Here’s to them

Melysa and Brock were their names.  And to the best of my knowledge, that is still what their names are.

These two were a very popular diaper couple way back when such content had only begun to find its way onto the internet.  I don’t believe they ever belonged to any ABDL picture pay site.  Although, they would’ve been scooped up quickly, if that was what they wanted.

But instead, they were simply a couple who took pictures, primarily of Melysa in diapers … but also a few of Brock.

What made them so appealing, aside from being photogenic, was how their pictures showed a very down-to-Earth approach.

There were cutesy outfits she wore and a few pictures with girly toys in them.  And they were priceless, filling the fantasies full.

But what the pictures showed was their interest in being Diaper Lovers.  And it was this set of pictures that enabled me to bring greater detail to what my own interests were.  And from this, I was able to state that I was looking for a girl who was a diaper lover (with AB inclinations).  In other words, DLAB … not ABDL.

Back then, people actually put up classified ads on sites like DiaperSpace.  And being able to summarize one’s interest in a mere sentence was helpful.

It just seemed so much more realistic, especially in a time when there weren’t massive hotel-wide conventions and munches all over the place.

We all still felt scattered and distant.  But those days would pass.

Melysa and Brock, however, kept visually showing how diapers could be factored into one’s life as opposed to taking one’s life over completely.  They were very balanced and very real.  And they always seemed to have a theme to each set of pictures they put out, like …

Home Repairs






Game Day Attire

The need for a diaper change


And of course, the adorable diaper changes themselves.  It’s one of moments that is unequaled by any other. A most intimate experience between a big and a little that combines vulnerability with care and with love.  And Melysa and Brock are no exception to this.

Plus, Melysa’s ever-present cheeky grin is heart-melting.

And Brock was even quick-thinking enough when they got home from the bar to pick up the camera (yes, an actually camera as back then there were no camera phones yet) to take a few pictures of his drunk wife who was about to be diapered while passed out.


And there was even a Christmas set

But they weren’t just homebodies.  And when they went out-n-about, they never missed an opportunity to capture the moment.

Whether they were visiting a horse farm


Enjoying a day at the tennis courts


Satisfying their need for speed




Or just swinging along

And whenever it was needed, Melysa was always prepared to make adjustments to keep the love of diapers from falling off her.  Though I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a backseat diaper change photo set from them, they certainly took comfort seriously and allowed their diaper loving nature to enhance their lives.

When last I heard, Melysa and Brock not only stopped taking diaper pictures and posting them online.  They also stopped the DL lifestyle altogether as they decided it was time to start a family.

So the diapers got smaller.  LOL  And while it was sad to see them just up and disappear, I was happy for them.  And it wasn’t surprising to see them go.  After all, they had always displayed a balance in their lives.

They were very inspiring to all, including myself as I loosely based a Daddy-n-BabyGirl couple from one series of books that I write on the two of them.

Wherever they are nowadays, I hope they are enjoying life as much as they can.  And who knows?  Maybe some day, Brock will put her back in diapers again … that is, of course, believing that he ever stopped.

Either way, here’s to Melysa and Brock.

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2 responses to “Here’s to them

  1. Thumbs up. She was my first diaper crush, they were the pioneers of the diaper world and should have a diaper named after them. it was hard to find diaper friends and pics back then. nut when you found Melysa it was like finding gold.

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