The Laundromat – Part Two of Two

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Part Two

Kylie stared straight ahead, her knees having locked and her hands still planted palm-down on the top of the washing machine.  The initial release gave her that sense of relief that was felt right at the beginning.  The flood gates had opened, and the first gush made her close her eyes as she basked in the feeling of no longer having to clench any muscles to hold it in anymore.

That first gush was a big one and she could feel the release of her pee beginning to weigh down her diaper.  The tapes at her hips tightened as they held, the underside of her diaper beginning to sag.  Though she feared an overflow, she was still so happy to now be beyond desperation that the fear hadn’t overcome the sense of relief yet.

If she soon didn’t stop, however, her fear would meet truth.  The sagging of the underside of her diaper continued as she got those temporary relief sweats, her brain going fuzzy and mixing how she felt with where she was to jumble her receptors just a bit more.

Thankfully, she finished without overflowing.  Well, in reality, she released enough to no longer be urgent in feel.  But that was all she would need, for the time being …… or so she thought.

“Excuse me,” she heard the cute guy say as he appeared at her side, startling her and making her jump.

But she didn’t just jump.  She started peeing again, just a bit more to make the trickling worry her.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a partially groggy morning voice.  “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay,” Kylie said, being polite and turning towards him while keeping her left hand on the washing machine – her legs crossing slightly as she was still trickling.

“I saw that you dropped this,” he said, handing her the pink pacifier he had picked up off the floor – Kylie trying to keep her brain from oozing out of her ears, embarrassment making her uncontrollably blush as she took the pacifier from him.

But the embarrassment of being given her pacifier by a stranger was secondary to the embarrassing fact that the overflow she feared was now the overflow that was happening.  Thankfully, but also unthankfully, her shorts began to soak up the leakage, adding to her panic.  In an effort to not clue this cute guy in on anything, she responded as if nothing was wrong.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly and with a smile as she crossed her legs more thoroughly to hide the wetness of her shorts.

Then he returned to his seat by the washers, getting back on his phone as she was showing no signs of wanting to talk.  But honestly, in any other situation, under any other circumstances, she would have engaged in a feature length conversation with him.  He was non-the-wiser at the moment.  And what he had done was a very kind and Chivalrous act.  She would have melted for him, at any other time but the present.

But as she felt the underside of her shorts begin to get wet, she looked at the car again and then to the bathroom again.  She needed to take action quickly before the shorts soaked through and her release began to run down her legs.

So she made a crinkly break for the bathroom.

And when she got into the bathroom, she locked the door and finally let her tears flow for a few moments.  This was another necessary release, one of an emotion that was overwhelming her.  Wiping away her tears, she washed off the pink pacifier in the sink and then plunked it into her mouth.  There was nothing more soothing than a pacifier to help her through a tough moment.

Now, onto the matter at hand … her wet shorts.  Stepping out of them, she saw that the evidence of the overflow had worked its way up the back of the shorts – making a huge wet spot she prayed he hadn’t seen as she crinkled her sprint to the bathroom.  Seeing an electric hand dryer on the wall, she set a plan in motion.

Beginning to thoroughly rinse off the shorts in the sink, she was going to get through this … one way or another.  Everything would be fine, even if she had to wait in the bathroom for the next half hour until his laundry got done washing and drying … then prompting him to leave.  But waiting that long in the bathroom might lead to him sticking around to see that she was okay.  Or it might lead to other people beginning to show up at the laundromat as the morning got later.

No, she needed to fix the wet shorts problem and keep at her task.  It was one load of laundry, and she would be gone in less than a half hour herself.  She couldn’t hide out in the bathroom.  That was stupid.

Wringing her shorts out, she held them under the hand dryer.  But she found out it was one of those pathetic hand dryers that hardly blew any air out at all.  A new bit of panic set in as her shorts, now free of any pee, were completely wet … wringed out but still noticeably wet.  How could she wear them if they were still wet?  That would be just one more super strange bit of behavior to show the cute guy.  And if anything else strange happened, he would most assuredly stop giving her the benefit of the doubt.

So she went to plan b, getting paper towels and trying to dry the wet shorts with them.  And as she did this, her overactive brain decided to do a number on her.  She began to contemplate how all of this was going to end.

  • He would notice her wet shorts when she walked out of the bathroom, even if they weren’t wet anymore.  They now had wrinkles in them from being wrung out.  He was going to notice and she was going to break down right in front of him. 
  • Or he was going to ask her why she spent so much time in the bathroom.  If she was wearing a diaper, why did she need to go to the bathroom? 
  • Or he was going to cut off all communication with her, opting to begin to laugh at her.  And besides, he had spent a lot of time on his phone.  Maybe he wasn’t checking his messages, but instead, he was really taking pictures of her and sending them to his friends. 
  • Or worse!  He was posting the pictures of her bulky diaper butt on social media and showing the world the weird girl he had met at the laundromat that morning! 
  • And if he wasn’t doing that yet, he might do it after he leaves.

The mind-numbing 50 thoughts a minute brain drain continued for her as she tried frantically to dry her shorts with paper towels.  But it wasn’t working.  And after she used up every single paper towel in the bathroom, she gave up – taking another few moments to go through a second round of crying to alleviate the emotion’s stranglehold on her.

She had no choice but to put the wrinkled, super damp shorts back on when she went back out.  So she stepped back into them, but then another idea came to mind.  It was a crazy idea, but it might just work!  Besides, everything about this trip to the laundromat had been crazy so far.  So, one more crazy idea wouldn’t upset the fruit basket.

Instead of putting the shorts back on and going out, she would simply not put them back on at all.  The problem wasn’t finding a way to be able to wear them in front of him.  The problem was finding a way to not be seen by him … or at least not so closely. 

You see, it was a matter of timing.  And the facts were showing that timing was in her favor, not in his.  His load of wash started two or three minutes before hers did.  So she would wait until his load finished and then she wouldn’t come out of the bathroom until she heard her washer buzz its completion. 

By then, he would already be over at a dryer, putting his wet laundry in to be dried.  She would run out of the bathroom, in nothing but her t-shirt and soggy diaper, grab her wet laundry and throw them into a dryer along with her wet shorts, drop coins in, set it to dry and then run out to her car where she would wait until she saw him leaving with his finished laundry. 

Then she would be free to go back in and get her dried laundry without any further trepidation.

She heard the buzzer of his washer going off.  Now she would wait until she heard her washer buzz its completion too.

If she followed the timing right, he wouldn’t have another opportunity to spend any time looking at her again … provided she did everything in the sequence of time.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she prepared herself to show an amount of bravery she had never known before.  Sliding the wet shorts down and off her legs, she saw how her t-shirt was able to cover at least the top half of her diaper.

This was going to work.  She was going to go out and get her wet laundry, taking it over to the dryer and putting it in the dryer – along with her wet shorts before she went out and sat in her car.  And she would do this while wearing nothing but her t-shirt and diaper. 

The cute guy would be too occupied with his own laundry to notice anything.  It would be alright. 

It was gonna be alright ……… right?

Placing her right hand on the bathroom doorknob, she waited – breathing evenly through her nostrils to try to keep herself calm … although her heart was pounding as fast as could be.

She could do this.  Even though she was in a drenched diaper, she was still a big girl and she could handle this.

Then her washer buzzer sounded off.  Out of the bathroom she went, hearing her super crinkly wet diaper as she moved swiftly over to her washer and got all her wet laundry.  The cute guy was indeed at the dryers already and was occupied with his own laundry as she expected him to be.  So she crinkled over to the nearest dryer, squatted down and threw it all into the dryer – including her wet shorts.

Everything was working perfectly so far!  And oh my, what a thrill to be in a t-shirt and diaper … and nothing else!

She put the first quarter in the dryer but didn’t hear it drop down inside the machine.  Then she saw the dryer didn’t even look like it was powered on at all.  Pushing on the coin return button, nothing happened.  Tears welled in her eyes and she glanced over in his direction, but he was no longer in front of the dryers anymore.

Where had he gone?

Panicking once more, she pushed the coin return button again, but nothing happened.  She had to get the quarter out of this machine.  So only made enough change to have exactly what she needed to do her laundry.  If she went back to the change machine to get more quarters, she wouldn’t get out of there before he saw her again.

Then the cute guy appeared behind her.

“I don’t think this dryer is working at all,” he said, banging the front of the machine hard – her quarter coming back out.  “But this next dryer seems to be working.”

And with that, he reached into the dryer, taking out all her wet babyish clothing and putting it in the next dryer.  She was grateful but still mortified, though he hadn’t shown any reaction to her not having her shorts on.

Maybe he hadn’t seen yet.

But what he did get was an up-close look at was the babyish girly clothing of her load of wet laundry … her bibs, onesies, two pieces, nighties and all.  Putting quarters into that dryer, she turned it on – a great deal of stress suddenly leaving her as she gave up.

Now she couldn’t run out to her car to hide.  It would have been rude to do that, especially since he had helped her.  So she crinkled over to the seats by the washers and sat down, deciding there was no longer a reason to go running to her car.  The cute guy must have seen her wet diaper and lack of shorts.

But maybe he would be gentlemanly enough to leave her alone.

Oh, how horrible she felt.  Could this get any worse?  The answer to that question was a resounding … yes.  But as it turned out, this was the point when that scenario that she couldn’t have possibly contemplated … occurred.

The cute guy sat down next to her and asked her a question that would have drained her bladder again had she had any pee left inside her.

“Are you a BabyGirl?” he asked with a timbre in his voice that no longer had traces of morning grog.

She looked at him with wide eyes, like a deer in the headlights.  How would he know to ask that?  Maybe she just had a problem with incontinence?  How bold of him!  And she wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

“I slept with my baby blanket inside my pillowcase until I was almost 14,” he said, then pausing in the hopes that she would engage him in conversation.

But Kylie kept looking at him wide-eyed, even more confused now.  Why would he reveal that to her?  Giving him a look that conveyed her confusion, he then tapped the guard of the pacifier that she had forgotten was still in her mouth.

Oh, my.  Her embarrassment doubled, but only for a second before it dissipated completely.  Her secret was out and any excuse she could make would not only sound like a feeble attempt at a lie but it would also feel exactly like what it was … being dishonest.  And she didn’t want to feel that way, not about being a BabyGirl.

So, she did the best thing she could think to do for herself at that moment.  She took the pacifier out of her mouth and told him the truth.

“Yes,” she said with a soft, feminine tone.

And they began to talk.  Not only was he kind in his conversing, but he was also really really easy to talk to.

“Your laundry is very cute clothing,” he said with a smile, Kylie lowering her chin with shyness – but not really wanting him to stop with the compliments … nature taking over.  “Do you wear any of it to bed?”

“Sometimes,” she answered sweetly, surprised at how easy it was to make the admittance and how good it felt to tell the truth.  “But my greatest passion isn’t the clothing.”

“The diaper?” he asked, Kylie nodding and blushing embarrassment.  “You don’t need to be ashamed of that.”

Oh, this guy was really nice!  Really nice!

Kylie remained silent, not knowing what to say next but knowing she wanted to tell him everything.  There was something about him that relaxed her.  But knowing nothing about him personally, she kept her guard up … for as much as she could, at this point.

“My name is Kevin, by the way.  I think I skipped over that part,” he said, joining her in a laugh.

“I’m Kylie,” she replied, then boldly pushing through her modesty of silence to ask him something.  “So, if I may ask, when did you realize I was in a diaper?”

“When you ran into the bathroom,” he answered, Kylie smiling warmly.  “You made noise when you ran.”

Lowering her chin, she allowed the tummyflies of embarrassment to waltz inside her.  She also marveled over how her mind had convinced that he knew it the moment he walked in the door at first saw her.

“It was adorable, just as adorable as seeing you with that pacifier in your mouth,” he said sweetly, Kylie feeling a tingle when he said this.  “Do you have other pacifiers too?”

Oh, my.  He was starting to get her to open up.  What BabyGirl wouldn’t want to talk about BabyGirl stuff?

“Oh yes,” she admitted with a grin.  “A BabyGirl can never have too many pacifiers.”

“One in every color, for every outfit?” he asked with a smile, Kylie laughing and nodding.  “Hey, if a girl has to have the shoes to match the outfit, then a BabyGirl has to have the pacifier to match.”

“… and the matching baby bottle … bib … hair clips … pacifier clip … sippy cup,” Kylie said with laughter, revealing even more.

“And the matching crib, matching highchair … uh … matching play pen?” he asked, enjoying this conversation.

“Oh, I wish,” she confessed, turning towards him and no longer caring if he saw her soggy drenched diaper.  “Some day.  All of that would be nice.”

The look in his eyes was one of genuine kindness, almost caregiver in appeal.  That might well have just been dream-like wishful thinking and hoping on her part, but nevertheless, there was indeed authentic kindness to him.

She learned that he was an associate of a third-party law firm.  And she told him she was a customer service operator for a credit card company.  So a lot of her work she did from home … in nothing but her nightie and her diaper.

They spoke of their hobbies and their families and their interests, the usual stuff to divulge when in the getting-to-know-you stage.  But she would then reveal to him why she embraced the ABDL interest … all because of recurring dreams she had throughout her entire life.  When she moved out on her own, she decided to pursue her dreams.

And she would have told him more, if their laundry hadn’t finished drying.  So they each gathered their laundry and made their way out to their cars – at which point he asked her out on a date that evening.

She said yes.  And he asked her to meet him at this laundromat at 6pm.  He gave her his phone number and his full name, leaving the ball in her court.

Then he turned right out of the laundromat.  And she turned left.

As she drove home, she did a background check on him and he checked out clean.  Setting her phone down, she took a few minutes to feel the surprising joyfulness that had come from the most embarrassing experience of her life.

Did all of that just happen?
Did everything just turn out like a dream?

She was too overwhelmed with questions to be able to answer any of them for certain.  If all of this was actually just a dream and she suddenly woke up at any moment, she would be the happiest BabyGirl in the world.  It would be yet another dream she could file away with the other ones.

Anyone who could dream something that perfect knew what she wanted and would pursue her dreams in real life.  It would give her re-assurance that all was well in her mind.

Pinching herself, she realized that this wasn’t a dream at all. 



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