Isolation Storytime – A Friday Night Affair (Every Friday Night)

And that includes tonight as well!

So what is it? 
What is Isolation Storytime?

It is a weekly online meeting of ABDLers and ageplayers, designed to help folks through the isolation that COVID-19 has put so many people in.

This is a connection type like zoom, I think.  You’ll have to forgive my limited technological knowledge.  But it’s extremely easy to become a part of.  So easy, in fact, that even I was able to figure it out.

I was made aware of these isolation storytime gatherings right before the New year by some close friends from the community.

Here are the particulars on it:

Isolation Storytime takes place every Friday evening at 9pm EST.

They get together for storytime, sing-a-longs, special presentations and so many other fun things to help everyone remain connected.

And this has been happening every Friday night since March of last year!

But there’s more to it than just a gathering for stories and fun.  It has a purpose and a mission that goes straight to the heart of what kindness truly means.

Read about their mission here.

And hopefully, you can join the online gatherings on Friday nights!

For more information on Isolation Storytime, visit their profiles:







One response to “Isolation Storytime – A Friday Night Affair (Every Friday Night)

  1. Grazie mille, Zorro! I am so glad you wrote about it and I hope that you will read or sing sometime, too! I love the cliffhanger ending–what is our secret? – Merff?

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