No More Hiding: Permission to Love Your Sexual Self

Get ready for a discovery of self but also a discovery of so many things you may have always had questions about … and perhaps a few you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

After all, knowledge is power.

Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb is a therapist with a whole lot of impressive credentials. She is (get ready for all of this): an alternative sexuality specialist, a certified sex therapist and a clinical sexologist with a PhD in clinical sexology. 

Aside from counseling people, she has also attended multiple CAPCons and TeddyCons over the past few years – having led several classes and presentations.

Though not an ABDLer herself, she has embraced the existence of age play and has shed more positive light on the fetish/kink/interest (choose your label) than has ever been shed before.

ABDL has been the sometimes brunt joke on TV talk shows, sitcoms and even some documentaries that were supposed to be informative but often wound up being presented as sensational only.

In this regard, the importance of Dr. Rhoda’s research is paramount.

She wrote her dissertation on age play and has contributed more information to the therapy universe about age play than was understood.

In other words, she cares.  She cares about us and about our decision to make age play who we are.

No More Hiding: Permission to Love Your Sexual Self is a book she wrote that references ABDL a few times but tackles the bigger discussion of choices.

In a day and age when people are not only opening up to what they feel inside but exploring the possibilities of something more, this book is a gem … of explanation, of resources, of love and of understanding.

She devotes a lot of chapters to recognizing, if not also overcoming the roadblocks in our lives that have prevented us from opening up.  One chapter in particular, she deeply addresses what she terms as The Big Four emotions:
Fear, Shame, Embarrassment and Guilt

And who hasn’t felt at least one, if not all of those emotions at some point in life?

Available in ebook and paperback formats, I cannot encourage you enough to read this book.  Dr. Rhoda gives you countless examples of how people were able to find greater happiness and fuller lives because they opened themselves up.

She also writes of how to introduce these feelings and questions to a significant other in a productive manner that enables you to take your partner’s opinions and emotions into account.

Load with researched information and good sense, No More Hiding: Permission to Love Your Sexual Self is a must-read for anyone who has ever grown tired of unanswered question marks.

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Kindle App (Look for the blue link towards the top):

Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy

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