An Orphan, A Stork’s Delivery or A Sorority Pledge?

“Where do babies come from?”   One of the toughest questions to answer, when not really wanting to give the truthful answer – usually because of who has asked the question.

And there have been many cute answers given over the years … dating way, way back.  One particular answer I always thought was absolutely adorable was: “Babies are flown to us by a stork.”

And this answer had led to countless cartoons and movies and more.  It’s such an endearing response, just as innocent as the question itself.

This photo set came from  I’m not sure anymore, but I think it was released somewhere between the years 2007-2011.  The mommy in these pictures is the owner of ABS and the BabyGirl was named Kylie, I believe.


This set is one of my personal favorites and it makes this Top 25 list because it tells a very sweet story.  (And as always, I love a good story.)  It’s also easily a choose-your-own-story scenario, which makes it even sweeter.

  Option #1: The Orphan –  A BabyGirl is left in a basket at a stranger’s front door, a pack of diapers left to be used on her.  The woman who answers the door feels bad for the baby and takes her in, deciding to care for her.

Option #2: Special Delivery – The stork delivered a BabyGirl in the way that storks do.  The woman, so very happy that her baby has arrived, falls in love with the sleeping girl and immediately kicks into maternal mode.

Option #3: Pledge Week – The girl is a sorority pledge, dressed as a BabyGirl by her sisters and left at the pledge mistress’s house.  She is instructed to be there when the mistress opens the door for the morning paper, and she is to behave like a good baby at all times.

Whichever option you choose, or if you make up one of your own, there are a few things that are constant in all of them.

The BabyGirl has a look in her eyes and demeanor about her body that speaks of something deeper still than little headspace.  She has a way about her that denotes a full regression of the mind.  She wants to be a good girl but doesn’t know how and therefore, is a little fearful and doesn’t want to upset the Mommy.

When taken inside, the BabyGirl grows shy and gets a little embarrassed when her diaper is checked. 

And then when her diaper is changed, she grows fussy – uncertain of what to do with the swell of emotions inside her.

With no shoes, wallet, cell phone, keys or any clothing beyond the diaper and t-shirt she is wearing, she is completely helpless.  And it’s that helplessness that I have heard so many ABDLers confess their love for over the years I’ve been in this community.

Though I have no idea what little headspace feels like, I have always believed that it was a sense of regression that went so deep it felt real.  And she appears to either be regressed or to be heading there rapidly.

And while this posting has a theme of choices, it is the total lack of other choices the BabyGirl has in these photos that makes them melt my heart every time I look at them.  She has a dependency on the love and caring the woman is showing her, just to survive.


So … which do you choose when you look at this photo set?  Is she an orphan, a stork’s delivery or a sorority pledge?

Or did you make up your own story when you saw the pictures?

The truth of the matter is:  This photo set touches on so many themes that are near-n-dear to so many hearts out there that its effect on you might only be limited by how much you want to be here.

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