At Dawnlight

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John opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling and seeing traces of the forthcoming light of day, masked by the closed curtains.  Laying up on his side was Jane, who had faithfully kept that pacifier in her mouth all night.  Using his right shoulder as her pillow, her legs were wrapped around his right thigh.  And she clung to his right side.  He was her pillow.  She was his blanket.  And it worked so beautifully as she was a tummy sleeper and he was a back sleeper.

He looked over at his clock on the nightstand.  6:45 am was the time.  And in a few minutes, the sun would rise high enough in the sky to pour fully in through the side windows of the bedroom.  It was a magnificent sight to behold when it happened, for a very specific reason.  But before it could happen, he needed to open the bedroom curtains.  And in order to do that, he had to find a way to move her without awakening her.

This had been a scenario that had taken him quite a few tries to get right.  Whereas, in the past, he could get out from underneath but not without awakening her, now … he knew the trick to get it done.

Reaching over and putting his left hand behind her head, he rocked her whole body onto her back – kissing her forehead as a sweet gesture that made her let out a small whimper behind her pacifier.  And with her in that position, he reached behind his head – grabbing his pillow as he leaned away from her … putting the pillow up against her.

Jane wrapped her arms around the pillow as he slipped away.  Then she rolled back over onto her tummy, still not having awakened.  Now back on her tummy, John was able to cup the underside of her diaper to make certain she hadn’t wet herself again.  It was highly unlikely as she had drunk anything in quite a few hours and she hadn’t unconsciously turned over onto her back … her tell-tale motion.  But he had seen her drench multiple diapers in a row before, convinced she had the bladder of an elephant.  So, it was always possible.

She was a girl, after all – and thusly, could pee on command.

She was dry, however.  So, he got up and walked over to the windows, quietly opening the blinds and taking a seat on the edge of the bed.  It wouldn’t be long now before the golden rays of sun arrived.  But while sitting there, he remembered back to the first night she spent in his apartment – all those years ago.

She had come straight from work, got a shower at his place, was diapered and dolled up by him – then spending the entire evening on his couch as they watched a movie.  It was several movies actually and she fell asleep in the middle of the third one.

Jane breathed in deeply through her nose and let out a fussy moan behind her pacifier.  John stood up to return to bed and to laying next to her … preparing to comfort her.  But then she found a way to get beyond her fuss as she returned to full sleep, almost having stirred awake.

And then it happened.  The sun rose high enough to begin to shine in, taking him back to the first morning she awoke in his apartment – all those years ago.

Once Jane had fallen asleep fully during that third movie, John began to lower the volume slowly for a few minutes.  He was laying on his back on the couch and she was laying on top of him.  Even on that first night, he was her pillow and she was his blanket.

When the volume of the TV got low enough, he turned it off – then sitting up and guiding her legs around his waist.  Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to the front of his body.  She didn’t care where he was going, so long as he took her with him.  And that he did, standing up and carrying her back to his bedroom.

The new sun shone in brilliantly through the windows, first catching the end of the bed with its golden rays and slowly cascading its light onto Jane’s sleeping frame.  It was a renewed bit of warmth and she smiled just as brightly behind her pacifier as the sun did through those windows.  The bedroom lit up with a rich golden yellow and it seemed as though the sun was targeting her more than anything else – as if its total purpose in returning to the world that morning was to find her and make her beam with light as radiant and beautiful as that created by angels.

Jane was indeed one of those Heavenly celestials, among their ranks – yet walking on Earth.  And she glowed in that sunlight, once more proving her real identity.  She beamed just as she had done on that first morning with him when the sun greeted her.  Returning to the bed, he laid on his side – facing towards her and pushing her locks off her face.  Tucking her hair behind her ears, he prepared to wake her up – the first of many moments in the day when her heart would leap for joy.

Oh, how he loved her.  And oh, how she had changed his universe – rocking everything down to its foundation and rebuilding it stronger than it had every been before.  He certainly remembered life before her.  But every moment of every day, he was reminded of how much better life had been since he met her and diapered her and married her … quite literally, in that order.

Taking his left hand down the skin of her right arm, he watched as she took in another deep breath through her nose – her eye lids starting to move.  And just before her eyes opened, he placed the four fingertips of his right hand on her forehead and lightly dragged them down her face to her chin.

Opening her eyes just slightly at first, in protection against the brightness of the room, she batted her beautiful eyelashes and then open her electric blue eyes fully when she saw him.  Her face lit up with excitement and tears formed in his eyes at her first reaction to seeing him that morning.  She tried to reach up to his face but then realized she needed to do something else first.

Laying on her back, she stretched her arms and legs, wiggling her hips and crinkling up a mighty storm before she turned back over towards him and took the sides of his face in her hands.  Then she leaned in to kiss him but had forgotten that her pacifier was still in her mouth.  Breaking out into hysterical laughter, she climbed up on top of him – straddling his waist with her bent knees as she leaned over and fully committed to the pacifier kiss.

Knowing the routine, she wrapped her arms around his neck and then wrapped her legs around his waist when he sat up … just like she did on that first night on the couch with him and also as she had done every morning since they had lived together.

As he stood up and carried her towards the hallway, she rested the side of her face on his sternum.  It was then she first thought of how he had, once again, brought her from the crib in her nursery to their bed in the middle of the night … without waking her up.  And he had also changed her wet diaper … given the rolled-up diaper that was sitting on the top of the diaper pail in the corner of the bedroom.  He had also done this without waking her up.

Every day, he was reminded of how his life could be no better.  And this was because of her.  But every day, she was also reminded of how her life could have no greater meaning.  And this was because of him.

He was most definitely a keeper.  She knew this for certain.  And as he carried her down the hallway, she clung to him dearly.  She wasn’t going to let him go.

Though she was dry when she awoke, as he carried her downstairs for breakfast, she drenched her diaper again … with happiness.

And their day had just barely begun.

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