Awaiting to Feel It All

Everything begins subtly and slowly, allowing those first moments of those first sentiments to be shared. It isn’t always words that are required, but rather just the ability to convey to someone that you have taken notice to them.

There are a whole lot of questions you’ll ask, a whole lot of experiences you’ll have and a whole lot of life you’ll live. Pray to God that you’ll face challenges together along the way because they’ll make you stronger with each success, but Pray to God that some of the time you fail together so you realize from that standpoint why you need each other and where real strength comes from.

And as you grow, do so together, helping each other along the way when a weakness is discovered. This will make clear to both of you why it is important to give just as much as you take.

When you arrive at the point where you love someone’s faults as much as you do their qualities, then you will have discovered something which could be everlasting.

Everyone has basic needs in life. Learn what their basic needs are, memorize them and commit them to your soul because they will look to you to fulfill those needs.

Give all that you can – be it time, energy, money, support, tears, laughter, a pair of arms to hold, passion, intensity, respect, devotion, a ride to the airport, a moving truck trip and a strong back, but be bold enough to ask the same in return.

Take time to talk, but also take time to listen. And at other moments in time, don’t say anything at all because the bonding of hearts and the connection of souls doesn’t always make sound.

Enjoy the journey. Don’t skip any steps. Fall in love and remember:

There are always – 
Dreams to be Dreamt,
Fairy Tales to be Told, 
“Happily Ever Afters” to be Pursued,
Memories to be Made,
That Constant Yearning to Find Completion,
The Greatest Passion Yet to be Found,
That Deepest Love Yet to be Discovered, That Perfect Story to be Written,
A LifeTime to be Spent Together
and the Opportunity
………………..Awaiting to Feel It All.

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