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The Everlasting

25 “Humiliations”

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The Cravings You Love The Most

25 “Humiliations”

The Pictures Stories

The Dream List

25 “Humiliations”

The Pictures Stories

The “Little” Husband


12:37 p.m. –
Fast asleep on the black leather sofa in the TV room, Gus wasn’t even moving a single muscle. He was out like a light. Thankfully, on that day he was able to come home from work at noon. And the reason was he had worked so much overtime that week that his bosses refused to pay him anymore.

Now a little more than a half hour after he got home, Gus hardly appeared as a hard-working man. Asleep on the on couch, nursing on a pacifier and wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper, he was fully-relaxed into what the rest of his life held for him – when not working so hard.

And the reason why he was a pile of drained mush was sitting on the next couch over, texting away … Ivy, his beloved wife and also his Mommy. She was a very attentive and loving partner to him, but Ivy was also very down-to-Earth and it was that combination of passion and power that kept him wrapped around her finger.

A knock came to the door.

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Reaching the Center of Her Little Heart

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here is a late night look into the center of a BabyGirl’s Heart.


Reaching the Center of Her Little Heart –

Her dreams were sweetest when on the nights she spent in her crib.  It was her only place and a tiny part of her little world which she could call her own.  It was a safe place and one created for her by her Daddy – the most wonderful and important person in her life.

But nightmares would sometimes creep in to spoil her perfect place.  These nightmares would be hardest to stir out of and recover from after days her Daddy declared to be Daddy-n-BabyGirl days.  It was on these days that he would baby her, from the moment she awoke to the moment she fell asleep in his arms in the evening.  Her senses were softened.  Her heart was touched. And she was capable only of the little thoughts which would usher her into her BabyGirl dream land.
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