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The Laundromat – Part Two of Two

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Part Two

Kylie stared straight ahead, her knees having locked and her hands still planted palm-down on the top of the washing machine.  The initial release gave her that sense of relief that was felt right at the beginning.  The flood gates had opened, and the first gush made her close her eyes as she basked in the feeling of no longer having to clench any muscles to hold it in anymore.

That first gush was a big one and she could feel the release of her pee beginning to weigh down her diaper.  The tapes at her hips tightened as they held, the underside of her diaper beginning to sag.  Though she feared an overflow, she was still so happy to now be beyond desperation that the fear hadn’t overcome the sense of relief yet.

If she soon didn’t stop, however, her fear would meet truth.  The sagging of the underside of her diaper continued as she got those temporary relief sweats, her brain going fuzzy and mixing how she felt with where she was to jumble her receptors just a bit more.

Thankfully, she finished without overflowing.  Well, in reality, she released enough to no longer be urgent in feel.  But that was all she would need, for the time being …… or so she thought.

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The Laundromat – Part One of Two

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Part One

Kylie signaled left to turn onto Front Street, waiting for the green light to head to the laundromat at such an early hour of 7am on a Saturday morning.  It seemed like a good idea to do her laundry so early on that day.  But now she was second-guessing herself, a bit of angst getting the best of her.  And as she turned left, thoughts began to enter her mind that started encouraging her to turn around and go back home:

  • It would be so easy to go back home and save the gas. But if she did that, she would miss this golden opportunity to do laundry in what would most assuredly be an empty laundromat.  She wouldn’t get another Saturday morning off for at least a month.  And the laundry she had with her was most assuredly dirty. 
  • Why couldn’t she just hand wash the laundry at home this time? She could hang it all over her apartment and it would be dry in a few hours.  If she was so nervous about the laundry, staying at home and taking care of it there seemed like a smarter way to handle it.  And besides, turning her apartment into an indoor clothesline was no big deal.  It wasn’t like she was going to be expecting company later that day.
  • How dirty was her laundry, really? Was this necessary to go to a laundromat on the other side of town this morning?  Couldn’t she wear this clothing one more time before she absolutely had to wash it?

But no matter what excuse her mind thought up, she kept driving to the laundromat anyway.

At the next stop light, Kylie reached underneath and picked out the diaper wedgie she had given herself because she had put on a pair of shorts that were just a bit too tight.  She loved dressing in a manner that showed off her figure, like a lot of girls did.  But wearing form-fitting shorts probably wasn’t the best idea she had ever come up with, given her diaper.  She was just so eager to get to the laundromat she grabbed the first pair of shorts she found that morning, put them on and headed out.  It hardly seemed like a big deal, at the time.  Going to the laundromat so early meant no one would be there.  And if no one was going to be there, then the shorts being tight really didn’t matter.  So, she gave it no further thought.

But she forgot about the potential of recurring diaper wedgies – a true #babygirlproblems issue.

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The Lasting Impression

CrimsonTaken from: Crimson

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here is a little story about patience and the impressions we’ve always wanted to make.


The Lasting Impression

What do you wear on a second date?

Countless magazine articles and even more countless websites had so much advice to offer Trisha that she felt her head spinning just as much as it did last night after she and Kim, her roommate, went through that second bottle of Pinot Grigio before calling it a night.

But the trouble Trisha faced wasn’t so much what to wear on a second date as it was how to act. And on top of that, tonight wasn’t actually a second date with Derrick. It was more like an 8th or 9th date with him, including several nights at his apartment and some unforgettable, mind-blowing sex.

But in many ways, tonight actually was a second date – because up until now, she hadn’t revealed all of herself to him. No girl revealed it all right away, but then again, most girls don’t leave the biggest part of themselves out of the picture for as long as Trisha had with Derrick.

So, if the nature of a first date was designed to leave a first impression, then this date was designed to leave the lasting one.

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CrimsonThis is the story of Trisha, an Irish girl with red hair and a lot of fantasy she has been waiting to experience. All of her life, she had been looking for the perfect guy to open her heart to and to reveal her secrets to. He wouldn’t just appear out of nowhere. This she was certain of as she didn’t believe in fairy tales.

But Trisha believed in herself, despite the fact that she had a reputation of being a hot-head and laying proof to the stereotypes of girls with red hair. She had a very short fuse and it was this tendency to have outbursts of anger that had ruined so many good things in her life, including good relationships.

Trisha began to believe she would never meet the perfect guy. And she was right because there was no such thing as a perfect guy.

Enter Derrick, a handsome guy she met at a club one night. And suddenly, Trisha didn’t know what to think. All she knew was that Derrick was more perfect for her than any guy she had met before. So, with boldness in her heart and diapers in her trunk, Trisha traveled to a café to open her heart to him – with the hopes that he just might be the Daddy she believed him to be.

With her electric eyes and her fiery red hair, Trisha dared to go into uncharted territory as her life was about to change forever.

This is Trisha’s story – every steamy, heart-pounding, breathless and satisfying word.

Samples:  Introductions    –    “The Lasting Impression

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………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

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IntroductionsTaken from:


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here is a story about secrets, about first impressions and about lasting ones.



Friday Night
Nursing on her pacifier as she always did when overly-nervous or overly-excited or overly-talkative, Trisha pinched her knees together – folding her hands politely and placing them on her lap. Sitting straight up, she was fairly certain that this would be the position she would be in for most of the night to come.

Diapered, she was dolled up in a flouncy burgundy skirt and a white v-neckline Chiffon blouse. Nibbling on the rubber nipple of her pacifier, she wandered if the outfit she was wearing was a bit to risqué for where was headed. Though she had chosen comfortable dress shoes, she was also a bit uncomfortable about not having worn nylons. Oh my, the worries of fashion. It simply wasn’t easy to find the right look that also gave her the right amount of solace. But looking over at Derrick in the driver’s seat, she smiled warmly – softly whimpering once at her happiness. Derrick was her Daddy and her lover and her soul mate and her everything. And if he said her outfit was appropriate for meeting his family on that night, then she was going to believe.

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The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed

The Moment of TruthTaken from:

The ABDL Apartment Book 2

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here is a little story about speaking what needs to be spoken and accepting the consequences of truth.


The Moment of Truth and the Humiliation that Followed

April 10th

Sidney walked in the front door of the apartment building, drudging her steps up the stairwell and unlocking their apartment door on the second floor. The semester was beginning to drag and if there was one more professor who felt the need to hold one more exam before finals, Sidney was either going to pull her hair out of her head and lose her mind or just simply go on a killing spree.

Setting her books on the island table in the kitchen, she drug her feet down the hallway and into the bedroom. Reece would be back any minute from his last class of the day and Sidney was looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the night. Slipping out of her jeans and her shirt, she enacted the 4pm rule – which stated: If all your classes were done for the day and all your responsibilities were taken care and if you knew, with absolute certainty, that you wouldn’t be leaving the house for the rest of the day, then there was no intelligible reason to be wearing a bra.

Taking her bra off and flinging it across the bedroom, she flopped down in the middle of the bed. Oh, it felt so good just be wearing nothing but her underwear. Free of all clothing that hugged to her body and showed off her figure but also restricted breathing and fostered everything physically uncomfortable, Sidney closed her eyes, took in a deep breath and exhaled the same.

And that was when it happened again.

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