Anyone’s BabyGirl

Most likely, everyone has seen these girl’s pictures, at one point or another.  Present day ABDL pictures have notable people in them.  But at one point in time, this girl, Felicity, was a regular at

That site is still up and running.  And they are still creating great content, but Felicity seems to be out of the loop, nowadays.   I don’t know of any ABDL/model who has remained throughout. 

People do the pictures for a while and then either stop for lack of further interest or move on to something else for some other reason . 

Why Felicity stopped doing photos?  I have no idea.  Perhaps she was potty-trained and finally got out of diapers.

(Hopefully not!)

The pictures that seem to stick around and get frequently reposted on websites are the ones that stand out for some specific reason.

Pictures of …      

Folks in public (risky but intriguing)

Crib shots

Embarrassing situations

In Car Seats

In High Chairs

Getting bathed

Being fussy during a diaper change

Being spoon fed

Being breastfed

Being spanked

In a unique pose or unique location

Because she is an ABDLer/model with a following

The reasons are an endless list of possibilities.  But what makes them specific and what draws our attention to them are how they speak not just to our individual fantasies but also to the images in our minds that appeal to us. 


With less flowery and confusing wording, they show the things we like.  And sometimes, the more specific these pictures can be, the more memorable and endearing they are for us.

The number of ABDL photo and video sets Felicity has been in is 8 bazillion and 4.  I counted them and can confirm that number.  (Okay, I’m lying but she has a lot!) 

But every collection is different, with its own charm and appeal.  The model herself is able to display a mindset and a personality that is obvious in the videos but is also very apparent in the pictures.


From alone time to bottle time to crib time to bath time to play time to diaper changes to dress-up to feedings, she covers a wide range of interests and gives so much variety of choice that there is bound to be at least one photoset that speaks to you directly.

(Even I have my favorite.  But that comes into play a bit further down the list.)

For as shallow as it may sound, if Felicity has a photo/video set that practically anyone can call their favorite, then that makes her Everyone’s BabyGirl.


The reality of it is that she is just a representation of a BabyGirl many may like.  The face will be different.  The body type will be different.  The race and ethnicity may be different.  The hair color and hair length and eye color and all those details may be different.

But she still appeals to us, not because of her physical attributes.  It isn’t because of what she is.  It’s because of who she is being.

I like to think that stories also paint pictures in the mind.  (At least I hope they do! Not that I’m prejudicial or anything.  LOL)  But the visual still reigns supreme.

I’ve always assumed that Felicity was so popular at the time that her photos and videos sold like crazy.  And that was why she had so many.

But maybe the label of Everyone’s BabyGirl isn’t a fair assessment.  Perhaps she is Anyone’s BabyGirl.


You just have to find something about her that speaks to you.

The random offerings of Felicity pictures in this posting are merely the tip of the iceberg.  There are tons of pictures of her out there, even all these years after she has stopped modeling for the ABDL masses.

Google the words: adultbabysource felicity and you will have more pictures to view than you have fantasies to fulfill. 

Don’t believe me?

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

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