TeddyCon 2021 – Where the Party Just Don’t Stop

A new home.
A much larger convention space.
A bigger experience (or a “littler” experience, if you please.  LOL)

My, what exciting times are upon us.

Season’s greetings, everyone!  Blessings to you and yours.  TeddyCon has a new home (And the party don’t stop) and we are now bigger and better than ever.

This move and growth has been in the works for several years.  It was a matter of finding a new location that was ideal and a new facility that would meet the needs of the convention: vendors, classes, presentations, activities, special events, the Build-a Buddy experience, enormous play space, talent show. But there’s even more in store.  And the new additions will fill the convention space with more to do than you can wrap your dreams around.

TeddyCon continues to create a wonderland for littles, middles, bigs, age players and everyone who embraces the simpler pleasures in life.

Yes, we’ve grown and we did so in a manner as to not grow like a weed.

And now, TeddyCon 2021 is well underway in preparations.

But, as always, the time to get your ticket is before they run out.  When TeddyCon opened its ticket sales on Black Friday, it sold more inside of a 24-hour period than in any year prior.  And the truths remain the same as before:

  • When the available tickets are gone … they’re gone.
  • When the hotel rooms get filled … they’re filled.

So the time to act is now.  Apply for your TeddyCon 2021 ticket so you don’t miss the party that just don’t stop.

Dates: Thursday, November 4th – Sunday, November 7th, 2021
Registration Link: http://teddycon.org/registration
TeddyCon Website
TeddyCon Group on FetLife
TeddyCon Event Link of FetLife
Email TeddyCon: info@teddycon.org

Once you register and are confirmed, get onto the TeddyCon 2021 Event Link and let everyone know you will be there by selecting “Going”.

Blessings to you all and stay safe,
Zorro Daddy

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