View At The Top was so proud of herself, having worked her way up the ranks of the cheerleading squad.  She had put in her time at the bottom of too many pyramids to not reach the top.

Tonight was her night.  She’d climb up that pyramid, throw her arms out to the largest crowd the university had ever had and do a split in the air on her way down.

But it was two minutes before they built the pyramid that she realized she forgot her bloomers.  This wouldn’t normally have been the end of the world, just a little embarrassing for her. 

But she was a BabyGirl who had recently started to embrace her littleness more and more.  And tonight, she decided she would be a diapered cheerleader for the first time. 

Perhaps, it was best that she did this as she stood there, trying to figure out a solution, when she began to wet herself.  But her worries soon left her when she realized that who she was inside was something she should never have to hide from anyone.  And she was certain it would be a marvelous view at the top.

25 “Charm Sakers”
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