The Upside to Not Wearing Pants

I have no idea where this set came from … or if it even appeared on an ABDL picture site at all.  But I can tell you it was from years upon years ago, when few to no real ABDL pictures were online.  Given how many ABDL pictures are online now, can you imagine that?  It may seem hard to wrap your head around, but it was the truth of the time.

Luckily, that’s no longer the case.  But there was an upside to having few options.   (That may seem even harder to process in thought.) It made every ABDL picture you found something that you took notice to.  With an endless supply of pictures, one can easily overlook such gems as this picture collection – especially when there are more pictures to look at than there is time to view.

I’ve always believed that this was a collection of pictures someone took on their own.  And as always, the pic sets that catch my attention are the ones that tell a story. 

And the particular story line in this one is something I’ve put into a great many stories I’ve written.

It’s of that chance of being noticed when trekking into the unknown.  But even with the chance, she retains the understanding that caution is not only a proper thing.  It is also a necessary thing.

A girl takes a daring venture out-n-about in a button-down shirt, a pair of jeans and her diaper.  She has such a desire to open up to the world and be who she is freely, without any reservations.  But she knows that certain people won’t understand, or worse, will refuse to understand. 

So she goes to a playground that is empty and cautiously plays on a jungle gym, free of her pants and free of so many thoughts that now dictate her life, dictate who she is and who she ought to be … according to others.

For her mind, it is a thrill ride of that danger of discovery – of being seen in her diaper.  For her heart and her soul, it is a return to a point in her life when the least of concerns on her mind were: how she was seen, what she looked like, what standards she was expected to follow, if she was winning the competitions with other girls and whether or not she was able to get the boys to like her.

Filling someone’s mind with so many things would make anyone want to break free.

So, one could see caution as having both an upside and a downside.  But there is only an upside to not wearing pants.

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