Thank You for the Butterflies

 Oh how wonderful she felt.  She had been bathed, diapered, played with, held, fed, tickled and babied all day long.

From peek-a-boo games to raspberries on the belly to zerbitts on the forehead to silly crayon drawings to nap times to an intense ride in a car seat to a pigtailed-n-pacified-n-cradled bit of story time on her Daddy’s lap as he bottle fed her – beginning her journey towards the dreams her night held in store.

She was a pile of mush inside and couldn’t have been happier.  The butterflies tickled inside her tummy and the feeling of littleness curled her up into a tight little ball as she lay on the living room rug.  She was adorable, having fallen asleep in that position.

Soon her Daddy would carry her to bed.  And tomorrow would arrive sooner than she could hope for.  Because within each day, she had the opportunity to feel love she had always wanted and to say “Thank You for the Butterflies”.

25 “Charm Sakers”
The Pictures Stories

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