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Don’t You Forget the Diapers

Don’t You Forget The Diapers
(To the tune of Billy Joel’s ”We Didn’t Start The Fire”)

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Just For the Sake of Trying

I remember when I bought my first pack of diapers.  I was in college and had revealed to my girlfriend that I had a fetish.  She asked what it was and I was so worried that she would be disgusted by it that I told her I couldn’t explain it with words but that I could show.

My hope was that, if she would experience being Daddied by me, she might understand it better – primarily, the mindset.

Luckily, she agreed and I set the night up to do it.  I stripped her naked and put her in my bed.  Then, I drove an hour away into the night to a 24-hour store where I nervously bought a pack of Depends.  It was a big, covert operation for me as I had never bought diapers before and I had revealed the ABDL thing to no one but her.

I got back home and went into the bedroom and had her keep her eyes closed as I slipped a pacifier into her mouth and then diapered her while giving my first ever offering of the Daddy Voice.

She took to it well but never embraced the dynamic.  And I respected her wishes.  We would eventually break up a year later, but my revelation of the fetish wasn’t the reason.  Our lives were simply headed in different directions.  But I will never forget when I first diapered her.  She wasn’t a part of the community but was the first bottom I ever made crinkly.

Years later, when I met someone from within the community,  there were the Depends standbys.  But there was also this neat company called Bambino.  They were diapers for ABDLers.  It was mindblowing.  And aside from incontinence companies, that was about it for diaper choices.

Nowadays, that obviously isn’t the case.  There are so many ABDL diaper companies it’s hard to keep track of them all.  I suppose it could be said that it wouldn’t be very fun to even try to list them all.

Well …

I know I’m going to miss a few here and at the rate that these diaper companies keep emerging, this posting will likely become dated before long.

But in the name of fun and just for the sake of trying …

Here is what I found:

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