The Selfless BabyGirl

Selfless (self·less – adjective /ˈselfləs/)
1. concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish.

“Selfless” is often seen as a pipedream … as no one could possibly think of others all the time.  But it’s not a label of absolutes.  It’s a declaration of intentions and of actualities.

The Selfless BabyGirl loves what she has and dreams of what may come.  She lives in the moment, absorbing all she can like a sponge while allowing you to see what is ahead at the next block.

But she never does anything without your benefit in mind.  She realizes that she has a wonderful life as a single person and she loves who she is.  But her dream, of what may come, is no longer a dream to her – but rather, a reality.  She is no longer a BabyGirl.  She is now your BabyGirl.  And she doesn’t take this for granted.

Your possession of her enables her to defeat crippling thoughts that keep trickling into her mind.  Thoughts like:

You weren’t supposed to show up yet.  I was supposed to have this all worked out before you arrived.

Being selfless has no timetable.  And like so many things in life that happen when we’re not expecting them to, a selfless soul can embrace possibilities – seeing clearly the ones that are probabilities.  And this sight is made clearer still because she loves what is already there more than what might be there in the future.  She doesn’t see him as a stepping stone along the way to where she wants to be.

She is more interested in seeing how she could fit into his life and seeing how he could fit into her life – than seeing how she could change everything to make it suit.

And the selfless approach is not only highly addictive, but it is also highly contagious – encouraging everyone involved to aim to please others.  It’s a healthy way to start anything, to persist and to remain.

This leads to the concept of “give and receive”.  Not give and take.  When two people give and give of themselves selflessly, then “receive” is the only appropriate word to follow.

And when you see that she is so very much about you, you will so very much be about her.  It’s a natural reaction to kindness.  And it screams “Be-All End-All”, “Quintessential”, “Selfless” and possible “Soulmate” all at once.

She will cling to you.  You will cling back.  Then you will sprawl out and she will do the same.

She will abide in that which already exists, seeing it as something she wants not something she wants to change.  You will pamper her, seeing her as the other half of you – that dot of the I … that cross of the T … that ache for purpose now fulfilled.

She will want.  She will need.  She will desire.  She will fuss.
You will hunger.  You will yearn.  You will lust.  You will spoil.

You will tend to every inch of her body.  You will bathe her with such gentleness as you would use when handling fragile China glass.  You will diaper her and dress her and hold her.  Your world will grow very small, forming laser-precise focus on her to accommodate her instinctive longing for white-hot attention.

And how easy it will be to give to someone who isn’t trying take from you.  She is a selfless BabyGirl, her heart and nature encouraging you to give all that you’ve got.

But she’ll fuss and you will be waiting for it.  She will make a mess of herself and you will tend to her.  And it will be your hands that soothe the creature of tender touch inside her.  Insentiently, you will run your hands up and down her almost completely naked body.

And she will react to your touch, shifting and arching and heaving her frame to follow the glides of your fingertips.  She is enjoying the moment and what is being done to her.  She isn’t wishing it away for something other.  Every action leads to another actions, creating a journey – leading somewhere that both of you not only crave but covet with unremitting impulse.

The Daddy BabyGirl dynamic will be lively and entertaining.  It will be quiet and peaceful.  It will be so natural and ever-present that you won’t even know you’re doing any of it.  It will become as natural and as relied upon as breathing.

But you will also get aggressive, and she will become submissive in matters more sexually aligned.  The arousal will make for fervent passion, dismissing the tummyflies temporarily and replacing them with a writhing urge to continue to bond.  All the breathy whispers, the restraint of being pinned down, the slickening and the swell, the stiffening and the thrust will arch spines, connect pelvic bones and send you both to the stratosphere.

And all the while, she was a Selfless BabyGirl.  This means that you have to be a Selfless Daddy too, all the time – the same as her to equal the devotion.

When two people give, there is no take.  There is only give and receive.

I cannot say this enough.

It begins with two people individually and evolves into one.

And selflessness will lead the way.

The Dynamic Writings


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