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The ABDL Pet Play Book

The ABDL Pet Play BookMeeting other kitties for a play date, finding puppy love in a dog park, bouncing with a sweet treat eating bunny and sharing the pride with a pony girl are the adventures that await you in this ABDL book with a twist.

Age play often opens people’s hearts to a world they always dreamed about but never knew in real life.  Once they enter that new world, they find other curiosities that speak to them as well.  But age play remains the base – that doorway they used to welcome in the opportunities they now will go home and dream about again.

Sample:  Scaredy Cat

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Scaredy Cat

Kittys Play DayTaken from:

The ABDL Pet Play Book

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here is a little story about having the courage to take that first little baby step and to leave that first little paw print.

Scaredy Cat

Nina kept pinching herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and to make sure she hadn’t passed out from high blood pressure.  But with several nail marks on the back of her right hand at this point, she knew that this was all real.  And as the light turned green on Eshelman Street, she turned left, headed towards something new.  But at the same time, it was something old – or at least something she had been thinking about for what seemed like a lifetime.  This made her both nervous and excited.  But as she knew she likely wouldn’t tell anyone about her journey of that night, she also knew that there was no turning back.  Not at this point.  If she had turned back, she would’ve remained only guessing and, as had been her state of mind her whole life, as curious as a cat.  So, she stepped on the accelerator and pinched herself one more time, just to make sure.

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