How Powerful the Feeling

I always set these pictures of Felicity aside from all other ones I have of her.  At the time they came out, I think my brains oozed out of my ears when I first saw them.  Being a straight guy, I was suddenly looking at pictures that spoke almost exactly to the fantasies I had.  Prior to this, there were random pictures and a few sets online but certainly nothing like the influx we have nowadays.

Felicity along with Megan (who is still come up at the end of this list) were the two BabyGirls that I actually fantasized about being a Daddy to.  It wasn’t about their hair color as I have always had a thing for girls with black hair.  And it wasn’t about their height or their figures or anything of that nature.

It was about their eyes and how they carried themselves (figuratively speaking as Felicity is being carried in most of these pictures).

But this specific set spoke of so many things that gripped my imaginations.  And at the time this set came out, I hadn’t met any ABDLers yet as there were few-to-none munches and gatherings and the like.  So the findings online were all I had to go from.

This set shows an Out-n-About experience.  Felicity is in a diaper and little-to-nothings clothes.  She is incapable of hiding her BabyGirl status, even if she wants to.  And because of this truth, she isn’t trying to hide it.  Instead, she embraces the helplessness and looks to her caregiver with dependency.

As opposed to being someone who thoroughly enjoys the fussiness of being little more than anything else, Felicity happily remains inside the blissful keep she knows as her entire world.

And the backseat diaper change.  Oh, my.  Maybe the ultimate experience for littleness.  She is being patient and is fully aware of the exposure that is going to happen.  And how it melts her from within, pushing her further into a babbling regression that must be given a constant watchful eye.  She has no idea how regressed she is and provided she has a caregiver with her, she is happy to never know how much of a BabyGirl she has become.

What she is feeling is all that’s likely on her mind.

Being carried around gives her ample time to learn what it feels like when her feet don’t touch the ground.  Being carried and how a fresh diaper springs her back to life, producing bubbliness anew inside her that just pours out without a filter.

The playfulness abounds and the silliness abounds as she looks to find something to do with the happiness inside.  And ever-present is that gaze in her eyes, being the windows to her soul that show a glimpse of how she is feeling.

Whether on a blanket for a picnic or playing on park equipment or being returned to her car seat for the return trip home, Felicity is without the possibility of being anything but sweet and adorable. She is able to (and has always been able to) visualize the heart and soul of littleness.

Even if she is just a model and not an ABDLer/age players, she has always done more than just nurse on a pacifier while crinkling around in a diaper and bouncing happily in a cute little baby dress.  Or crawling around in a nursery before being made naked and put into the bathtub.  Never to be forgotten are the pictures of her in a high chair.

She has played the part as much as she has worn the look.


And then there’s the realization that all good things come to an end.  Felicity is scooped up and carried back to the car.  But this doesn’t mean they won’t return again.

I have been fortunate to have orchestrated several back seat diaper changes and a few similar trips to parks as a Daddy.  And rest assured, the charm that the little is feeling in these pictures is just as powerfully felt by the caregiver.

And oh, how powerful that feeling is.

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