Free The Kink Interview with Mommy Kuri and Little Philly

Guess who did a podcast episode on Free The Kink?

Mommy Kuri and Little Philly visited with the Free The Kink crew and dropped a whole lot of information about TeddyCon 2021.  If you’re an inquiring mind, it is well worth the listen!

And here’s the episode description:

Free the Kink presents Dynamic Discussions, where we interview those who are or have made significant contributions to the advancement of BDSM, kink, relationship dynamics, and the freedom of sexuality and alternative lifestyles. In this episode, we are honored to have the opportunity to speak with Little Philly and Mommy Kuri, the founders of TeddyCon.  TeddyCon is a fun filled hotel takeover designed for AB/DL’s, Age Players, Littles and Bigs.  It features classes, workshops, play space and nursery, crafts, vendors, pageant, and so much more.  Learn more at

Visit the FreeTheKink YouTube Channel
Visit the FreeTheKink Website


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