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60 Degrees and Down the Crack

60 Degrees.jpgFour age play couples come together for a weekend and with no regard for preferences or genders or differences, they learn about themselves, about their partners, about friendship, about how weakness is strong, about how strength can be weak and about how all that is really needed to feel comfortable is to open one’s heart to the possibilities that are all around.

60 Degrees and Down the Crack begins with a hotel room party at an ABDL convention and leads to a future weekend unimaginable.

Melodie and Lana (a Mommy and BabyGirl With Benefits) host their new friends as they learn that love is rooted in happiness first, then in purpose.

Gretchen and Rachel (a Mommy and BabyGirl) learn that bonding begins with mutual need.

Mark and Danny (a Daddy and BabyBoy) learn that the quickest way to be appreciated is to always give back more than you receive.

Xavier and Lucy (a Daddy and BabyGirl) learn that when you help others, you finally discover what bliss can do to your heart.

Join these four couples for a weekend journey that will leave many bottoms changed, many hearts touched and many futures down a pathway unparalleled.

Trickle Down
Line Up

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