The Best Things in Life

Bytemine 1997.  This one I also remember where it came from.  And it was one of the first sets I stumbled across when I made the ABDL discovery online.

As usual, this one stands out to me because it tells a story.  But this set was also one of the first real picture sets that showed exactly what my interest was in age play.  A lot of the pictures at the time were pasties (as I’ve mentioned in other postings).  But these were real.

I was in my early 20s at the time, if you can imagine that 😉.  And she looked to be of a similar age to that.  But the ABDL community hadn’t shifted to an active online presence just yet.  And for that reason, I didn’t realize that there was an ABDL community at all.

This was years before DiaperSpace.  Years before FetLife.  Years before munches and conventions and other gatherings of the like.

Online ABDL was still in … babyland, so to speak.

But this girl and this set was the confirmation that there actually were BabyGirls out there … happy to be the crinkly little angels that they were.


And at a time in our lives when the present-day world is crazy with chaos and disease and all sorts of horrific things that can affect our abilities to enjoy all that life has to offer, a photo set like this speaks so very loudly and very clearly.

And it is just as relevant now as it was when it was released in 1997.

It depicts a BabyGirl who is enjoying the sunshine of the day, dressed in a super-comfy outfit that makes the smile on her face glow just a bit brighter.  And when you feel good on the inside, about yourself and about life, it tends to show in how you move and in what you do and in the decisions you make.

The best things in life are the things you defend more passionately than anything else.  Though you may not always be able to express them, you will never lose them.  And you will always have them inside you.

This photo set always made me believe that the best thing in this BabyGirl’s life was being happy with who she was.

That’s a wonderful way to view things.

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