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“I Can Not Go To School Today…” (Part Two of Two): Lies Catch Up With You … In the Enema

Sometimes the only way out of a lie is to not get out of it at all. And though, we may be strongly against the treatment we receive, the fact remains: There are consequences for our actions and our words.

But perhaps the greatest danger is beginning to believe the lies we tell as being the truth.

For Avery, this was not going to be the case … not if her Daddy had anything to say about. And as this fibbing little BabyGirl would soon find out, Lies Catch Up With You … In the Enema.

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“I Cannot Go To School Today!!!” (Part One of Two): Taking the Temperature of a Fever Pitch

Much like the girl in the Shel Silverstein poem, Avery didn’t want to go to school.  And this seemed to her like a reasonable way to feel.

Some days, little girls just don’t wanna go to school.  There’s nothing wrong with them.  They just don’t feel like going.  And sometimes the biggest mistake a little girl can make is telling her Daddy that she isn’t feeling well.

Avery plays the “I’m sick, Daddy” card and her Daddy calls her bluff.  Whining and fussiness doesn’t necessarily mean illness.  The real temperature of the situation is about to be taken.  And if Avery isn’t careful, a spanking may accompany her “fevered” pitch as her Daddy’s temperament is tested, en route to a boiling point.

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“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part Four of Four): You’re Just Like a Baby

The eventual route you have to go down to make a point is perhaps the most difficult thing to do when you just can get through to someone.

And sometimes the only way to reason with someone is to treat them exactly how they are acting.

For Avery, her punishment came to an end with a rather humiliating conclusion.

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“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part Three of Four): The Next Piece of the Puzzle

Sometimes we just don’t agree with each other and perhaps what makes us individuals is that there are no two people alike.  Often agreeing to disagree is the only way to keep the pieces of the puzzle together.

 But when rules have been broken and the lines of our roles have been crossed, a common understanding needs to be found with whatever means necessary.

 For Avery, the only thing that seemed would get through to her was to “switch” her punishment to a higher level and now, mere fussing would make it worse.

 She was going to learn, no matter what her Daddy had to do.

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Part Three:The Next Piece of the Puzzle

She may have only knelt there for a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity as she heard her Daddy milling about behind her, rummaging for … something.  And it was what that something might be which controlled her thoughts of the moment.

Regardless of what he came up with, she now held her hands flat over her bottom for its protection of what he may come back with.  Seeing this, her Daddy deduced that she still didn’t get the point of the restraints.

As a matter of fact, she didn’t understand much of anything as to why she was in trouble.  And that’s what made the next piece of the puzzle so important to raising the level of her punishment high enough so that she finally got it.

Enter if You Dare

“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part Two of Four): You Set Yourself Up For This

When Denial not only becomes her mode of operations but her mode of survival, Avery’s Daddy makes her undergo a little humiliation to drive home the point certain things are acceptable and certain things are not, but either way there will always be consequences for her actions.

A few restraints to her carefree approach ought to do the trick.

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“If You’re Gonna Act Like A Baby” (Part One of Four): Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Denial is that attempt we make to save face when avoidance fails us.  The fantasy of being able to get away with something might be what drives certain people to keep wearing that facade that they can actually do it.

For a BabyGirl, the fantasy is that she’s able to fool anyone she wants. In reality, her Daddy isn’t fooled so easily.  And denial will eventually lead to consequences.

On this day, Avery learns that the things which are best for her aren’t always the things she wants.  And sometimes, denial doesn’t have to be a river in Egypt to flow.

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