding a one day only sale.  And that day is today!

So head over to lilkink.com, where everything on their website (including clearance items) will be 20% off on this day onlyApril 30th, 2019.

Come tomorrow, the sale will be gone. So go check out their massive selection of pacifiers, bibs, toys, mittens, bottles, diapers, blankets, hair accessories, jewelry, adult toys, bloomers, rompers, onesies, dresses, PJs, skirts, shorts, shirts, socks, overalls, shortalls …. you know what?  Just follow this link and you’ll see what I mean: lilkink.com