The Laundromat – Part One of Two

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Part One

Kylie signaled left to turn onto Front Street, waiting for the green light to head to the laundromat at such an early hour of 7am on a Saturday morning.  It seemed like a good idea to do her laundry so early on that day.  But now she was second-guessing herself, a bit of angst getting the best of her.  And as she turned left, thoughts began to enter her mind that started encouraging her to turn around and go back home:

  • It would be so easy to go back home and save the gas. But if she did that, she would miss this golden opportunity to do laundry in what would most assuredly be an empty laundromat.  She wouldn’t get another Saturday morning off for at least a month.  And the laundry she had with her was most assuredly dirty. 
  • Why couldn’t she just hand wash the laundry at home this time? She could hang it all over her apartment and it would be dry in a few hours.  If she was so nervous about the laundry, staying at home and taking care of it there seemed like a smarter way to handle it.  And besides, turning her apartment into an indoor clothesline was no big deal.  It wasn’t like she was going to be expecting company later that day.
  • How dirty was her laundry, really? Was this necessary to go to a laundromat on the other side of town this morning?  Couldn’t she wear this clothing one more time before she absolutely had to wash it?

But no matter what excuse her mind thought up, she kept driving to the laundromat anyway.

At the next stop light, Kylie reached underneath and picked out the diaper wedgie she had given herself because she had put on a pair of shorts that were just a bit too tight.  She loved dressing in a manner that showed off her figure, like a lot of girls did.  But wearing form-fitting shorts probably wasn’t the best idea she had ever come up with, given her diaper.  She was just so eager to get to the laundromat she grabbed the first pair of shorts she found that morning, put them on and headed out.  It hardly seemed like a big deal, at the time.  Going to the laundromat so early meant no one would be there.  And if no one was going to be there, then the shorts being tight really didn’t matter.  So, she gave it no further thought.

But she forgot about the potential of recurring diaper wedgies – a true #babygirlproblems issue.

It was too late to do anything about it now, however.  She was halfway there and not going to turn back.  So, she would simply deal with it.

It wasn’t like this was her first bout with such wedgies.  Kylie was a BabyGirl, a closeted one but nonetheless one who adored wearing a diaper.  She had put ageplay profiles up online and even found a few local guys to message with who were daddy types.  But she had never met anyone in real life, and she never put her face in her profile pics.  This gave her to ability to research ABDL a bit more.  And in the process of satisfying her curiosities, the ABDL interest kept growing inside her – so much that her interest in it was fast becoming an obsession with it, threatening to burst out of her at the seams.

Pulling into the strip mall parking lot, she traveled down to the end – the laundromat being the last store at the end of the lengthy building.  And there wasn’t another single car there.  At least she didn’t see one but her scan of the parking lot was quick and it satisfied her enough to get her laundry basket and head in.

Dumping her laundry onto the top of the first washer she came to, she began to sift through the girly articles of clothing she would be washing.

It wasn’t the trip to the laundromat that had her so antsy about going there.  And it wasn’t the tightness of her shorts over a somewhat bulky diaper butt that had gotten her second-guessing herself a few minutes ago.  Rather, it was what she was washing that had worked her up.  Her laundry that morning was every article of BabyGirl clothing she had in her steadily growing collection.  She had never washed any of it and thusly, it all was well over-due for a cleaning.

Having brought a little spray bottle of treatment solution, she picked up the first cutesy top and began to pre-treat the stain on the front … a red mark of fruit juice at center mast.  And as she rubbed the solution into the stain, she laughed at how the stain even got there to begin with …

Two nights ago, while wearing that very top along with the matching bloomer-ish bottoms, she searched for the TV remote.  Seeing it had fallen behind the couch, she bent herself backwards – stretching one of her arms over and down behind the couch to retrieve the remote.  And in doing so, she poured the fruit juice contents of the sippy cup in her left hand on the front of her top.  Needless to say, she threw that sippy cup away afterwards as it no longer held liquid inside as it was supposed to. 

She next treated a pink diaper cover that had become drenched with her pee a few days ago during an afternoon nap when she emptied her bladder while sleeping.  Kylie had the ability to hold a lot in her bladder at once.

Next, she treated several bibs for the stains they had on them.  This was something she often did right after using a bib to eat.  But her laziness had added up the number of dirty bibs she had and it was actually the fact that she used her last clean bib last night for dinner that had prompted her to make this early Saturday morning trip to the laundromat to wash her entire babyish clothing collection in one fell swoop.

Kylie reached back under her shorts and picked out another diaper wedgie.  Right at that moment, she heard the front door open and then close – a gush of early morning air flowing in.  She froze in place when she saw a guy walk in, setting his arm-full of dirty laundry on a washer just two machines away from her.  He was a cute guy, too – probably about her age or just a little bit older.  He had broad shoulders, light scruff on his face and was taller than her – those initial physical features that also caught her attention when she saw a guy.

He began sifting through his laundry, then looking over at her and smiling at her.  Tucking her hair behind her right ear, she nonchalantly looked over at him and saw the friendly smile on his face.  Oh, my.  His smile made him even more attractive because it was one of sincerity.  Then he glanced down at her pile of cutesy girly clothing.  Kylie looked back to her clothes, blushing a bit of embarrassment and beginning to work on the stain on a onesie.

She was doing well in not panicking but she knew what the series of events would be in her time at that laundromat.  He would eventually start looking at her figure and what she was wearing and what her hair looked like and what her make-up looked like – albeit nothing more than casual make-up as she hadn’t planned on going to a beauty pageant that morning.

And as every girl would do who was thinking ahead, she began to analyze the situation and determined the easiest route of escape … should it become necessary to leave quickly.  If needs be, she could abandon her BabyGirl laundry and go straight out to her car – starting the engine of her car and being gone in a flash.  She could always buy more babyish clothing and replenish her collection fully in two days’ time.

She was getting ahead of herself, however, and she knew it.  But what she also knew was that this guy was handsome, the kind of handsome guy who was also cute, had a wonderful smile and inadvertently begged her to flirt with him … the playful kind of flirting that meant nothing.  But he might see it as having some sort of meaning and if he did, she would be in a bit of trouble that she would at least need to take partial blame in having caused.  She also knew how he made her feel.  But she wasn’t yet sure if he had caught on to the fact that she had a bigger badonkadonk than her frame should.

Did he know she was diapered? 
And if he knew she was diapered, would he begin to wonder why? 
Maybe he had pieced together a few things already.  Maybe he had pieced together that a diaper and some cutesy babyish clothing with juice stains equaled a bit more than coincidence. 
Did he know she was a BabyGirl? 
Had he already figured it out?
Did he know she had to pee?

Wait a minute!  Oh no!  She really did have to pee!  Aww, geez!  Her bladder had now gotten in on the action, creating urgency as it always did when she got nervous or worked up.

Picking up the last article of her BabyGirl clothing, she pre-treated the collar.  She was almost ready to start the washer.  But damn!  She wouldn’t be able to start the washer yet and she still needed to get quarters. That was okay, though.  She knew she needed quarters and had brought some dollars with her to get them from the change machine.

Tossing the last piece of clothing in the washer, she added detergent and closed the washer lid.  Lowering her chin, she turned and began to walk past him calmly – on her way over to the change machine.  Her steps were labored and slow as to reduce the amount of crinkling her diaper made as she walked.  But her steps weren’t too labored and slow as this would draw attention to her.  There was a delicate middle ground she was aiming for.

You see, this wasn’t her first diapered out-n-about trip nor was it her first rodeo in avoiding unwanted attention.  Her mind, however, didn’t always see these circumstances as controlled ones.  And sometimes, she would get paranoid that her diaper was crinkling so loudly that anyone nearby most assuredly heard the crinkles very clearly.

And that was usually when the mind games began for it.

Standing at the change machine, she fed her dollars in, one at a time.  Ugh!  This was taking forever!  If she had just brought a ten-dollar bill, she would be done getting change already.  But now, she was standing at the change machine, giving him ample time to get a good look at the back of her shorts – maybe seeing their bulkiness because of her diaper.  And oooooo!  She now had to pee really badly.  This was only going to complicate matters in a moment.  It was very difficult to move gracefully when she had to pee badly.

Speeding up the process, she got just enough quarters to wash her laundry and dry it, foregoing putting in the rest of the dollars.  Turning around with a handful of coins, she saw that he was not looking at her, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t been looking at her.  She wasn’t stupid.  He probably got all the confirmation he needed and he was probably laughing at her on the inside.

Taking one step forward, she dropped two of the quarters.  Aww, geez!  She only had enough to do her laundry.  So she had to pick them up.  Keeping her knees together, she knelt down to pick the quarters up.  And, oh my.  Now she was putting scrunching pressure on her bladder, only tempting urgency that much more.  Doing her best to stand up gracefully, she heard her crinkling at its deafening tone.

Walking back to her washer with slow-but-not-too-slow steps, she dropped yet another quarter and it began to roll.  Bending over and chasing after it, she grabbed the runaway coin just before it rolled under the washing machines.

So much for gracefulness.

When she bent over at the waist, she felt her shorts slide down a bit.  Standing back up quickly, she sucked in her lips and closed her eyes as she pulled the back of her t-shirt down in the hope that it was long enough to cover the waistline of her diaper which now stuck out above the waistline of her shorts.

Thankfully, the cute guy was behind her and didn’t see her facial reactions of trying to fight off tears.  But unfortunately, he was indeed behind her and he most assuredly saw the top of her diaper before she covered it up.

Then she froze in horror as she stared at what was sitting on the top of the washer she had just loaded.  It was one of her pink pacifiers.  It must have fallen into her laundry when she gathered it that morning.  What this meant was: the whole time she was over getting quarters, that pacifier had been sitting on the top of the washer – in plain view for him to see.

Nonchalantly scooping up the pacifier as she fed quarters into the washer, she thought perhaps all would be well.  Maybe he would think it was her daughter’s pacifier.  She didn’t have any children, but he didn’t know that.  And this worked to her advantage.  After all, she was there putting babyish clothing with stains on them into a washer.  It all added up and made sense …… right?

The cute guy closed his washer lid, added quarters and set his laundry to wash.  Then he took a seat in one of the chairs behind her, taking out his cell phone and beginning to check his messages.

Her knees began to buckle as her bladder refused to let up on her.  Discomfort was now giving way to desperation.  She needed to get her laundry washing and get out of there … soon!  But nothing would destroy her ability to weather the current storm more than the next thought that entered her head.  As she closed the washer lid and set the controls, she so frantically wanted to put that pacifier in her mouth – for how near she was to breaking down just then.

The thought that made her eyes well with tears was a simple one, yet profound in how it could unhinge her currently stressed-out little mind:

Maybe the cute guy thought the pacifier was indeed for her non-existent daughter.  But the babyish clothing she was there to wash was adult sized.  And he certainly saw the size of the clothing as she was holding it up while pre-treating the juice stains.  There was no way a little girl could wear this clothing.  It was entirely too big.

And if that was the case, then who did this babyish clothing belong to?  She was there in a diaper that he had at least seen the waistline of as well as most assuredly heard crinkling when she walked past him.  She had a pink pacifier with her that had a nipple on it that was way too big for a little girl.  And she was certainly acting strange, being all thumbs as she dropped her quarters.

The facts were all pointing to her.  It was obvious.  At least, so she thought.

But the time for overthinking abruptly stopped as her bladder reached absolute urgency.  She slammed her hands down on the top of the now-running washer in an effort to fight the urgency.  And in doing so, the pacifier fell from her right hand and onto the floor.  That, however, was the least of her worries as she clenched every muscle at her center, trying not to shake as she struggled to keep the pee from coming out.

Looking out the front door to her car, she thought about making a run for it.  She would have the next twelve minutes to deal with her bladder issue.  Then looking over at the bathroom, right next the change machine on the other side of the room, she contemplated running for the bathroom.  Certainly, she could take care of her need to pee in there … on the toilet, like an adult.  She would just need to get there in time.

But it was no use and time was now up.

Kylie looked straight ahead, her eyes growing big-n-wide as she gave up.  Relaxing her muscles, she concentrated on opening the flood gates slowly – praying that her diaper would hold it all.

And the cute guy was sitting in a chair, just a few feet behind her.

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