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The “PaperBackers”

So long as there are BabyBoomers in this world, there will likely always be an audience of readers who love the feel of a book in their hands …

So long as there are little girls who want to sit in Daddy’s lap at night and hold the bedtime stories book he is reading to her from …

So long as there are little fingers that turn pages, hold crayons and color …

So long as the charm of a paperback book is still sought, there will always be Zorro Daddy paperbacks.


              Firstly, the coloring books:

……….. There Once Was a Girl

….. There’s a BabyGirl On My Mind

And now the sagas:

The Voice - FrontThe Voice – Sharon had a lot to learn from what she couldn’t forget.

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Snake EyesSnake Eyes – The story of a girl who ran away one too many times and suddenly couldn’t find her way back home … not without a Daddy to make her to believe in herself again.

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BabyLoveBabyLove A celebrity with a little secret learns that fame can come at a cost far steeper than achy breaky.

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ClimaxClimax – Nina learned a lot, but nothing greater than what love felt like … in Climax.

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CrimsonCrimsonOh it’s true what they say about redheads. But what they say about BabyGirl redheads …

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Johnny - FrontJohnny - CreateSpace Front….. Johnny and the Princess

The story of a Daddy-n-BabyGirl who fell in love, grew together and found the tomorrow their yesterdays didn’t know.

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A remastered second edition of The Zeke and Lily Saga is underway and will be available soon.  The original covers will remain available for a short time. Then they will be gone.

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Book 1 and Book 2
Zeke and Lily - Making a Memory Making a Memory Lulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 3
Zeke and Lily - Her Diary Her Diary Lulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 4
Zeke and Lily - Ever AfterEver AfterLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 5
Zeke and Lily - Dream CatchingDream CatchingLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 6
Zeke and Lily - ResolutionsResolutionsLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 7 and Book 8
Zeke and Lily - By Summer's End By Summer’s EndLulu.com logoCreatespace logo
Book 9
Zeke and Lily - For A LifeTime For A LifeTimeLulu.com logoCreatespace logo

Book 10

There’s A BabyGirl On My Mind

This book is a charming and endearing tale of a BabyGirl who found and fell in love with the  Daddy she had dreamed of meeting. 

It includes a poem, told from her Daddy’s perspective, 21 drawings to be colored which depict the poem, 5 color-by-number pictures, 1 logos game, Daddy/BabyGirl checkers, 4 CryptoGrams, 1 word search, 1 My Little Pony game, 2 Baby Libs, 1 “Penny” board game, a connect-the-shapes-and-dots game and all the answers to the games and puzzles! 

But no peeking at the answers until you’ve tried the puzzles first! 

If you have a love for littleness in your heart, like to color, do games and puzzles, and have a fairy tale read to you, then “There’s A BabyGirl on My Mind” is the ABDL coloring and activity book you seek.

Read the Fairy Tale: “The Land Where BabyGirls Go”

You can find the book here: There’s A BabyGirl On My Mind

The ABDL Coloring Books


There Once Was A Girl
There’s A BabyGirl On My Mind


The Land Where BabyGirls Go …

The following is part of the forthcoming:

There’s A BabyGirl On My Mind:
An ABDL Fairy Tale, Coloring and Activity Book.


There’s a BabyGirl on my mind who lives in my heart
She’s the first “think” I think of when each morning starts
My thumper gets to thumping as I watch her dream
And my blinkers get blinking with tears as I beam
at an Angel who appeared when the moment was right
to brighten my days and to sweeten my nights
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