Patting a Diapered Bottom

It almost seems like it should happen automatically.  Right after the diaper goes on, a pat from the hand to her freshly diapered bottom.  It’s a simple motion, easily repeatable in practically any location.  But for as simple as it is, the meaning behind patting a diapered bottom has multiple definitions and multiple reasons.

Primarily, it could be stated that patting a diapered bottom is a non-verbal way to show approval as praise for having done something she was supposed to do.

But that’s a very textbook explanation and there are ways to convey what it means with a bit more humanity.

Let’s see …

When she has been a good girl and has behaved herself, she will be patted on the bottom.
It can be a part of every hug she receives or just a quick gesture to let her know she is loved and someone is proud of her.

When she needs a bit of encouragement to get something done, she will be patted on the bottom.
It’s a gentle way to push her forward and get her to overcome her hesitancies.

But there’s also the reason to simply reminder her that she is a BabyGirl … your BabyGirl. 
And the diaper will always be there to remind her of this.

Patting a diapered bottom is also a way to calm a BabyGirl who is upset or feeling insecure or who just needs a little extra attention at that moment.
For this reason, it becomes something she needs, as opposed to just something she receives occasionally.

It serves as the perfect coupler to the forehead kiss when putting her to bed for the night. 
Laying her on her tummy, pecking her temple and then patting the seat of her diaper become the last interactions she has with her Daddy before she enters into dreamland.

There are even not-so-innocent reasons:

The diaper pat is also playful, the perfect action of foreplay before the foreplay begins.
Especially while you whisper things in her ear that only she is to hear.

The swift strike to a diapered bottom (aka The Hard Pat)
The bottom is a striking zone that has erotic appeal.  The rush of endorphins as well as the rush of blood to the pelvic region and all those physical scientific explanations lead the way in laying proof to the sexual merits of a spanking.  For someone like myself, who just simply can’t fathom striking a female (for sexual reasons or otherwise), I could never spank her.  But if she is in a diaper, then a spanking is possible as it removes the element of pain but maintains the sentiment.  It becomes a warning to her that there is disapproval for what she is doing or not doing, saying or not saying.

But the mechanics of a good diaper pat can vary as well.

There is the placement of the pat squarely across the center of both cheeks.  This one has a lot to do with the position she is in.

There is the underside cupping of the diaper during a pat.  This one is more readily used as the average male is taller than the average female. And cupping upward is natural from a higher position.  It also is perfect if she is kneeling in some way.

It becomes an obsession for her.  And for a daddy, it can become an obsession to0.

Then there’s the sound, which can have just as much of an effect of her as the action itself.

And I would mostly certainly be remiss if I ended this posting without mentioning how the diaper pat is a way to check her diaper for wetness or more.  So, it has practical use while combining it with any chosen scenario listed above or perhaps from a scenario I didn’t list above.

And that is when the sound of the diaper pat takes on multiple meanings.

– When a diaper is fresh and new, it will have a flat sound, the inner materials not having been shifted or affected by movement or length of wear.
– When it has been worn for a bit, the sound becomes flatter still.
– When it has been used, particularly when it’s wet, the sound will have a greater thud to it.

Though these sounds may not be all that different, to a trained ear, the subtle differences are noticed.

Then there are varying degrees of these sounds based on the thickness of the diaper.

You see how nothing at all about ABDL is straightforward and easy to define? LOL

I suppose that’s a good thing, though.  Because if we were all the same, if we were all clones, storm troopers if you will … what fun would that be?

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