Order Up … with a Crinkle

As I’ve stated before, when I first discovered ABDL, I was in college and it was an online discovery – a simple word search with high hopes that yielded heart-pounding results. 

Being a typical college guy, I was all about the girls.  But I hadn’t yet perfected the art of taking a look at her chest without making it obvious.  (That’s actually one of the classes offered up to you that doesn’t require a classroom or a teacher.)

I found the random BabyGirl pics online, a lot of them being “pasties” … aka fake pics with the diapers being digitally put onto otherwise vanilla girls.  Then I stumbled across these waitress pictures, taken from an Asian magazine and put up online.  And what drew me to them, as has become theme here, was the story they told.

I lost track of how many times I walked through campus, mentally putting the girls I saw into diapers.  It became a bit of an unspoken obsession for me and one that would ensure I’d never date another vanilla girl in my life.

So when I found these pics, showing a waitress who was not only diapered but also without any hope of hiding the fact that she was diapered, new fantasies ran wild in my mind.  And this was one of the first times I began to make up stories of my own.  It would eventually lead to me writing ABDL paperbacks and down the road, ABDL ebooks when the media emerged to prominence a decade later.

But my internet searches started to move in the direction of themed pictures of a girl not only in a diaper but also in some other sort of outfit. 

French maids in diapers, Stewardesses in diapers, Secretaries in diapers, Waitresses in diapers, Cashiers in diapers, Businesswomen in diapers, Celebrities in diapers … these became the more elaborate search engines queries I typed in.

In this set, quick and only a few, the waitress is diapered.  She is also shy for obvious reason, submissive because of how the customer is babying her … or at least reminding her that she is diapered.  There’s also a sexual element to it and thusly, an eroticism.

And I began to wonder what it would be like to be a customer in an ABDL restaurant. 

Just imagine it. 

What the inside would look like, the decorations on the walls.  What the booths and seating may look like.   The plates and cups and silverware and … who knows?  Bibs, maybe? 

And think of all the possibilities of what would be on the menu!

The mommy would be the hostess and would seat you.  The BabyGirls would be the waitresses.  And Daddy would be the cook in the back, putting the food on the serving counter and ringing a bell as he shouted out: “Order up!”

Or in this case: Order Up … with a Crinkle


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The Pictures Stories

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