I have an assignment for you!!

Don’t worry.  The assignment will not be to write 500 sentences.  LOL

But I think we might be getting tired of this COVID isolation thing.  Possibly, right?

I know the question you want to ask me right now:

“Zorro, does the word DUH! mean anything to you?”

Of course, we’re tired of all of this!  I know I am.  There was no TeddyCon last year.  And that felt really weird, almost like we had been robbed.  It’s also been almost exactly a year since the last LLAMA munch here in Lancaster, PA.  Those munches were every other week and very much a part of the routine for all of us locals.

In addition to being tired of this, we’re also tired of hearing how better days are ahead.   When!?!?!

Thank goodness we have the instant connection of the internet, huh?

So, along those lines, I have an assignment for anyone who is interested in doing it.  It is designed to say hello to as many people as possible while bumping a bit of content back up to the tops of the heaps.

Broken down, here is the assignment:

Get onto every FetLife group of which you are a member.  Start a new thread, saying hello to everyone or reply to another person’s thread.  The topic of the thread doesn’t matter.  It’s about remaining connected.

Do this on every FetLife group.

In addition to that, also do this on every ABDL site of which you are a member.  If you aren’t a part of any ABDL sites, here are a few of the ones that are active these days:



Certainly, there are more sites than that.  But there’s a starter list of them.

If you want to go to a second level with all of this:

For every reply you put on an existing thread, gives yourself 1 point.

For every new thread you start, give yourself 5 points.

See how many points you can get.

Can you reach 50 points? 100 points?

But regardless of how many points you get and how many replies you type, maybe this will help us all to remember that yes indeed, there is an end to all of this.  When will that happen?  I have no idea. 

But until then, we’ve got a lot of connecting to do.

Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy

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